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Chapter 1328: Movements in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea

The ancient ruler looked mundane and wasnt as terrifying as when Chen Qianhua used it in combat.

However, it was an actual Leakless Level Immortal Artifact.

Even if any other Martial Saint saw this treasure, they would be tempted.

Whats more Chen Kunhua had heard of this treasures powers and had always been looking forward to it.

He looked at Chen Qianhua, “Big brother, you have just ascended the True Immortal Realm.

The Heavenly Heart Ruler is now very convenient for you…”

“Its fine.” Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Chen Qianhua waved his hand in a slothful manner, “Just take it.

Even if you cant use it yet, slowly cultivate it.”

As he was talking, the ancient bronze ruler fell into Chen Kunhuas hands.

Chen Kunhua remained silent, feeling the weight in his hands.

He first shut his eyes and calmed his fluctuating emotions.

After an extended amount of time, he opened his eyes.

His emotions werent fluctuating anymore but were rather complicated.

After everything had settled down, Chen Kunhua said to the slothful purple-clothed teenager sitting by the armchair, “Thank you, big brother.”

Although they were brothers related by blood, such a treasure was too precious.

After all, Chen Qianhua wasnt just temporarily lending it to him.

Instead, the Heavenly Heart Ruler now belonged to him forever.

Chen Qianhua had already refined the mark left by him within the Heavenly Heart Ruler, which meant the mark had been completely removed.

“Big brother, what in the world happened The Exalted Fire that had left the World beyond Worlds long ago suddenly returned and had even passed the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, ascending the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Even the legendary North Star Emperor had appeared.”

After his tense emotion had relaxed, Chen Kunhua couldnt help but ask.

Chen Qianhuas expression was still slothful, but a flicker flashed across his eyes, “You want to know”

“Erm…” Although Chen Kunhua was curious, he instantly became decisive upon seeing his brothers face, “Nope!”

Chen Qianhua didnt mind.

After smiling lazily, he never said anything else.

Chen Kunhua said, “Brother, I must say.

Your decision is smart since you didnt choose to involve yourself within.”

“There is no need for me to do anything,” said Chen Qianhua indifferently.

“At first, they gave me a feeling of disparity, which made the outcome seem obvious enough.

Naturally, I lost interest.”

“However, in the end, the comeback gave me an unprecedented surprise.”

As Chen Qianhua spoke, his eyes became bright with excitement, “Even when I was merely spectating, it truly satisfied me.

I couldnt even react to what had happened.”

“This show is exciting.

Too interesting!”

He laughed loudly, looking like a fanatic.

Chen Kunhua looked up and sighed.

He smiled bitterly, “Big brother, I wont say anything else.

Let me say one thing.”

“Even if youre looking for fun, try to remain unbiased.

Please do consider your actions in the future…”

Chen Qianhuas laughter stopped.

He raised his brows and looked at Chen Kunhua in surprise.

Chen Kunhua forced himself to continue, “Big brother, although Im not sure of what had happened, even such a grand figure like the North Star Emperor had made an appearance.

This must be a huge matter.”

“I know that you enjoy dwelling in the uncertainty and excitingness between life and death.

However, if youre sure to die, wont it just be meaningless and boring”

“Haha!” Chen Qianhua laughed once more, “Indeed, Im not interested in matters which outcome had already been decided.

Although I know that youre just worried that I would drag you into these matters, Im more willing to believe that youre finally able to experience the joy of life.”

Chen Kunhua could only continue smiling bitterly.

“Unfortunately, its going to be peaceful for the meantime.” Chen Qianhua recovered his slothful look and said with dissatisfaction, “Ive enjoyed so many satisfying experiences, how am I supposed to survive through the following peaceful days”

He stood up, shook his head, and left the foreign space.


The Astro Mountain Starry Seas was the universe where the Demon Race was residing, breeding, and hiding from the world.

Currently, within the vast galaxy, gales of demonic winds were flying around.

They came and went without stopping and displayed the feeling of restlessness, which differs from how they usually felt.

A vast world appeared within the void.

Rays of sunlight intertwined together with the floating clouds, making the world resemble a divine realm.

After the gales of demonic winds entered said divine realm, they became more peaceful, and their bloodlust and sinisterness seemed to have faded a little.

Within a divine mountains cave manor within the divine realm, a few silhouettes were sitting around each other.

“Is Daoist Hundred Eyes not here yet” asked a silhouette who was lying down sideways.

He casually grabbed the bloody food on the table in front of him and threw it into his mouth.

As he was chewing, crunching sounds resounded.

The blood qi and spirit qi contained within was plentiful and were as vast as the seas.

A middle-aged man with a Daoist appearance was sitting at the opposite of him.

His expression was kind, and no hints of demonic qi could be sensed.

He was the owner of the cave manor they were currently in.

He said plainly, “Daoist Hundred Eyes is still busy refining his cauldron of divine pills.

Hes still a little far from succeeding.”

A Great Demon beside smiled, “Hes only capable of refining poison pills.

How can he even refine any divine pills”

The cave manors owner smiled.

The Great Demon lying down chewed his meat while thinking, “Speaking of divine pills, I heard that the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall wasnt destroyed during the Great Calamity, and was even reserved until now.

In fact, it even appeared not long ago”

“Its now in the hands of a Jade Clear lineage disciple.

However, the Pill Hall had already camouflaged itself within the outskirts boundless void.

Locating it would be extremely difficult,” said the cave manors owner.

All the demons present let out a sigh, “Pity, pity.”

A Great Demon asked, “Is there no way to locate it”

“If it doesnt appear by itself, it would be difficult to,” said the cave manors owner.

“Besides, we dont have the time to pay attention to these matters.

An outstanding person appeared from the Jade Clear lineage, and the change in the situation was much bigger than what I expected.

We should alter our forces as well.

The manpower that we had previously distributed was not enough.”

A Great demon praised, “Who would expect a mix-blooded child from the Fire Dragon World to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm within just a mere few thousand years He even possesses such outstanding combat prowess.”

The person next to him shook his head, “Everyone has their fate.

If he remained here, he might not have achieved such accomplishments.”

“Thats right.

Let us do what we should do,” said the cave manors owner.

“After finishing this meal, we should embark on our journey, just as his highness instructed us to.”

The Great Demon that was lying down snorted and said, “Were finally going to vent out these feelings weve held in for so long.

Its a pity that we cant take down those baldies from the Blessed Lands of Saha as well.”

The cave manor owner smiled indifferently, “Its fine if you faced the Immortal Courts heretics.

If you were to meet up with people from the Western Pure Lands, youll be captured to be their mount with how careless you are.”

“Hey, hey! Shut your mouth!” The Great Demon lying down suddenly sat up and stared at the cave manors owner with rage.

The owner of the cave manor wasnt looking in his direction anymore.

Instead, he looked at the other Great Demons present, “After being in hiding for so long, we finally got the chance to appear in the world once more.

Fellow demons, this is just the start.

I wish you all a triumphant victory.”

He then raised the barrel of wine in front of him and drank all the liquid contained within.

The other demons also raised their barrels.

The Great Demon sitting at the opposite of him snorted.

After pouring all the wine into his mouth, he threw the barrel onto the floor, stood up, and said ruthlessly, “Lets go.

Lets kill to our hearts content!”

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