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HSSB168: The persistence that is not understood

The other two members of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Four Rising Suns aside from Xiao Shen and Chao Yuanlong were currently both before Yan Zhaoge.

Hailed as the first person of the Sacred Sun Clan’s younger generation, the ‘Shining Sword’ Tang Yonghao.

One of the Four Young Masters alongside Yan Zhaoge, the grandson of the East Rising Martial Saint Huang Guanglie and the son of the Sacred Sun Clan’s current Chief Huang Xu, the ‘World Illuminating Young Master’ Huang Jie.

Of those who had been hailed as the current era’s Four Young Masters following the previous Heavenly Connection Meet, other than the Thunder Rumbling Young Master Lin Zhou, the other three had congregated here once again.

After resting on Tang Yonghao for a moment, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze turned towards Huang Jie.

Whether it was of the Four Young Masters or the Sacred Sun Clan’s own Four Rising Sons, Huang Jie was the most low profile one.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s memories, it was even to the point that other than in the Heavenly Connection Meet that year, Huang Jie seldom appeared in the outside world.

Currently, standing beside Tang Yonghao, he resembled a dark shadow under the sunlight, quiet and tranquil, not attracting the gazes of others in the least.

Seeing Tang Yonghao, Xu Fei and Song Chao both nodded slightly, “Senior Brother Tang, it’s been a long time.”

It was said in the lands of the Fire Domain where the Sacred Sun Clan stood that Tang Yonghao was the number one of the current younger generation.

As a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar, he had even been praised as the current strongest Martial Scholar.

Leaving the Fire Domain, especially in the Heaven and Water Domains, the martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City had never admitted this.

But if one said that Tang Yonghao was one of the strongest members of the younger generation, it was basically something that was accepted by the entire world.

Even while Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City had an extremely terrible relationship with the Sacred Sun Clan, they still agreed on this point.

Ascending Hovering Island, Tang Yonghao returned their greetings, “Greetings, Senior Brother Xu, Senior Brother Song.

It has indeed been a long time.”

His gaze fell on Yan Zhaoge, “Junior Brother Yan, long time no see.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “It is rare for Senior Brother Tang to make an appearance.”

Tang Yonghao said, “In breaking through to become a Martial Grandmaster from the Heavenly Connection stage, it is not something that  can happen just staying in secluded cultivation all the way.

It still requires tempering and accumulation of experience before cultivating to make good use of it.”

The attentions of Sikong Qing, Li Jingwan and the other relatively younger disciples now also fell on Yan Zhaoge and Tang Yonghao, standing opposite each other.

The battle achievements of Yan Zhaoge had been glorious in recent years.

Defeating the late outer aura stage Xiao Shen at the mid outer aura stage; defeating the early Xiantian stage Ji Hanru at the late outer aura stage; defeating the mid Xiantian stage Lin Zhou at the early Xiantian stage; defeating the late Xiantian stage Liu Shengfeng at the early Xiantian stage.

All of these feats were shocking to the extreme, his fame shaking the world.

Not only were they all level-surpassing battles, he did not lose even a single one of them.

Speaking fairly, even if Infinite Boundless Mountain hadn’t helped to advertise Yan Zhaoge previously, at the current Heavenly Connection Meet, Yan Zhaoge would still be a focal point.

Even if Yan Zhaoge now left  the Meet and returned to Broad Creed Mountain just like that, no one would be able to say anything about it.

However, his actual distance from the Heavenly Connection stage was still somewhat large.

Moreover, people had reputations just like trees had shadows.

Having achieved his fame long ago, Tang Yonghao was currently at the peak of Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars.

Generally speaking, with Tang Yonghao’s age and cultivation base, he actually already no longer needed to attend this Heavenly Connection Meet.

His power, his talent were both already long known by the entire world.

Moreover, he was currently at the critical moment for breaking through to become a Martial Grandmaster.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan had still dispatched Tang Yonghao over this time, with this mostly being because of Yan Zhaoge.

In the war of the Eastern Tang as well as the fight between Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Heavenly Thunder Hall over Thunderbolt Soul Jade, the Sacred Sun Clan’s face had been damaged.

While in terms of their younger generation, Xiao Shen and Chao Yuanlong had consecutively been defeated at Yan Zhaoge’s hands, and they had all been complete defeats.

Regarding the general situation, the Sacred Sun Clan had to fight on all fronts.

