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HSSB134: Big Dipper Body Ying Longtu


In robbing the Thunderbolt Soul Jade, Infinite Boundless Mountain didn’t push things too far, later still recompensing the Heavenly Thunder Hall with some treasures for it to be taken as a trade.

Wedged in between Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain, the Heavenly Thunder Hall could only grit their teeth and suffer this humiliation.

However, such a forceful trade being brokered caused the originally ordinary relationship between the two sides to deteriorate, their mid and low-tier martial practitioners clashing repeatedly time and time again on their own accord.

This time, the Sacred Sun Clan didn’t take up its usual domineering stance.

However, the tripartite alliance of Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City did not relax, because they knew that the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall were only tolerating them now as they prepared in secret to erupt out in force even more strongly in the future.

In order to wait for the East Coming Martial Saint, Huang Guanglie, to emerge from seclusion successful in his efforts.

Despite finally having chosen the side of Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City, Infinite Boundless Mountain still wasn’t that easy to deal with.

They tightly sealed away the news on the restoration of the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall only receiving a vague, simple report on it.

But as intended by them, the news that Yan Zhaoge had been related to this, was leaked.

Very quickly, many rumours regarding the Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge circulated around the Eight Extremities World.

The name of Yan Zhaoge which had already been coming up quite a lot recently now resounded even more resplendently within the Eight Extremities World.

And it was not a notorious name; the image of Yan Zhaoge that Infinite Boundless Mountain had spread of him in secret truly praised him to the point of being rare even within the heavens, the sole remaining on this earth.

On listening to it, one would literally feel that Yan Zhaoge was the first person of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation, the shocking depth of his potential even more exaggerated than that of his father Yan Di in the past.

Without a doubt, this was them trying to overpraise him to death.

Now, Yan Zhaoge understood for the first time what it felt like to have a thousand gazes on him.

Previously in the Eastern Tang, Yan Zhaoge had successively defeated the Sacred Sun Clan’s Chao Yuanlong and Xiao Shen.

With this, he was already eye-catching enough.

Now, with his exploits at the Infinite Boundless Mountain, he had become even more visible.

However, in areas other than the Broad Creed Mountain’s Heavenly Domain, including the Jade Sea City’s territory, the validity of these rumors was often called into question.

After all, it was the nature of young martial practitioners to be arrogant and unwilling to be behind someone else.

Without having personally fought against him or seen his prowess in person, many people were unconvinced.

As compared to those of the same generation as him, the higher echelons of many great powers, especially the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, were also forced to reevaluate Yan Zhaoge.

The lines of thinking of these higher echelon experts would naturally be different.

If one considered the matters of the past years’ Han Dongge to be somewhat distant temporally, then the Yan father and duo could be considered to be the focus of everyone’s attention.

However, these surface struggles temporarily had nothing to do with Yan Zhaoge.

Right now, he was worried about a different matter.

The child that was being protected by Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi had seemingly realized that his parents would never be able to wake up.

To a child, this revelation was perhaps even more significant than the heavens collapsing.

Within Han Long’er’s somewhat sluggish gaze, there was only sorrow and tears.

Perhaps he still did not fully understand the meaning of death, but he still understood that his parents were never coming back to him.

Feng Yunsheng let out a sigh at she lightly grasped his hand to lead him.

Unexpectedly, she was actually unable to move him in the slightest.

“Mm” Feng Yunsheng was visibly astonished.

Using a little more strength, she tried to lead him again.

To everyone’s surprise, Han Long’er actually forcefully threw off her hand.

Feng Yunsheng wasn’t some sort of weak maiden.

Of course, she had used an appropriate amount of force to handle a child, but even so—it wasn’t something that a ten year old child should be able to escape from.

In particular, Feng Yunsheng was able to acutely sense that when Han Long’er had burst out with explosive force to escape her grip, her palm was left feeling slightly numb.

“This child having injured one of the Iron Yuan Sect disciples, when the Iron Yuan sect came knocking along with that Hou Xiang, beyond just aiming at his parents, they were aiming for him as well,” Yan Zhaoge said as he walked over.

