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Chapter 1247: Containing A World On Its Own, The Universe Inside The Hall


In front of him seemed to be a pill room.

Yang Zhaoge could even see a pill furnace inside.

Many years had passed since the Great Calamity.

Under normal circumstances, artifacts without a master would have their spirit qi dissipate over the course of time, and devolve back into a normal object.

However, despite being able to tell that this furnace hadnt been used for a long time, its spirit qi still remained.

“Heh, the pill furnace you can find anywhere last time in the Pill Hall is now a treasure.” Yan Zhaoge didnt hold any sense of formality, and just stored that pill furnace.

As for the other four people, Yan Zhaoge wasnt worried about them despite them being missing.

When space was distorting just now, Yan Zhaoge could already differentiate that it was just the mysteriousness of the Pill Hall itself, not a special trap.

This sudden change of events might just be the opponent utilizing the Pill Halls mysteriousness to distort space, and cause Yan Zhaoges group to separate from each other.

However, that was just it.

Instead, it made Yan Zhaoge realize how weak the opponent was.

“Its not appropriate to call him weak.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “It seemed like he was busy with other stuff, and couldnt spare his concentration on something else.

He must be buying time by separating us, and slowing us down.”

Exalted Fire, Suo Mingzhang must have brought great pressure to the opponent previously.

In order to counter the pressure brought by Suo Mingzhang, the opponent was also planning on something.

“What step is he at now” Yan Zhaoge thought while pushing the pill rooms door open, and walked outside.

What entered his sight was a dark long corridor.

It was dim and gloomy, as if it was the deeper parts of the universe.

Under the engulfment of the thick fragrance of the medicine, it blocked Yan Zhaoges sensory on the further part of the void to a certain extent, which caused his sensory to be limited in a specific range.

Yan Zhaoge remained calm.

He looked around, simply chose a path and advanced towards the path of his choice.

Walking in this long corridor was like walking in the boundless space with the exception of the starlights.

On both sides of the corridor, there wasnt any other pill rooms door nor courtyard.

Yan Zhaoge looked behind him, only to realize the door of the pill room he came out from was already closed, and had disappeared.

It seemed to be an independent space, and was floating around in this boundless void.

“This is just like a brand new universe.

There are many layers of space in the universe with many worlds co-existing with each other.” Yan Zhaoge was deep in thoughts, “Its just like the Original Nebula, but more advanced.

Its much closer to having the shape of a brand new universe.”

In his previous life, he had only seen the outside of the Pill Hall from afar, and had never entered it before.

However, the Heavenly Court Divine Palaces library had some information regarding its crucial area, the Pill Hall.

Coupled with the things he heard about the Pill Hall on the way here, Yan Zhaoge had a clear understanding of this place, which prevented him from being ignorant to everything around him.

“This place…” After going through his memories for a while, he extended his hand again to write multiple sigils in the air.

The sigils which were flashing with plain gold light seemed to have given life.

After that, the golden light sigils excreted multiple purple gases, and seemed to have produced a field of purple mist in the void.

As the purple mist was shaking, the front of Yan Zhaoge vaguely presented an actual path.

Yan Zhaoge advanced forward after stepping onto the shiny golden light path.

However, every step was like traversing through a layer of the world.

As he reached the end of the road.

He finally saw a new door.

Yan Zhaoge tried to open it.

However, no matter what he tried, the door wouldnt budge.

“Its here alright.” When Yan Zhaoge saw this, his heart had confirmed his statement, and he nodded his head.

After observing his surroundings, he raised his palm, and an illuminating golden light lit up.

Boundless purple mist rose, and a three feet tall huge furnace appeared in his hand.

Yan Zhaoge let go of it, and the three feet tall furnaces body started to have changes.

It became more majestic.

Its size seemed to be infinitely huge, and was filling up heaven and earth.

And yet, it seemed extremely small, as if it was just a speck of dust.

It was the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

In the universe inside of the Pill Hall, the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace that had remained silent the whole time started to tremble by itself.

From the surrounding space, a few golden lights vaguely extended, and were absorbed into the huge furnace.

On top of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, heaps of steam rose from it.

As if it just awoke from its slumber, strong qis were emitting non-stop from within.

It wasnt a very magnificent strength.

However, it presented a very ingenious concept.

Yan Zhaoge was studying the concepts within it.

He felt that even the Profound Immortals like Astro Sovereign or Concealed Sovereign didnt seem to know about some parts of it.

Before achieving a Human Immortal body, Yan Zhaoge could already use this strong furnace that originated from an Immortal Realm a little.

Now that the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnaces consciousness seemed to have awoken, as if everything was about to be activated, Yan Zhaoge felt like he couldnt control it anymore again.

This was within Yan Zhaoges expectations.

Now that it had really happened, he didnt feel sad about it.

He created a seal with one of his hands and placed it in front of his chest.

His other hand extended, and was pressing onto the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

The huge furnace started to go near the door that was sealed and seemed hard to open.

As the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace got closer, the door which wouldnt budge started to have some movements.

The qis of the two crossed each other.

The furnaces body started to shrink, and transformed into the size of a seal.

It looked like something to verify its identity, and yet it also looked like a seal of promise.

As Yan Zhaoge pushed the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace onto the big door, the whole universe seemed to have let out a creaky voice.

After that, the door that was shut tight finally opened widely.

Yan Zhaoge advanced inside, and the door behind him immediately shut tight.

In front of him was a field of goldenness, as if he was in a sea of stars.

Yan Zhaoge looked at his surroundings, and it was still a field of boundless void.

However, the void now had many golden clusters of light.

The clusters of light were like an orbiting star, and were quietly spinning around in the void.

Every light seemed to have its own orbit and tempo.

“This must be the control centre of the Pill Hall.” Yan Zhaoge raised his head lightly.

The Pill Hall was the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces crucial area, and inside of it contained its own universe.

Each independent world was like an individual pill room.

They co-existed together inside of the universe and space of the hall.

Those of the Heavenly Palace would be welcomed into the Pill Hall, and go to their desired place through a guide or acquire their own individual pill room.

The place where Yan Zhaoge was at was the central area used to guide others.

Although it wasnt the most important core part of the central area of the Pill Hall, it was equivalent to the true entrance.

If one reaches here, its much easier to navigate to other places.

The main thing was that there was now a pattern to rely on.

He didnt have to be like someone walking around in the dark anymore.

“Its really like what the rumours siad.” Yan Zhaoge focused his gaze, and saw multiple radiant lights circulating around in the void.

Some of the lights contained the mixture of some impurities.

It actually represented the other people who were in the Pill Hall.

However, the thing that caught Yan Zhaoges attention more was that some parts of the area had very dim lights, as if they were covered up by a layer of dark mist.

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