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HSSB247: Stepping into the Heavenly Connection stage!


Being born into a second-rate power, Lian Cheng and Lian Ying would naturally have a lower cultivation base than even Jun Zhiyuan’s disciples, who were part of the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

For them, they didn’t even dream of being accepted into Broad Creed Mountain as a disciple.

Rather, they hoped to be accepted into the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

The Lian Family of course hoped to find a worthy successor among its younger generation, but even more so hoped that they could produce talented disciples who would be able to join first-rate powers.

As a result, when trying to influence the local powers, the twisting intrigue that existed behind the scenes could only be imagined.

But this was also to be expected given the circumstances.

Just like in the Eastern Tang and the Scarlet Rainbow Sect, these first-rate powers would always hope to have genius descendants that could be nurtured by Broad Creed Mountain.

Indeed, the grandson of the current Chief of the Howling Wind Sword Sect was a Broad Creed Mountain disciple.

Yan Zhaoge had also seen him several times and had been asked by Elder Jun to keep an eye on him.

This system was also beneficial for Broad Creed Mountain since it helped them strengthen their control over their subordinates.

Likewise, the Sacred Sun Clan, Infinite Boundless Mountain, and the other five Sacred Grounds all engaged in the same practice.

Even in these subservient regions for powers like the second-rate Yellow Wind Manor, there would naturally be even weaker forces under them.

Speaking from experience, the number of these weaker forces was even higher.

The Eight Extremities World had a culture that emphasized strength.

Looking downwards, between local martial arts halls, small sects, and small clans, these existences were as numerous as the hairs on a cow.

From second-rate powers downwards, martial practitioners born into these kinds of circumstances had to continuously step upwards into a broader world lest they become part of the faceless crowd.

Practicing martial arts was a way of life in the Eight Extremities World.

Beyond exploring the martial dao, it was more for protecting oneself.

Beyond that, it was a livelihood.

“Uncle, I guess you have already heard of the situation at the Clear Concealed Lake.” Yan Zhaoge continued, “Nine Underworlds Evil Devils and Flame Devils are both enemies of the entire human race.

The fallen practitioners of the Decimating Abyss Organization want to force the Nine Underworlds to descend.

The entire Eight Extremities World must be guarded against them.”

Jun Zhiyuan nodded.

“This is natural.

After hearing the news about Clear Concealed Lake, our sect took many precautions to prevent being infiltrated by spies from the Decimating Abyss Organization.”

Yan Zhaoge spoke out.

“Thank you for your hard work.

I’ll have to trouble Uncle Jun this time.”

The devilish will was best at magnifying one’s negative emotions, especially evil thoughts, desires, and obsessions.

Compared to martial practitioners from the six Sacred Grounds, solitary practitioners like the Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng who were dissatisfied with the lofty position of the Sacred Grounds were much more likely to be recruited by the Decimating Abyss Organization.

Their thoughts went along the lines of ‘without destruction there can be no growth.’ They wanted to switch the heavens and change the earth.

Actually, from a certain point of view the stratified society of Sacred Grounds, first-rate powers, and second-rate powers suffered from that exact problem.

All of these lower tier powers wanted to replace an existing Sacred Ground.

Wanted to become the new Sacred Ground.

Wanted to attain absolute power and status.

Thoughts along these lines, regardless of whether they spawned schemes or unyielding resolve, were all inroads for the Decimating Abyss Organization.

Of course, this kind of thinking was not representative of everyone in the Decimating Abyss Organization.

Neither did it represent a certainty of succumbing to an inner devil.

It all depended on each person’s individual willpower, intelligence, and power.

But one could not exclude the pessimistic possibility that some first-rate and second-rate powers would definitely be corroded by the influence of the Decimating Abyss Organization.

From Yan Zhaoge’s perspective, he actually felt that it was perfectly natural for these first and second-rate powers to harbor such feelings.

Martial practitioners, even more than ordinary people, would have strong feelings of pride and arrogance.

