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Chapter 1697: Ne Zha Vs.


Archaic Dipankara Buddha had a pagoda that was even more radiant than the Ruyi Golden Pagoda that Pagoda Bearing God Li Jing used to have.

The pagoda was inlaid with a sarira, which shone brightly and came at Ne Zha’s head from atop.

The Three Flowers Converged Crown manifested on Ne Zha’s head immediately.

Soon, his figure enlarged.

Although his appearance was still a young man, he turned into an indomitable size capable of puncturing a hole in the skies.

Just this transformation alone, it seemed that he would burst the world that everyone was in.

With just the pagoda alone, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha had suppressed Ne Zha, who was a Grand Virtual Immortal at that time.

However, since Ne Zha had attained Grand Heavenly Realm for many years, his strength had grown by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, even if the Archaic Dipankara Buddha utilized a pagoda to suppress him again, the efficacy was significantly weakened.

Compared with how it went last time where Ne Zha was overwhelmed with Evil Qi and murderous thoughts, Ne Zha wasn’t so violent but more nimble at this moment.

He raised the Fire-tipped Spear to block the golden pagoda, preventing it from slamming at him.

But at this moment, the boundaries of the world transformed by this temple became transparent and blurred.

It was possible to see the green lotus blossoms and Buddha lights in the vast Western Pure Lands outside.

Under the effects of the sarira inlaid on the pagoda, the circulating Buddha Light enhanced the golden pagoda.

The location of the fight was set in the Western Pure Lands, and it was convenient for Archaic Dipankara Buddha to utilize his arts.

Immediately after, Ne Zha felt that the golden pagoda became heavier.

Although he managed to stop the pagoda from slamming down at him, the dazzling golden flames invaded him from the spear’s tip.

The flames had no heat.

It wasn’t scorching but pure and clean like a light curtain.

Even though Ne Zha had the defensive treasure like the Chaotic Heavenly Twill, that illusory golden flame had overcome Chaotic Heavenly Twill’s defense.

In an instant, Ne Zha felt his body becoming weaker, and the three flowers on his head dimmed.

At the same time, Archaic Dipankara Buddha incarnated with his fingers again, summoning a dazzling and calming light like a five-colored glaze.

Sea Suppressing Pearl!

Ne Zha possessed the Treasured Lotus Immortal Form, providing natural immunity to most arts in the world.

Even the Sea Suppressing Pearl had the effect of stunning one’s mind, it was hardly working on him.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha’s first plan was to break through Ne Zha’s Treasured Lotus Immortal Form with a golden pagoda and compliment the attack with Sea Suppressing Pearl.

As long as the Sea Suppressing Pearl stunned Ne Zha’s mind, having the rest of the eighteen pearls smashed on him would still bring devastating damage despite his excellent combat strength.

Even if Ne Zha tried his best to resist the bombardment from the Sea Suppressing Pearl, he would be quickly overwhelmed at some point.

At that time, Archaic Dipankara Buddha would take a shot to end the duel.

He had a 90% chance of achieving a flawless victory.

There was only a thin line to decide the victor in the battle of masters at this caliber.

After seizing the opportunity, it was likely that the advantage would snowball into an avalanche and finally become unstoppable.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha didn’t want to fight Ne Zha, using all his means to avoid fighting as much as possible.

But, since the battle was inevitable, he had no intention of holding back and used all his power to defeat Ne Zha in the fastest and safest way, without giving Ne Zha the chance to opt for a lose-lose situation.

With that, he could minimize the risks and damages that this battle might bring.

So in the eyes of Yan Zhaoge, the situation evolved into Archaic Dipankara Buddha, who was forced into a duel, suddenly gave it all and invested his ultimate move as soon as the battle happened.

Then, the attacks were consecutive and devastating, trying to defeat Ne Zha in one fell swoop.

But Ne Zha was already prepared for this.

The pagoda covered with golden flames came attacking from the top.

After carefully understanding its intricacies, Ne Zha had the following plan in his heart.

He counterattacked instantly without giving his opponent the chance to suppress and weaken his Treasured Lotus Immortal Form.

Chaotic Heavenly Twill flickered, turning into a red light.

Then, Ne Zha swallowed the red light, secretly operating his newly figured art.

Red clouds suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, isolating the golden flames’ attacks.

Not only that, the red clouds traced the spear, climbed to its tip, and dyed the pagoda.

Ne Zha, who had five colors light engulfing him, had his eyes turn blank.

It seemed like his thoughts became more sluggish.

One Sea Suppressing Pearl after another had already come smashing down on Ne Zha.

Each Sea Suppressing Pearl had the eight of a universe.

At this moment, the pearls fell from the sky at a devastating weight.

As they came crushing down together, it gave off the illusion of doomsday.

Fortunately, Ne Zha had already resolved the golden pagoda’s suppression at this moment.

The Treasured Lotus Immortal Form displayed its mystical might, and his mind was no longer confused by the five-colored light emitted by the Sea Suppressing Pearl.

In the nick of time, the Wheels of Wind and Fire under his feet ran swiftly, helping him dodge the continuous bombardment of one Sea Suppressing Pearl after another.

After the starting dangers as Ne Zha tried to regain his footing, he gradually stopped dodging.

Instead, he swept his Fire-tipped Spear horizontally and sometimes diagonally, deflecting those terrifying Sea Suppressing Pearl head-on.

“Looks like I can’t subdue you like I did before.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha sighed and appeared in front of Ne Zha.

The “卍” on his palm spun and came attacking at Ne Zha.

The attack seemed slow but fast simultaneously, blurring the concept of time and space.

Ne Zha snorted coldly and fearlessly.

With the sudden appearance of an extra head and two arms on his shoulders, he manifested his alternate form with two heads and four arms.

In his hand, the Fire-tipped Spear also manifested another counterpart of its own.

While responding to the Sea Suppressing Pearl’s attack, Ne Zha stabbed the second spear at the “卍” character!

Archaic Dipankara Buddha wasn’t fond of close combat with Ne Zha and immediately retreated.

As Ne Zha’s Fire-tipped Spear stabbed the Buddha’s “卍” palm, it instantly shattered into a golden flame.

Even the body which the Dipankara Buddha manifested with flames burst, turning into a vast sea of ​​flames.

Amidst the waves of fire, heaven and earth were scorched.

The entire temple was instantly engulfed in flames.

Everything seemed to be ignited by the golden flame and become its fuel.

Even the Fire-tipped Spear in Ne Zha’s hands and the Wheels of Wind and Fire under his feet seemed to be engulfed by the golden flame.

Outside the fire, the real Archaic Dipankara Buddha watched Ne Zha.

Behind the head of this ancient Buddha, three lights shone in the perfect Buddha light: purple, gold, and gray.

The most famous treasure and means of the Archaic Dipankara Buddha were the Sea Suppressing Pearl seized from the hands of Prime Clear’s bigwig, Zhao Gongming.

Some people even thought that the Archaic Dipankara Buddha was insignificant without the Sea Suppressing Pearl.

That speculation wasn’t without reason.

The Sea Suppressing Pearl was indeed Archaic Dipankara Buddha’s most potent weapon.

But even if without the Sea Suppressing Pearl, Archaic Dipankara Buddha’s strength did make him into the ranks of Buddhism bigwigs!

At this moment, he exerted all his might.

The golden lights were flickering, displaying their capabilities to bring an end to the world.

Even if a real universe was faced with such power, the universe seemed insignificant, like tofu.

However, among the surging flames, there was a sudden glow.

The red glow penetrated the sea of ​​​​fire, making a hole in the golden sky.


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