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Chapter 1306: Swallow the Heavens and Devour The Sun

“Youre still coming back” Fear arose within Yan Zhaoges heart.

Previously, the Shadow Devil was chased away by Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor after making a mess.

Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor were currently forced to leave the Dao universe because of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

It would be a bad omen if the Shadow Devil were to return, or other Great Devils on the Heavenly Lord level were to descend upon the World beyond Worlds.

The Devils of Nine Underworlds were the public enemies of all living beings within the universe.

If a top-notch Great Devil were to leave the Nine Underworlds without masking his presence, he would be besieged very quickly.

However, in this current situation, even someone whos not a top-notch Great Devil, an Ancient Devil, or a Heavenly Monarch Realm Devil would affect the World beyond Worlds situation.

As someone taking control of the situation, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing was naturally the most influential one.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt want a top-notch Great Devil to interfere.

Previously, the Astro Sovereign, Shi Jun, and his mother were all affected by the Shadow Devil.

They were currently trying to stabilize their mental condition.

If they were to be affected by the Great Devil again, the repercussions would be unimaginable.

There were still some remaining Immortal Court experts outside of the Dao universe.

After receiving the ripples of the attack launched by Suo Mingzhang, they remained by the voids outskirts without budging.

However, after so much time had passed, they might take action again.

Since they couldnt do anything to Suo Mingzhang, they would naturally vent their anger upon the World beyond Worlds, upon Yan Zhaoge and the others.

The Astro Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign were planning to deal with the Earthly Sovereign and the continuous pressure brought upon by the Immortal Court experts individually.

Yan Zhaoge had always been wary of what kind of hidden techniques the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han had up his sleeves.

As such, Yan Zhaoge had intentionally prepared a trump card solely for him.

Unfortunately, an accident occurred.

The Shadow Devil surprised everyone with his successful infiltration into the World beyond Worlds.

Although he hadnt caused mass destruction, he rendered the Astro Sovereign unable to take action.

Ling Qing was hostile towards the Immortal Court heretics as well.

If they were to return, she would most likely take action.

However, before that, Gao Hans plan to shake the Triratna Jade Scepters mark beneath the Kunlun Mountain might succeed first.

That would imply the failure of Yan Zhaoges plan.

Seeing how uncontrollable the situation was becoming, Yan Zhaoge could only prepare to give it his all.

However, a sudden change in the situation happened in the Northern Profound Heaven Territory.

Of course, it might not be the leader of the devils.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone in the World beyond Worlds quickly flew towards the Northern Profound Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge, who was located in the Pill Hall that resided within the cosmic skies beyond the World beyond Worlds, decided to slow down his original plan.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, the dazzling golden light gradually became dim, while the fog released by the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace was still circulating.

Yan Zhaoges soul had already returned to his original body.

It was hard to predict matters, especially when so many factions are involved.

It would be tough to predict everyones actions.

Yan Zhaoge was already mentally prepared for this.

As such, he wasnt discouraged.

His thoughts circulated even faster, and he adjusted his plans according to the situation.

Within the Dao universe, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing raised her brows slightly, “It disappeared Was it my misinterpretation”

She stared at the faraway white jade hall enveloped in a purplish sea of clouds, “No, its not my misinterpretation.”

For a moment, she felt that the Pill Hall was about to harbor its intelligence and transform into someone with its thoughts and soul!

The feeling disappeared instantly as if it was merely her imagination.

“I heard that the Awaken Sky Halls hall spirit nurtured its intelligence, managed to live until the current era.

However, since the Awakened Sky Hall now belongs to others, that implies the hall spirits death.”

“The feeling just now wasnt resurrection.

Instead, it was… possessing.”

“Yan… Zhaoge” Ling Qings eyes were crystal clear and very calm, “Youre trying to turn your soul into the Awakened Sky Halls hall spirit”

She violently shook the long banner in her hand, and knocked both the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei and the Earthly Sovereign – Jiang Shen backward.

A ray of white moonlight flickered across the dark cosmos, and instantly reached in front of the Pill Hall!