Martial practitioners like the original shameless and cowardly Liu Shengfeng were a far smaller minority.

For martial practitioners who attained a certain degree of success, how many would be willing to settle for a life of mediocrity

When their own strength became insufficient, and they recognized the reality of things, those who were willing to swear allegiance to another power for a lifetime were in the minority.

The difficulty of pressing on with only their own ability meant that seeking the help of external forces was also perfectly understandable.

However, the external force they turned to had to be scrutinized.

For example, turning to existences like the Nine Underworlds or the Flame Devils would be absolutely taboo.

The majority of cultivators, regardless of their scheming and planning to rise, would reject the Nine Underworlds and the Flame Devils.

After all, these were foreign powers that ate humans, drank human blood, and hoped to wipe out the human race.

The devils also completely deviated from the human race, in addition to being the sworn public enemies of all humanity.

Throwing in with their lot was something most people would reject.

However, there would always be a small number of people who would be able to ignore this and give in to the temptation.

A large portion of the Decimating Abyss Organization members were like this.

Compared to the violent and bloodthirsty Flame Devils, the Nine Underworlds Evil Devils were far more deceptive and also harder to guard against.

Even though Yan Zhaoge and Elder Jun were just chatting, they still had to discuss this subject.

Knowing that the remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain had thrown in their lot with the Decimating Abyss Organization and that they mostly existed in the Wind Domain, it was clear that there were storm clouds on the horizon.

“Uncle Jun still doesn’t intend to assume the mantle of Chief” Before Elder Jun left, Yan Zhaoge spoke in a calm and collected manner.

“Now that the situation is becoming chaotic, a strong leader at the helm will do much to protect the sect in the upcoming stormy waters.”

Hearing what was said, Jun Zhiyuan lightly frowned as he pondered the other’s words.

He had no desire to engage in a power struggle, but with regards to his Howling Wind Sword Sect, he felt great affection and concern.

As he was seeing Jun Zhiyuan off, Yan Zhaoge clasped his hands behind his back and looked off into the distance.

Jun Zhiyuan hesitated a moment as he rethought his previous decision, giving Yan Zhaoge peace of mind.

Rather, if Jun Zhiyuan had steadfastly persisted in his original decision, then Yan Zhaoge would truly be worried.

In fact, it could be said that if Jun Zhiyuan changed his mind and competed for the position of Chief, causing Elder Hong and Elder Bai to be worried, it would not upset Yan Zhaoge in the slightest.

Apart from receiving Elder Jun, Yan Zhaoge refused to admit any other visitors.

Besides Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei and the other experts from Broad Creed Mountain seemed to be peacefully relaxing.

In reality, they were closely monitoring every dip of the sandbank, every gust of wind, and every movement of the grass.

Bidding farewell to Elder Jun, Yan Zhaoge went into secluded cultivation again.

His goal in this time’s seclusion was to break through from the late stage Xiantian realm into Heavenly Connection realm.

Refining the body to the fullest, communicating with the heavens, and transcending mortality.

These three stages were respectively the pinnacles of the Body Refinement realm, Martial Scholar realm, and Martial Grandmaster realm.

These were the peaks, and also the boundaries of each realm.

This also meant that most martial practitioners would begin to make extensive preparations in order to prepare to cross over the incomparable gulf that separated the different realms.

Yan Zhaoge was now about to step onto the first peak and experience even greater sceneries.

Time flowed like water as the hustle and bustle outside filtered into the quiet of the room.

One night, Yan Zhaoge sat as usual with his eyes closed, almost as if he was going to sleep.

An illusory light rose from the top of his head and suddenly solidified into reality.

As Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, the dark and silent room suddenly lit up as if it was daytime.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge successfully stepped into the Heavenly Connection stage.

Showing a faint smile, Yan Zhaoge stood up and pushed open the door.

Coincidentally, Ah Hu just so happened to step into the courtyard at this time.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu froze a moment before cracking an enormous grin and laughing.

“Young Master, double happiness indeed.”


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