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Chapter 1287: Improvement of the Creation Sabre

The tall and straight Canghua Tree stood within the cosmic void within the Pill Hall.

It capsized the cosmos and broke through the void.

Seeing the Canghua Tree, Xue Chuqing slowly kneeled, “Disciple Xue Chuqing greets the Great Grand Master.”

Yan Zhaoge also bowed after seeing the tall spirit tree.

Exalted Wood Luminary – Shao Junhuang was like the Exalted Gold Luminary – Yan Xintang and his wife.

With their realm of cultivation and the amount of longevity they possessed, they could be considered as perishing at a very early age.

It was precisely because of the sacrifice of seniors like them that the Three Clear orthodox Daoism had hopes of regaining its flourished state.

As descendants, they were the ones who benefited from it.

The tall Canghua Divine Tree stood within the cosmos of the hall.

Its leaves were swaying lightly without any winds blowing.

Suo Mingzhang raised his head and looked at the spirit tree.

He remained silent for a long time.

Yan Zhaoge and Xue Chuqing stood up.

They also remained silent.

The Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong cupped his hands towards the spirit tree, and only let out a sigh.

“I heard that Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian had worked together to create a brand new unparalleled martial arts, and you ended up inheriting it”

After a long time, Suo Mingzhang broke the silence first.

He turned his head and asked Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge knew that Mars Halberd must have been the one to tell Suo Mingzhang that piece of information.

However, Mars Halberd clearly didnt know about the details.

He answered, “To be more precise, my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother didnt manage to complete this supreme art.

Instead, after my father and I nurtured the art within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud for two thousand years or more, its final frame was completed, and thus the supreme art was born.”

“After that, as my father continued cultivating, and he continuously raised his realm of cultivation, he had managed to comprehend the laws of heavens and earth.

With that, the strength of the supreme art finally took form, and it finally started to have progress.”

“However, theres still a long way to completion as it improves along with my fathers cultivation.”

Yan Zhaoge didnt hide anything from Suo Mingzhang and explained everything in detail.

“Heaven Opening Scripture and Immortal Exterminating Sword echoes with one another.

Through the conditioning of the Great Simplicity, a myriad of transformations would appear.

Resembling the changes in creation, its momentum would be unobstructable.” Suo Mingzhang nodded, “It seems to be completely different from me…”

“Congratulations to Yan Xintang and Di Qinglians dreams for coming through.”

“Its a pity they arent able to witness it personally.” He let out a sigh, “Where is your father now Can he show us this supreme art”

His tone when speaking was a little too slow.

Even if Suo Mingzhangs cultivation and seniority far surpassed Yan Zhaoge and his father, and even that of Yan Xintang and his wife, such a request was extremely rude.

However, Suo Mingzhang did not have any hint of pride.

Instead, he was being extremely serious.

“When your ancestor had this thought, he had discussed it with me about it before.

His thoughts during that time had really benefited me.”

In the past, within the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries, Suo Mingzhang and Yan Xintangs relationship were very bland.

They werent considered friends.

However, the two of them were prodigies.

Suo Mingzhang loved studying the theories of martial arts.

As a result, he held many conversations together with Yan Xingtang.

Among the Nine Luminaries, other than their good friend – Chen Xuanzong, Suo Mingzhang was the only one who knew some of the initial thoughts of the Creation Sabre from Yan Xintang and his wife.

Despite not seeing Yan Di fighting against someone personally, he could already guess it after hearing the descriptions from the Mars Halberd, and basing it on the impression he held during the past year.

Now that the supreme art – Creation Sabre had finally become a reality, Suo Mingzhang felt happy for it.

Sadly, the old friends that had this idea were already history.

On the other side, the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong stood there silently without saying anything.

However, he seemed to be in a daze as well.

Within the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries, the two of their personalities were very lonesome.

Suo Mingzhang had only had private relations with the Exalted Earth Luminary.

As for others, he merely discussed with them about martial arts.

As for Chen Xuanzong, his only good friend among the Nine Luminaries was the Exalted Gold Luminary – Yan Xintang.