For Ling Qing, it didnt matter if Yan Zhaoge were to stop the ritual process or if the ritual failed.

It doesnt affect her from wanting to stop Yan Zhaoge first.

She wanted to dispose of the unstable attribution that might alter the situation.

The golden-reddish colossal sun and the silvery-white chilly moon were both on display together.

When she reached the top of the Pill Hall, the majestic and profound power suppressed downwards together.

The purplish sea of rolling clouds around the Pill Hall suddenly stopped and dispersed under the sunlights and moonlights radiation.

The huge hall that was initially entirely white without any speckle of impurities was basking in a golden-silverish radiance layer.

Even if Yan Zhaoge was within the Purple Divine Pavilion, he felt the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace that he was suppressing constantly trembling.

His current cultivation realm was limited.

His control over the Pill Hall was naturally not comparable to the previous hall spirit.

If he could transform himself into the hall spirit, he might be able to deal with her for a while.

However, he would have to face the risk of his opponent destroying his soul before the transfer was complete.

Naturally, he wouldnt use this trump card if he didnt need to.

With this, he would be able to deal with the uncertainties he would have to face, allowing him to gain control of the situation.

Yan Zhaoge didnt panic when facing Ling Qings attacks.

He continued guarding himself carefully.

While he was fending off Ling Qings attacks on the Pill Hall, he was also stabilizing the unstable connection of the Pill Hall with the World beyond Worlds.

Gao Han made the ritual used to counter Yan Zhaoges huge formation.

It activated, and started circulating on its own.

Ling Qing only served to protect it.

She wasnt the one in charge of the ritual.

As someone that was currently outside of the World beyond Worlds, She wasnt as sensitive to what was happening in the Northern Profound Heavenly Territory.

However, as a Virtual Immortal, she realized that something was out of place very quickly.

“Northern Profound Heaven Territory Theres even a Great Devil” Ling Qings expression changed slightly, “No… Its not a devil, its a human”

“Indeed, a human is coming.” Yan Zhaoges voice resounded from the Pill Hall, a hint of smugness could be heard within.

Suddenly, rampaging black devilish flames rushed out from the World beyond Worlds, and was slashed towards the huge fiery formation that “Yang Ce”s body had formed!

Wherever the blue-blackish devilish radiance reached, even flames ended up being burned, and were incinerated into nothingness!

Ling Qing frowned slightly.

She used one hand to suppress the Pill Hall, and she grabbed the Holy Radiance Banner with her other hand.

She then waved it towards the World beyond Worlds.

The violent solar winds transformed into a myriad of golden rays, and instantly filled up the entire universe.

However, the dark devilish qi that had ethereal dim blue flames within surged with an increase in strength.

The horrifying corroding power was boundless.

As if it could swallow the heavens and devour the sun, it devoured all the radiance emitted by the sun, which made it fade completely.

All of a sudden, the Dao universe radiating with the sunlight became dim.

Within the Dao universe, a solar eclipse appeared.

The ruthless Rahu Star corroded everything opposing it, and devoured the lights emitted from the Solar Star, as if it was now the new monarch of the world.

The brightness faded continuously, and the entire cosmos seemed to have succumbed into darkness.

“…Jian Shunhua” said Ling Qing calmly.

A chilly moonlight suddenly lit up within the darkness.

As if a bottle of moonlight had exploded, moonlights started gushing out of it and expanded throughout the cosmos.

A moonlight was mellow, and it never served to chase the darkness away.

In contrast, it wouldnt be devoured by darkness either.

The silver-white moonlight suddenly transformed, and the brilliance of a huge sun reappeared.

With yin and yang replacing each other, it resembled the replacement of a sun and a moon.

The two of them fused together, and transformed into a raging brilliance that counter-attacked the darkness, resulting in the dark devilish flames being shattered!

Just as the darkness was slowly being pushed back, a much more sinister and terrifying aura appeared from within!

Ling Qings tranquil gaze suddenly became serious after sensing that aura, “Isnt this the insight strength of the Devil of Aged Metal”

“Jian Shunhua, what in the world did you do in the Nine Underworlds”

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