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Chapter 1402: I Have The Final Say Over Your Lives

As the ethereal sword-light passed through him, Gong Sunhuis entire body trembled!

At this moment, he could only feel that his Tranquil Profound Immortal Immortal Aura was crumbling without any warnings.

They separated into the two different kinds of qis – the Clear Qi and the Righteous Qi!

Although the two Immortal qi were still intertwined, they werent fused and werent a single qi anymore.

Under such influence, his Profound Immortal physique that had gone through the refinement of Immortal Aura degraded back to the physique of a True Immortal.

The instant he received the sword attack, his Profound Immortal physique, which True Immortals could never harm, ceased to exist any longer!

From the Duo Qis Profound Immortal Realm, he was knocked back to the True Immortal Realm!

“What sword art is this” Gong Sunhui was bewildered, “How can this be”

Within his mind, insuppressible scenes flashed across his eyes.

They seemed familiar, yet so queer.

Those were the experiences he acquired when challenging the True Profound Tribulation and successfully ascending to the Profound Immortal Realm.

At this moment, these scenes were playing backward.

Meanwhile, he was watching himself getting further and further away from the Profound Immortal Realm.

Gong Sunhui had been learning martial arts for thousands of years.

Even if he was in seclusion most of the time, he was still experienced in venturing outside.

However, no matter how knowledgeable he was, he still felt a sense of horror and panic.

He had never heard of such sword art before.

Fallen Deity – Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword!

Yan Zhaoge had previously pulled a True Immortal expert back to the mortal realm when he was still a Martial Saint.

In todays battle, the Fallen Deity Sword appeared again, causing the Duo Qis Profound Immortal Gong Sunhui to plunge downwards to the True Immortal Realm.

As the ethereal sword-light poured down, Yan Zhaoges other hand released another Cyclic Heavenly Seal and slapped it towards Gong Sunhuis head!

“Do you have someones skirt to hide under”

Yan Zhaoges laugh resounded, while Gong Sunhui was filled with dread.

After being pulled down to the True Immortal Realm by the Fallen Deity Sword, how could he withstand Yan Zhaoges direct strike

His yell stopped halfway, and Yan Zhaoge crushed his head.

He lost his life just like that!

The instant that Yan Zhaoge executed the Fallen Deity Sword, Li Xingba, and the Crane Race Small Saints expressions changed in unison.

Naturally, their senses were far stronger than others.

They could immediately feel the uniqueness in Yan Zhaoges sword.

Unfortunately, under Feng Yunshengs barrage of attacks, they couldnt take care of Gong Sunhui.

“Quickly, retreat!” Just as Li Xingba managed to warn his disciple, his disciple had descended to the True Immortal Realm.

Then, Yan Zhaoge destroyed his head, and blood splattered everywhere!

His red face first turned pale and turned intensely blue.

He was filled with intense rage, yet he was unable to do anything.

Instead, Feng Yunsheng had almost managed to slay him.

However, at the same time, the surging devilish qi was already in full display.

Even while being inside of the Starry River Tributary, everyone could feel that horrifying devilish intent.

While their body went numb, and their senses almost went out of control.

Outside of the Starry River Tributary, a horrifying silhouette stood by the boundless void.

He seemed illusory and didnt seem real at all.

However, he also seemed like the monarch of the universe they were residing in.

That Grand Heavenly Immortal level Ancient Devil declared its emergence.

Within Feng Yunshengs eyes, the blue-black devilish flames jumped around for a while.

She looked towards Yan Zhaoge, and Yan Zhaoge looked towards her.

The two nodded in unison, and Feng Yunshengs figure skyrocketed.

She transformed into a stream of dark radiance and instantly slashed through the skies formed by water screens.

Under the luminance of the ruthless dark radiance, the chaotic spatial transformations happening within the Starry River Tributary were all slashed apart, rendering the capricious transformations occurring within the Starry River Tributary unable to stop Feng Yunshengs advancement.

Destroying something was easier than to design something.

Although she couldnt go wherever she desired within that convoluted space, Feng Yunshengs unique strength intent allowed her to jump out of the convoluting dimensions.

As such, as the black radiance flashed, she had already jumped out of the river, where stars were undulating.

She directly faced against that Ancient Devil that had appeared within the void.

With Feng Yunshengs departure, Li Xingba and that Crane Race Small Saint could finally let out a sigh of relief.

After relaxing, rage filled Li Xingbas head once again.

“This time, Ill see whos still here to protect you!” He looked towards Yan Zhaoge maliciously, yet the sight that awaited him was Yan Zhaoge seeping into the water screen.

The Starry River Tributarys water streams fused as one with the convoluted space.

Under the propagation of waves, no one knew where he would be washed in the streams.

“Thinking of running” Li Xingba snorted.

Li Xingbas majestic sonorous voice of the great dao resounded.

Without Feng Yunsheng around, the Grand Virtual Immortal Li Xingba was able to seal the entire spatial dimension under the envelopment of his Immortal Essence, preventing others from escaping through the convoluted space.

However, Yan Zhaoges figure was still seeping into the water screen, as if he wasnt being affected at all.

Li Xingba was startled.

Yan Zhaoge was a unique case, as he wasnt afraid of the sonorous voice of the great dao at all despite being a True Immortal.

However, when a True Immortals Immortal qi faced against a Virtual Immortals Immortal Essence, they would still feel powerless.

Wherever a Virtual Immortals Immortal Essence reached, the True Immortals singular Immortal qi wouldnt be able to put up any defense at all.

It would only be shattered apart instantly.

This wasnt related to who the martial art practitioner was, nor was it related to which kind of supreme martial art they cultivated.

However, now, that scene of abnormality happened.

“The issue isnt with him, but the water!” Li Xingba was someone that had achieved the dao during the Ancient era, after all.

With how knowledgeable he was, he instantly understood where the problem lies.

Yan Zhaoge disappeared within the water screen, while the illusory water streams colors slowly transformed from transparent to dark yellow.

Li Xingba was surprised upon seeing the dark yellow water streams.

Within a deep part of his memories, ripples undulated.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoges voice seemed to have rebounded from every corner.

“Seems like neither the Exalted Solar Luminary nor Chen Qianhua mentioned anything related about me to you.”

Yan Zhaoge said plainly, “I can already guess your plan – to use the Nine Underworlds Great Devil to hold my wife back, while you two work together to capture me.”

“Although youve seen my Later Earth Text previously, you arent afraid of it at all.

After all, the martial arts youve learned, as well as the Earth Splitting Pearl, allows you to remain fearless towards it.”

“However, Ive never planned on using the Earth Queens treasure even once.” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Although the Earth Queens insightful strength was unique, and she had a unique secret martial art that could pass down the text inscriptions of the Grand Heavenly Immortals which were deemed difficult to preserve, its still considered an engravement type of treasure.

Its better to use it more carefully.”

If used too frequently with no time given to rest, the Later Earth Text might suffer from an irreversible declination and might even be destroyed.

“However, this place is a Starry River Water Vein.” The hints of laughter disappeared from Yan Zhaoges voice.

He plainly said, “To me, this is a favorable environment.

However, this spot marks your graves.”

“Ive already mentioned this previously.

Here, whether you can preserve your lives isnt up to you all anymore.


Following Yan Zhaoges voice, the entire Starry River Tributary turned dark yellow in that instant.

Layers of dark winds continuously roared about by the water surface.

“Im the one with the final say.”

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