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Chapter 1452: Immortal Slaughtering Sword

Vajra bared his fangs while Arhats vanquished Devils.

Even the Buddhist martial arts, famed for their unparalleled toughness, couldnt withstand Yan Zhaoges palm attack.

As a result, the Arhat was forced backward.

His domineering mightiness overwhelmed the surroundings foes, making them pale in comparison.

Seeing the wilted tree floating by the cosmic void, gradually disappearing far away, the group of Devils was filled with panic.

The presence of the Earth Devil and Devil Monarch Zhong Yuan grew weaker and weaker.

They were only a few steps away from being sealed successfully.

With this, the Devils couldnt track Shi Juns location using the rampaging devilish intent any longer.

While they had already escaped from the sariras radiances envelopment, as long as the Primordial Heart Devil didnt descend personally, he couldnt possibly affect the three within.

The Devils group attempted to break through the final defense line – Yan Zhaoge and chase after Shi Juns group.

The Demons and Buddhists, on the other hand, had different motives.

They planned to kill Shi Jun and Ying Yuzhen, no matter if they were humans or Devils.

By killing the two off, they would dispose of any form of trouble in the future.

However, seeing that the reincarnating Devils were already being suppressed, their intentions of killing the two werent that strong anymore.

If the two were right in front of them, they would kill the two.

However, now that the two had gradually lost their tracks, the Demon Race and Buddhism experts had their hearts wavering.

Because the things they coveted after were right in front of them.

Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall!

The Pill Hall had already fallen into Yan Zhaoges possession for so many years.

Even a toddler could tell that most of the pill qis and all sorts of pills had already been depleted.

However, the Pill Halls worth was still sky-high.

Setting everything else aside, even the freshly refined pills would bring about countless benefits and advantages.

It would allure even the heart of a Grand Heavenly Realm expert.

To the Buddhist Bhantes, the Victorious Fighting Buddhas capture of Feng Yunsheng was also a grand matter.

As such, part of the Buddhist Bhantes and the Demon Race experts started shifting their aim towards Yan Zhaoge himself.

Yan Zhaoge remained fearless, despite being in solitude.

His sword swept, his palm struck, vigilantly dealing with all the enemies around him.

As the roars of dragons and tigers resounded, he even managed to escape the besiegement and speedily chased after the Devils that planned to pursue after Xu Fei, Shi Jun, and Ying Yuzhen.

Even against a massive group of experts, Yan Zhaoge preserved his clear state of mind.

He tapped his finger at mid-air, casting the Grand Commencement Divine Fingers Transformation of One Prana Three Clears, instantly causing three clones of him to appear.

While they werent equally as strong, four Yan Zhaoges dashing forward together carried about the momentum of an entire multitude of the army, leaving only destruction in their wake.

The four of them cast the Taiyi Fist together.

The iron fists which occupied the entirety of time and space came enveloping their enemies.

While most of the Profound Immortal Realm experts werent wounded, they were forced to halt their advancement.

Being unable to do anything, they could only watch the wilted tree disappearing in the distance.

All that was left were the Devils bellows of anger.

This had also incited the anger of the Grand Virtual Realm Devil Monarchs.

The three sides banded together, overwhelming Daoism in numbers.

Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, Ling Qing, and the others were incapable of stopping everyone.

As the battle dragged on, more and more enemies managed to slip through.

For example, the smog-like Devil Monarch.

He was swift and wouldnt even pale compared to the Golden-Winged Great Roc – Fuluo Zi.

Gao Qingxuan, who was the fastest among the Daoism side, couldnt remain attentive to the two simultaneously.

The Twilight Mist Devil Monarch found an opening and immediately broke through Daoisms line of defense.

His extreme speed paired with Five Qis Unification allowed him to remain fearless towards a True Immortals Immortal qi.

He immediately increased his speed to the maximum.

He didnt even bother doing anything to Yan Zhaoge.

Instead, he intended to chase after Shi Juns group.

While continuous exhaustion might injure him, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt back down for such matters.

He instantly cast the Later Earth Text.

The Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation unfolded.

The formation runes radiated, instantly pulling Twilight Mist Devil Monarch within.

As if it was a vast spiraling abyss, it dragged those beneath the Grand Virtual within.

Like moths to a flame, they were pulled towards the formation.

Twilight Mist Devil Monarch let out a roar, shifting his lightweightness into tyrannical strength.

He then attempted to escape from the formations constraint.

Yan Zhaoge dropped one talisman after another and incited transformation in the formation, preventing the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch from escaping.

Unfortunately, through constant usage at full force, the Later Earth Texts strength seemed to be wavering.

The colossal formation was unrooted and moved along with the Devil.

Of course, even so, the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch couldnt increase his speed any further and couldnt even chase after the tree.

The Devils group was enraged and proceeded to let out fanatical cries of roars.

Yan Zhaoge gritted his teeth and continued withstanding the pressure.

The battle between the two sides had already reached its peak intensity.

As time passes, Shi Juns situation would undoubtedly become better and better.

However, for Yan Zhaoges side, their opponents were far too overwhelming, and the pressure imposed upon them was far too great.

More and more enemies found an opportunity and slipped through the line of defense.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge and the others continued to prevent them from chasing after the tree.

They had to be exceptionally on guard against Fuluo Zi and the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch.

If the two passed through their blockade and increased their speed to the maximum, it would be impossible to hold them back again.

Among all the Daoism experts present, only Gao Qingxuan and her clones Dual Swordplay would allow them to match up to the twos speed.

If the two opponents broke through at the same time, that would imply that someone would be allowed to pass!

As the fight went on, the most horrible situation indeed occurred.

When Gao Qingxuan and Yue Zhenbei were focused on fighting against others, their gazes suddenly flickered.

At first, surprise took over their expressions, which then turned into a joyous one.

Being individuals that had gone through countless battles, they didnt give out much of a reaction.

However, their opponents were experts with cultivation higher than them.

Any slightest changes would immediately allow them to turn the tides in their favor.

Fuluo Zi and the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch broke through the defense line together and chased after the faraway tree.

Yan Zhaoge and the others became anxious, watching them leave.

On the other side, the Victorious Fighting Buddha, currently occupied with brawling against Feng Yunsheng, suddenly sensed something.

All of his heads turned and looked towards Fuluo Zis direction.

Fuluo Zi and the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch were chasing after the tree.

Suddenly, radiance arose in front of them.

As horrifying dark radiances emerged, auras filled with despair and demise appeared within the void.

The cosmic void was originally pitch-black, considering how vast it was.

However, the dark radiance seemed even darker and gloomier than the void, as if declaring every lifeforms final rest – an eternal death.

All lifeforms would eventually perish.

Fuluo Zi was a Great Devil, while the Twilight Mist Devil Monarch was an Infernal Devil.

The twos hands were already stained with countless individuals blood.

However, when facing the dark radiance, feelings of suffocation emerged.

Fuluo Zi was the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles son and was bestowed with an abundance of knowledge.

Watching the dark radiance capable of evoking feelings of annihilation, he subconsciously stopped his advancement.

“Immortal Slaughtering Sword!”

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