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Chapter 1688: Opportunity of Transcending Into A Dao Ancestor

After listening to Yan Zhaoges words, Suo Mingzhang said quietly, “Only time can give us the answer.”

If someone personally set up everything, there would be traces left.

However, it would be hard to tell how much he was involved and knew.

Clues would only be revealed at the showdown.

“Maybe, it doesnt take long.” Yan Zhaoge said thoughtfully, looking at the distant starry sky.

After a long while, he retrieved his gaze and let out a long sigh, “Luckily, we made some gains in this trip.”

He raised his hand to write in the air.

Black runes appeared again, circulating in the void.

As the runes flickered, the pitch-black the Nine Underworlds Seawater was retrieved.

Feng Yunsheng, who was beside him, spread out her palms to collect the seawater.

She then looked at the talismans together with Suo Mingzhang.

Yan Zhaoges eyes flickered.

The talismans danced in the void, rearranging and combining, turning them into mysterious chapters.

Finally, the runes gathered together as a whole and formed a talisman array.

In the talisman array, Daos mysterious concepts and truths were revealed.

Yan Zhaoge watched the talisman array.

After feeling the changes, he said softly, “Im a little hasty.”

“Although we interrupted the Origin Heart Devils intervention, we cant do anything with the other Great Devils in Nine Underworlds.” Feng Yunsheng added, “The Wood Devil responds very quickly, and our time is limited.”

“Well, yes.” Yan Zhaoge nodded, “However, I have successfully verified one matter.

Due to the Early Heaven Nascent Form, the incarnation of Devil of Aged Metal in Brother Nie wasnt stable.”

“Its a pity that the opponent we have to face now isnt Devil of Aged Metal, but the Origin Heavenly Devil.”

Yan Zhaoge exhaled turbid qi lightly, “It all depends at the showdown.”

Sure people, the people in Daoism might also have their own plans.

Even if Yan Zhaoge could gather all the strength of orthodox Daoism to fight the Nine Underworlds to the end, then he would have to face many bigwigs from Buddhism, demon race, etc.

Yan Zhaoge lamented to his surprise that the public enemy in the past, Nine Underworlds, was under everyones protection.

The absurdity and truth were often separated by a thin thread.

The stances determined right and wrong.

“Haha, this game has become bigger.” Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed.

“If it really is the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation, and the matter involves the Origin Heavenly Devil and the Doomsday Heavenly Devil, then the situation has gone out of control for the Archaic Dipankara Buddha and others.” Suo Mingzhang said slowly, “If the Archaic Dipankara Buddha wants to gain something, he needed several Dao Ancestors to step in and support him.”

He glanced at the Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “However, are Dao Ancestors willing to see another cultivator at Dao Realm emerge”

Dao Realm bigwigs entered the game for a Transcendence opportunity.

Hence, the competition would only be more cruel and fierce than Grand Heavenly Realm cultivators competition to attain the Dao Realm.

Having one more Dao Realm powerhouse of the same level meant one more competitor and one less chance for others.

Although the cultivator possessing the initiative had an immense advantage, it was hard to tell if he could take the final step successfully, and the latecomers couldnt catch up on him.

From a certain point of view, although the Dao Realm bigwigs were constantly rivaling each other, they would naturally team up to stop the birth of a new Dao Ancestor.

The paradox was that the Grand Heavenly Realm bigwigs under them must have their demands and goals.

The core goal was, of course, to also attain the Dao Realm.

This conflict was bound to exist.

It was a profound challenge in striking a balance and compromise in this ordeal.

“Find yourself a successor.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Suo Mingzhang and nodded, “Attain transcendence and let your subordinates take your position.”

There could only be only one slot, and very few were readied for it.

Having someone of the same faction in acquiring this slot would grant asylum to those under the same faction, avoiding the downfall like the Daoism in the past.

Suo Mingzhang nodded silently.

“So, not only Archaic Dipankara Buddha and the others are fighting for the chance to land on Dao Realm in this round of game involving the Nine Underworlds, but maybe even a few Dao Ancestor is seeking a chance for transcendence right now” Feng Yunsheng murmured.

“Not necessarily.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Its just that this scenario is the most optimal situation for the Western Pure Lands, Astro Mountains Starry Sea, and other forces.”

The birth of Future Buddha and Immeasurable Heavenly Lord might involve some reasons that convinced the other Dao Ancestors to acquiesce to this outcome.

These Dao Ancestors might have their plans and single-handedly created the current situation.

But there was no doubt that they would not sit by and watch things like this keep happening without a necessary reason.

“I wonder what the opportunity for the transcendence of the Dao Ancestors is Otherwise, it will be much easier to make judgments.” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples lightly.

Feng Yunsheng smiled, “Its tough to figure it out.”

After laughing, she whispered to herself, “Except for Nine Underworlds.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Although there are many clues about the Nine Underworlds, its best not to make a hasty conclusion.

Lets see what they have to do in this game when they get to the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation.”

“Alright, lets head back first,” said Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge and Suo Mingzhang nodded slightly.

Then, the trio turned away together, returning to Daoisms universe.

There, Yu Ye and Yue Zhenbei, accompanied by Pan Pan and North Ocean Clone, waited anxiously.

Although their expressions looked calm, their eyes were immediately caught onto the trios faces as soon as they appeared.

“Senior Brother Nies situation is more complicated,” said Yan Zhaoge.

Yu Ye and Yue Zhenbei listened, but their hearts were slightly relieved as they found new hopes to it.

If the situation were hopeless, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt describe it in such a wording.

Seeing their expressions, Yan Zhaoge sighed in his heart and said, “Whether Senior Brother Nie will fall into the devilish path and cannot pull himself out of it, it is still too early to conclude it.

But, even if he is unlike the other devils, the situation isnt optimistic.”

After a short pause, he continued, “This matter involves the Ancestral Devil.”

When Yu Ye and Yue Zhenbei heard it, their faces changed slightly.

Dao Realms Ancestral Devil had a significant gap with the Grand Heavenly Realm Devil.

However, they quickly calmed their emotions, and their expressions returned to normal.

“Junior Brother Yan, Junior Sister Feng, Senior Suo, sorry for the troubles.” Yu Ye took a deep breath and thanked Yan Zhaoge and others.

Then, she didnt stop talking and just stood there quietly.

In the past, her eyes would wander around without focus.

At this moment, those eyes were as calm as still water, but she was focused.

Yan Zhaoge observed her.

Although he didnt know what she was thinking, he could feel that Yu Yes mood was relatively stable, so he felt a little relieved.

Yue Zhenbei on the sidelines spoke in a low voice, “Things come with a natural flow.

We shouldnt force anything out of it, but we should still try even though the hope is slim.”

“Whats more Its all thanks to your efforts.

Its not our time to fall into despair yet.”

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