Now, there were no more Infinite Boundless Mountain people in the vicinity, so Yan Zhaoge spoke without any misgivings.

Hearing what he had said, even Fu Enshu’s attention was piqued as she examined Han Long’er.

Zhao Ming and Jin Yunzhi also realized the truth of this matter, “That’s right – at the time, we thought that the Iron Yuan Sect was simply making up excuses, but it’s clear that there actually is something bizarre about this child!”’

Fu Enshu’s gaze was almost tangible as it seemed to envelop Han Long’er.

Han Long’er frowned, and turned his pair of big eyes towards Fu Enshu.

Fu Enshu let out a small exclamation of surprise, “His response is extremely sensitive.”

With her cultivation, even though it was just a penetrating gaze, most low-tier martial practitioners would be hard pressed to stop it—even detecting it would already be hard.

That Han Long’er was able to feel it was sufficient proof that besides having innate freak strength, he was also gifted with perception that far surpassed the norm.

“A body like Vajra, a heart clear like a mirror—this child’s innate talent is truly too extraordinary!” Fu Enshu clicked her tongue in admiration, “What’s more, like a divine object concealing itself, it is usually undetectable from the outside.

If not for him having exposed himself, even I would have overlooked and misjudged him.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “His physique at birth resembles that of dragons; his tranquil thoughts connect with divinities-I’ve previously seen on ancient records that this is known as the Big Dipper Body, a prime physique for martial cultivation.

This is still the first appearance of such a thing ever since the time of the Great Calamity.”

Feng Yunsheng, Sikong Qing, and the others listened with slightly stunned looks, as Zhao Ming asked somewhat hesitantly, “But this child looks to be…er, a little slow-witted.

Would he be able to practice martial arts”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Rest assured, even though he may be slow-witted was respect to other matters, in terms of martial cultivation, his acuity of mind will definitely surpass almost everyone of this world.”

Having said thus, he walked behind Han Long’er, lightly swiping downwards with his fingers.

Han Long’er’s clothes split open, revealing his back.

Yan Zhaoge’s sword-qi was already finely controlled to the point where regardless of whether he used it to cut someone’s clothes or write characters on their surface, the other party would also not sense it at all.

However, Han Long’er clearly flinched forward, as Fu Enshu and the others continuously nodded at this.

Han Long’er’s reaction was still within Yan Zhaoge’s predictions when he made his move.

As a result, Han Long’er’s shirt was still split cleanly down the middle.

On his back, there were thirty six small points, resembling bruises on his skin.

However, from these bruises emanated a faint golden color.

Thirty six small dots precisely corresponded with the number of stars of the Big Dipper.

Within those points, the outline of a dragon could vaguely be seen, vivid and lifelike, mighty beyond compare.

Upon seeing this, Fu Enshu looked up towards the sky and laughed, “His inborn conditions for cultivation -even if they’re not the strongest in the world, it’s definitely countable on the fingers!”

“This blind Infinite Boundless Mountain—just wait to regret it.”

Yan Zhaoge looked towards Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi, “Do you know what his actual name is Han Long’er is only his child name; what about his real, given name”

Jing Yunzhi spoke:” From what I heard from his mother, his parents had him very late, but he seemed a little simple-minded, so they treasured him even more dearly.

However, for fear that he wouldn’t survive to adulthood, they only gave him the child name Han Long’er.

As for his family name, he is surnamed Ying.”

“Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, I have overstepped my bounds,” Yan Zhaoge said.

Fu Enshu nodded, “Originally, his master should bestow a name upon him, but if not for you, our clan might have missed out on him.

You just do as you see fit then.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at the dragon pattern on Han Long’er’s back, “Let us call him Ying Longtu[1] then.”

Han Long’er looked somewhat vacantly back at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, letting Han Long’er relax somewhat.

Seemingly sensing Yan Zhaoge’s good intentions, Han Long’er also drew back the corners of his mouth and grinned.


[1] TN: Literally means dragon picture… lol



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