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“Master has to prevent the rebirth of Gui Shui Demon.

Even though those demons couldn\'t hurt him, they should surely distract him.”

With ablaze light flickering in Female Emperor\'s eyes, she thought, \'How\'s it possible for him to deal with the ritual on my side\'

After pondering for a moment, she suddenly got terrified, shouting,

“Yan Zhaoge!”

Right at this moment, on the Land of Tranquil Stream on the endless glacier, all those demons were running wildly.

However, the glacier kept expanding and the wind and the snow blocked out all of them.

Meanwhile, Astro Sovereign was staying in the cold ice in the glacier.

The scar on his forehead cracked with ice blue light glittering inside, which sent out devilish qi everywhere.

Nonetheless, he still possessed a clam expression on his face with his eyes extremely clear.

On the other side of the ice ocean, Yan Zhaoge sat cross-legged in the s.p.a.ce.

There was a streak of blood light rotating in front of him.

Before, he had already left the glacier and got away from the Land of Tranquil Stream to go back to the Nine Underworlds.

However, at the last moment, there had been a voice coming through to his ear, “Zhaoge, please stay for a while.”

That was from Astro Sovereign\'s sound transmission.

It was no doubt that Astro Sovereign was the master of this Land of Tranquil Stream.

Even if he was stuck for the moment and Female Emperor was overly strong, it was still not hard for Astro Sovereign to tell someone to sneak into the glacier and come back secretly .

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge hid himself in the glacier.

After that, he and Astro Sovereign watched Female Emperor leaving, those demons coming to attack and the two emperors from Roving Jade Heaven entering the s.p.a.ce by mistake.

“No one knows her better than you, your majesty.

Everything went as you have guessed.” Yan Zhaoge spoke in admiration.

“I didn\'t expect that Mingkong would be that crazy.” Astro Sovereign shook his head and said that.

In fact, he had only detected that Female Emperor must have had her own intention by coming here.

Meanwhile, Astro Sovereign\'s eye sight reached right into the Nine Underworlds through the barrier between the devilish qi of the Nine Underworlds and the s.p.a.ce and then met the one of Female Emperor\'s.

The two of them looked at each other with complicated expression in their eyes.

“Master, I won\'t beg for your pardon or blame Yan Zhaoge.” After being in silence for a while, Female Emperor then murmured, “But I, have to accomplish this!”

Having turned around resolutely, she stroke the light ball fiercely.

Then the light ball which was already huge kept swelling.

Rays of light which were like ribbons shot from the inside and crossed each other.

In the meantime, the white seal on the other side became brighter and brighter, still suppressing the blood streaks on it.

The ice blue light from the scar of Astro Sovereign\'s forehead started to diffuse.

And the ice blue light gradually began to appear on the surface of the white seal.

“Even Earthly Tranquility Emperor and Grand Trueness Emperor joining hands couldn\'t beat Female Emperor” Yan Zhaoge sat still with his legs crossed, saying, “Since Female Emperor could still strengthen the ritual, it means that the two emperors of the Roving Jade Heavens weren\'t even able to distract her.”

“And I also heard that Tranquility Emperor had a immoral weapon with him.”

Yan Gaoge gave out a wry smile and said, “I suddenly remember a saying which is pretty suitable for the situation here.”

“There are two kinds of True Immortals in the World beyond Worlds.

One is the Female Emperor kind, one is the other True Immortals kind.”

While shaking his head, Yan Zhaoge didn\'t slow down his movements on his hands.

He laid one of his hands in front of his chest to form a seal while pointing the s.p.a.ce above with the other hand.

“Your majesty, this is the first time I tried this method.

I\'m afraid that my solution is too hasty to compete with Female Emperor\'s years of planning.” Yan Zhaoge said in a heavy sound, “I just want you to be prepared for the worst, your majesty.”

Hearing his words, Astro Sovereign closed his eyes and said, “Doesn\'t matter.

It couldn\'t be worse.”

When he closed his eyes, the demon scar which had cracked on his forehead started to close at this moment.

The ice blue light kept flickering as if it was struggling.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to watch the white seal in the s.p.a.ce and the the glowing ice blue light on it.

The difficulty that Astro Sovereign was facing now was that he had to suppress the rebirth of Gui Shui Demon while blocking the effect of Female Emperor\'s ritual at the same time.

If he put too much effort in stopping Female Emperor, he might lose control of suppressing Gui Shui Demon.

In this way, Chu Lili who was in the Roving Jade Heavens would be fine.

But Astro Sovereign might fall into the demon track and became a demon completely.

At that time, the problem wouldn\'t be if Astro Sovereign was willing to become demon for Chu Lili.

The real problem was that no one would be able to beat the demonized Astro Sovereign.

At last, Gui Shui Demon, one of the Twelve Devilish G.o.ds, would come back to this world.

The critical thing for Astro Sovereign now was to end the fight as soon as he could.

Those big demons on the Land of Tranquil Stream had been attracted here by Female Emperor\'s special tricks.

And they knew nothing about the seesaw battle between Astro Sovereign and Gui Shui Demon.

But now, they were all aware of that.

If more powerful demons rushed to this place, Female Emperor\'s plan would be destroyed, as well as Yan Zhaoge and Astro Sovereign.

Thus, this battle had to be finished quickly without any delay.

As a matter of fact, if Astro Sovereign could get out because of Female Emperor\'s plan, it supposed to be the best result for him.

However, one should never only look at the surface of things.

And Yan Zhaoge\'s own profit should never influence his judgement.

Astro Sovereign was not like the black-clothed Brocade Emperor, neither was Yan Zhaoge.

In that case, they had to take the risk.

Actually, Yan Zhaoge also wanted to test his plan which was meant to save s.h.i. Jun and his mother.

Now was a rare chance.

After making up his mind, he swiped down his finger fiercely which had pointed to the sky and wrote an spell in the air.

Then the spell flew to Astro Sovereign while glittering.

After that, it attached to his forehead.

And Astro Sovereign didn\'t stop the spell from imprinting itself on the twisting demon scar.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge took a deep breath and started to sang, “Evaṃ mayā-śrutam, devils illuminate the myriad lifeforms!”

After that, he suddenly changed to the Black Buddha.

The \'卍\' seal on his palms and his chest was rotating.

In the meantime, all the blood streaks on the white seal turned even more thick and dense.

Astro Sovereign suddenly reached out a hand from the ice pillar.

And there was a broken long sabre in his hand.

The point of the sabre was long gone with only a two-feet long blade left.

It was completely white like a jade and sent out cold air constantly.

Astro Sovereign remained his eyes closed and waved the broken sabre from the ice pillar.

While he was doing that, the demon scar on his forehead started to expand in a distorted way since the pressure on it was reduced.

Luckily, Astro Sovereign took back his sabre right away.

After that, the demon scar on his forehead started to become steady again.

Now it could neither expand nor shrink.

And that seemingly slight attack from the sabre just killed a big demon who was hovering the border of the glacier!

Those demons were all experts of the demon worlds who were well matched to the cultivators of the immortal levels.

When they had attacked the glacier together, they had been overwhelmingly arrogant.

But now, as the cold light flickered, the most rampant one was cut into two pieces!

And he didn\'t die like his fellows which had turned to ashes.

Instead, he became a pile of black-red blood which fell into the glacier and flowed to Astro Sovereign.

After a short while, the blood formed into a pool.

Then Black Buddha which was transformed by Yan Zhaoge sank into the blood pool slowly.

Astro Sovereign took back his broken sabre and waved his hand right after that.

As a result, a sabre which flashed with blood light rose up slowly from the blood pool.


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