After Chen Xuanzong came back to his senses, he looked at Suo Mingzhang and nodded, “In the past, Suo Mingzhang had been venturing deeper than us into this path ever since he started cultivating.

Yan Xintang and his wife were able to accomplish their attempts because of Yan Xintangs conversations with Daoist Suo.”

It was similar to Yan Xintangs Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword, Chen Xuanzongs Profound Cold Sabre, Jiang Shens Yin Yang Earth Heaven Breaking Hammer, and other martial arts like Yang Ces Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra.

They were all created after fusing many kinds of supreme arts which they had learned and fusing them along with the foundation of the great dao.

The Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword contained the Wind of Heaven Opening, the Profound Cold Sabre contained the Water of Heaven Opening, the Yin Yang Earth Heaven Breaking Hammer contained the Earth of Heaven Opening, while the Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra contained the profundities of the primordial gulf before the Heaven Opening.

It might seem simple, but there were many other martial arts fused within.

They werent simply produced based on the transformation of the Jade Clear Heaven Opening Scripture.

Every kind of martial art had its own uses, and they werent inferior to those that purely cultivate the Heaven Opening Scriptures.

Of course, it was merely referring to their current realm.

To continue forward, they would have to continue expanding their path and venturing deeper.

They must never rest at all.

Unlike the Heaven Opening Scripture, the Primordial Heavenly Lord Grand Masters great daos profundities were extremely profound.

Everything depended on how much the martial art practitioner was able to comprehend by himself.

Of course, Chen Xuanzong and the others could purely cultivate the Heaven Opening Scripture alone.

However, when a martial art practitioner reached a certain height and was fathoming the rules of heavens and earth, the same supreme arts might differ greatly compared to someone else that cultivated the same art.

Only by having one teach you arts, and integrating them to your own uses, would ones path of dao become successful.

However, how high one could reach also depended on the person.

Some might be able to constantly climb higher, while others might get stuck.

Before the Great Calamity, during the era where martial arts flourished, many kinds of martial arts appeared precisely because of this.

Yan Zhaoge naturally knew about this.

However, what the Astro Sovereign had said made him realize something different.

Aside from Chen Xuanzong and the others special supreme arts, including Yan Xintangs Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword not being created from the Heaven Opening Scripture, some tiny details of transformation within its profundities were even more precise than the Heaven Opening Scripture itself.

However, these supreme arts still had a deep connection with the Heaven Opening Scripture and other martial arts that Chen Xuanzong and the others had cultivated.

There was one mere exception.

It was the art that Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian had worked together to create, and was materialized by Yan Di – the Creation Sabre!

This martial arts profundities were already different from the Heaven Opening Scripture.

In fact, it wasnt associated with the Jade Clear lineages martial arts.

Naturally, it didnt belong to the Prime Clear supreme arts either.

While it still belonged to the orthodox Daoism, it was in a completely different category.

As for what the Astro Sovereign was saying, Suo Mingzhang seemed to be like this as well.

“I thank Senior Suo for your enthusiasm.

However, I would have to acquire the approval of my father first.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands.

With a command within his mind, the cosmic void where everyone was transformed.

After that, a bright door appeared in front of everyone.

After the door opened, there was a whole new world inside.

This was one of the Pill Halls pill rooms and the spot where Yan Di secluded himself for the sake of cultivation.

He wasnt in an absolute seclusion which was why Yan Zhaoge wasnt afraid of disturbing his own father.

After knowing Suo Mingzhangs intention, Yan Di did not reject, “I thank Senior Suo.”

Not to mention how much Suo Mingzhang had assisted him, the Creation Sabre itself was also not able to be taught to others.

Even someone like Suo Mingzhang would only be able to comprehend it, but not replicate it.

To a certain extent, this was a limitation of the Creation Sabre.

Or, this might also be because of the unparalleled supreme art not being completed yet.

When Yan Di attacked with the Creation Sabre, Suo Mingzhang smiled, “Its great that Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian have a descendant like this.”

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