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Yan Zhaoges speed of cultivation astonished Daoist Cloud Conquest.

Other than his cultivation, Yan Zhaoges strength impressed him even more.

Under normal circumstances, Daoist Cloud Conquest could easily deal with the two Sovereigns and the three Emperors as well, provided he was not injured.

However, he was aware that Yan Zhaoge had barely shown off any of his strength.

What he presented was a mere tip of the iceberg.

If the two were to fight against each other, even with his Four Qis Fused Aura, he did not have the confidence to go against Yan Zhaoges Duo Qis Fused Aura.

Typically speaking, under most circumstances, the higher their cultivation, the closer their strength would be with other experts.

Those who could achieve such high cultivation were prodigies that stood atop the food chain, triumphing over their peers.

When they were young, none of them were mundane individuals.

They were heavens favored children that shone brightly in the eyes of others.

In the Immortal Realm, there were indeed stronger ones and weaker ones.

However, that would be considered a minority.

People like Yan Zhaoge that triumphed over others of the same realm, were considered the minority among minorities.

Most importantly, he doesnt seem to have a limit…

Daoist Cloud Conquest was someone who lived a long life and experienced countless situations.

Yet, even now, a thought was embedded in his mind, “Where is Yan Zhaoges limit”

“Leaving one alive would suffice.” Yan Zhaoge turned his head and smiled at the others, “Moreover, Im more interested in the heretic Heavenly Lord that they mentioned.

He seems to be nearby.”

While talking, he threw the Immortal Court Sovereign whose neck was snapped aside.

His other hand was still grabbing onto the black dragon.

The black dragon was originally someone tough and stubborn.

However, after watching his brethren die helplessly under Yan Zhaoges attacks, he lost his composure completely.

For a while, he was rendered speechless.

“Did the two of you notice something” Yan Zhaoge looked towards Kun Ningzi and Bai Tao.

After sheathing his Origin Opening Sword, Bai Tao solemnly said, “This seems like a clue left behind by senior apprentice-uncle Long.”

He then stretched his hand and waved it by the void.

A screen-like existence appeared by the void, with numerous complex and profound talismans being projected by the screen.

Yan Zhaoge took a glance and immediately saw through the meaning behind these talismans.

Kun Ningzi stood aside and stared at the black dragon he was previously contending against.

Then, he smiled bitterly and looked towards Daoist Cloud Conquest.

In the past, when the Roving Jade Heavens was still fighting against the World beyond Worlds, Daoist Cloud Conquest had warned them to be wary of the True Immortals like the Female Emperor – Jie Mingkong and Chen Qianhua, who later pushed open the Immortal Door.

When encountering these two, immediate retreat wouldnt be considered something shameful.

If there was no need to, they did not have to uphold their honor stubbornly.

Otherwise, only repercussions would be met.

Looking back now, his words were indeed valid.

However, even Daoist Cloud Conquest never expected so many prodigies to emerge from the World beyond Worlds suddenly.

Among them, the most horrifying one was Yan Zhaoge!

Living together in the same era as Yan Zhaoge was undoubtedly a massive blow to other martial art cultivators pride.

Contrary to the pride of witnessing the birth of a legend, they would instead feel more pressure.

Only, as time moved on and the legendary figure became more and more astonishing, the pressure in Kun Ningzis heart was slowly lifted.

“Dont be jealous, as hes not someone you can possibly chase after…” Feeling Kun Ningzis gaze, Daoist Cloud Conquest sent him a voice transmission with a smile.

Kun Ningzi sighed and nodded without saying anything else.

“Its senior apprentice-uncle Long!” Yan Zhaoge became spirited.

After deciphering the meaning behind the profound talisman, he could confirm that Long Xingquan left this behind.

By using the clues contained within the talisman, they could very possibly locate Long Xingquan.

Yan Di and Daoist Cloud Conquest were enlivened as well, “Where”

“Follow me.” Yan Zhaoge waved his sleeves and cleaned up the previous battlefield.

Then, he guided others toward somewhere afar.

While on the way, they thought of ways to inform Gao Qingxuan.

While they had located the clues left behind by Long Xingquan, they did not know when he left it behind.

Moreover, the outskirts space was convoluted.

Under spatial convolution, even small distances would turn into miles apart.

As such, despite going full speed ahead, they only made another discovery after a long while of searching.

The energy ripples trembling through space propagated from a particular universe.

The commotion caused was much larger than when Kun Ningzi and Bai Tao were fighting against their foes.

Dark red sword-lights flashed across Yan Zhaoge.

Under the flicker, his speed increased once again, leading him straight toward the battlefield.

A radiant cloud gradually appeared by the dark void.

Majestic sword-lights occasionally slashed amidst the radiant cloud.

While it seemed perfectly normal, a piece of the radiant cloud would vanish wherever an attack lands.

However, new ones would grow very quickly as the radiant cloud dispersed, filling up the damaged parts.

Profound sonorous voice of the great dao played endlessly, permeating through the vibrant sea of clouds.

Kun Ningzi and Bai Tao blanked out upon hearing the sonorous voice of the great dao, as if their attentions were taken away.

The vibrant clouds were the manifestation of a Virtual Immortals Immortal Splendour.

Sonorous voice of the great dao would affect a Profound Immortal and suppress those beneath the Profound Immortal Realm.

“Surely enough, theres an Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch.” Yan Zhaoge wasnt affected at all.

Under the dark-red sword lights enshroudment, he continued advancing towards his opponent!

The owner of the sword-light was Long Xingquan.

Due to the Immortal Extermination Formations destruction, he was covered in wounds.

Despite that, his sword arts were undoubtedly on an entirely different level compared to a Martial Saint Exalt like Bai Tao.

Even with his superior cultivation, the heretic Heavenly Monarch could not do any harm against Long Xingquan.

In fact, if he did not have his Five Qis Unifications and was not immune to Profound Immortals Immortal Aura, the outcome might severely differ.

He was merely trapping Long Xingquan using all these advantages he had.

He intended to await the reinforcements from the Immortal Court.

However, what he welcomed was a mere vicious god.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Long, focus on your recovery.

Dont harm the foundations of your vitality because of this.” As Yan Zhaoge spoke, he erected his index and middle fingers together, forming a sword.

His fingertips emitted green radiances and sliced the sea of clouds apart as if he was merely slicing a piece of tofu.

The majestic sword-lights amidst the sea of clouds retracted, showing Long Xingquans figure.

While his complex seemed pale and weak, he was still as energetic as ever.

He even had the energy to ask, “Hows the Earth Devil What happened to your brethren”

“The Earth Devil had perished once more.

Little Jun and the others are safe for now,” answered Yan Zhaoge with a smile.

While conversing with Long Xingquan, he extended both his hands forward and grabbed the vibrant clouds with his hands, tearing them apart!

The pair of hands, seemingly able to tear the skies apart, instantly ripped the vibrant clouds apart, leaving only streams of lights behind.

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