For their younger generation disciples, here at the Heavenly Connection Meet was precisely the best place for them to find back their face.

However, Tang Yonghao didn’t have the intention of fighting with Yan Zhaoge as he instead said, “Junior Brother Yan’s rate of improvement is truly shocking.

Rising from the inner aura stage to the Xiantian stage within such a short period of time-I was much inferior in this.”

“I look forward to sparring with you at the same cultivation level.

Although I might not be able to match up, even if I were defeated, I should be able to have huge gains in the martial dao.”

Hearing his words, Sikong Qing, Li Jingwan, Zhang Yao and the others all found them rather unexpected.

The faces of the other Sacred Sun Clan disciples who had accompanied Tang Yonghao here were all rather gloomy as they sighed inwardly, “At the end of the day, senior apprentice-brother Tang is still acting of his own volition.”

It was instead Xu Fei, Song Chao, Xie Youchan and the others whose expressions were as per usual.

Ah Hu was not a participant of the Heavenly Connection Meet.

However, with his age and cultivation base which were actually comparable to that of Xu Fei and the others, he had gotten special permission to ascend Hovering Island alongside Yan Zhaoge.

Grinning slightly, he secretly sent a sound transmission to Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, rather than saying that this Tang Yonghao is upright, wouldn’t it be that he is pedantic”

Yan Zhaoge answered calmly, “Some people have their own persistence, just that they are not understood by others, or are perhaps viewed as foolish and pedantic.”

“In the eyes of most of the ordinary masses now, it is generally agreed that it is already no longer right to measure my strength in terms of my age and cultivation base.”

“Even if Tang Yonghao made a move against me, he would also not be labelled as bullying the weak as the strong and not having won properly.

At most, people would only say that he lacks confidence in himself, adopting those erroneous views of others and letting go of his position as he lowered himself to be taken in by the views of the ordinary masses.”

“As you say, not making a move now will instead be viewed by many as foolish and pedantic, or perhaps attributed to a blind self-confidence of his.”

Looking at Tang Yonghao, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “But he himself is clearest what exactly it is that he pursues; why it is that he perseveres.”

“To some, having a clear conscience is the most important.

What they are afraid of are not the pointed fingers of others, but rather a shadow being cast over their hearts.”

“From another perspective, perhaps it could be said that he is arrogant or self-indulgent, but as I see it, someone who can persist in his beliefs and live by them, to whatever extent, does deserve some respect.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu looked like he was in deep thought, “How will he account for it to the Sacred Sun Clan then”

Before his words had landed, Tang Yonghao turned to look at Xu Fei, “Senior Brother Xu, as similarly-aged Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars, let us exchange pointers.”   

Xu Fei laughed straightforwardly, “That’s fine with me.”

The Song Chao by the side suddenly said, “Please let me go first, Senior Brother Xu.”

“When sparring with Senior Brother Tang three years ago in the Heavenly Connection Meet, this Song came out inferior.

I have always hoped that I would be able to spar with Senior Brother Tang once more.”

Hearing his words, Xu Fei said, “This is not fair to Senior Brother Tang; this Xu does not have the intention of taking turns to fight him.”

Tang Yonghao’s face was as per normal, “I am not looking down on Senior Brother Song, but can you let me have a battle with Senior Brother Xu first Because the glory or humiliation of this surpasses my own personal honour.”

Song Chao’s expression was calm, “I have no intentions of us taking turns to fight you, also not wishing to interfere with your match and spoil things for the both of you.”

“One move.

The two of us deciding victory and defeat in a single move-how’s that”

A Sacred Sun Clan disciple behind Tang Yonghao muttered, “It shouldn’t be the Heaven Flooding Tide, right That really still is a single move.”

Jade Sea City’s supreme martial art, Heaven Flooding Tide, was analogous to betting all of their strength on a single move, concentrating all the power in their body to erupt in a single instant.

It took an extremely huge toll on one’s strength, but its power was also extremely great.

It was a method with which Jade Sea City martial practitioners went all out, putting their lives on the line.

Hearing the other party’s words, Ye Zhongzhou and Li Jingwan had angered expressions on their faces.

Song Chao still remained mild and tranquil as he didn’t defend himself, just looking calmly at Tang Yonghao.

“Okay, one move,” After pondering for a moment, Tang Yonghao turned and said apologetically to Xu Fei, “My apologies, Senior Brother Xu.”



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