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HSSB295: You think that I cannot beat you


Seeing Zhu Qian with the look of bloodthirstily encountering a hated enemy, Yan Zhaoge could not help but be somewhat confused, “Huh”

Zhu Qian ignored even Hong Wen, rushing towards Yan Zhaoge.

Hong Wen, however, could not ignore him as he hurriedly drew his sabre and went forward to block him.

He executed the Eight Sceneries Spirit Sabre of the Eight Extreme Arts, aura-qi surging with infinite variations, subtle and intelligent as he had already mastered its essence profoundly.

Zhu Qian’s eyes were filled with a bloodred light as he said coldly, “You’re courting death.”

He also struck out with a sabre, but of another type of martial art, tough beyond compare, rampaging domineeringly.

It was the other sabre art of the Eight Extreme Arts, the Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre!

As the two sides met, Hong Wen’s sabre-qi instantly began shattering unceasingly.

The Chaotic Elements Uniting Blade was the toughest, sharpest art of the Eight Extreme Arts, and Zhu Qian’s cultivation base was also higher than Hong Wen’s.

At this moment, his sabre expanded, sabre-lights sweeping through the air one after another, like fierce, biting winds that could cleave off the peaks of mountains.

Hong Wen knew full well the gap between the cultivation bases of the two.

Also being extremely rich in combat experience, he did not fight Zhu Qian head-on, instead entangling with him unceasingly.

While he did not know if Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu could defeat Zhu Qian, the duo was clearly focusing on setting up the formation at this moment, unable to divide their attentions.

Right now, Hong Wen could only hope to hinder Zhu Qian from approaching them.

However, after falling to the dark side, Zhu Qian’s strength had risen a step further, brandishing his sabre in great motions, unceasingly hacking at him with the Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre.

Originally having enmity with Hong Wen, he was now even less inclined to show mercy as he was overfilling with killing intent, wanting to slay Hong Wen on the spot!

Within the formation, while Yan Zhaoge was mostly working on stimulating the ‘人’ character, he also let out a portion of his mind, focusing on the battle between Zhu Qian and Hong Wen.

Ah Hu said from the side, “Young Master, what exactly was that madman saying just now”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “I have some impression of it; he can be considered to be directly descended from Xin Dongping’s lineage.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips, “Able to cultivate in the Eight Extreme Arts, able to cultivate to become a Martial Grandmaster-the clan has also not treated him badly, isn’t it”

Seeing Hong Wen in danger, Yan Zhaoge slightly raised his voice, “The clan has indeed not ill-treated him, but this person is extremely narrow-minded.

Once, with a fellow disciple offending him, he intentionally caused trouble for him on a tempering mission, almost causing that fellow disciple to be heavily injured.”

“As the First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall, eldest apprentice uncle looked into this matter.

With the evidence definite, he took from him the chance to take the tests to rise from an elite disciple to a direct disciple.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Afterwards, similar situations continued as he committed the same offence time and time again, finally completely losing the chance to have a black border on his blue robe.”

Hearing his words, the Zhu Qian who was currently clashing with Hong Wen was instantly greatly enraged.

Hacking Hong Wen into retreat, he then pointed his sabre towards Yan Zhaoge.

“A bunch of nonsense; you also nearly killed that guy surnamed Ye in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, but why was it that not only were you not punished for it, you were also continuously rewarded afterwards It’s because you are Yan Di’s son, and Shi Tie and your father were both disciples of Yuan Zhengfeng!”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “I had the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony to prove my innocence, while there was definite evidence to show that you had definitely broken the clan’s rules.”

“If the two of us were treated the same following that, wouldn’t that then truly be taking the clan’s laws as a joke”

Zhu Qian’s eyes were bloodshot as he clenched his teeth, “Huh, it was definitely Shi Tie who covered for you, helping you to make a false testimony!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, shaking his head, “You can think however you like, but it won’t be as you say it is.

The truth is what it is.”

Sabre-light lit up within Zhu Qian’s hands as he suddenly hacked fiercely towards Yan Zhaoge, “Brat who distorts things, I’ll see what you say after I slaughter you!”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as the jade green hurricane spinning around him instantly sent Zhu Qian’s Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre awry, causing it to miss.

At this moment, the spinning of the hurricane was such that if one was not yet an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster, it would be hard for them to break through it.

While Zhu Qian had a low-grade spirit artifact on him, also being at the third level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, at the late Spirit Vessel stage, he was still unable to break through the obstruction of the hurricane and hurt Yan Zhaoge.

His yellowed eyes surged with bloodred light, his entire person seemingly even more frenzied.

The power of the spirit artifact sabre within his hands increased a step further, sabre-light shining as it attempted to forcibly break through the jade green hurricane.

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at this scene.

“Killing me-it seems like you cannot do it.”

The more composed Yan Zhaoge’s expression, the more enraged Zhu Qian felt.

However, seeing that he was truly unable to break through the obstruction of the jade green hurricane, while killing intent filled his heart, his head instead cooled a bit.

He said coldly, “If you shrink back in that tortoise shell of yours, I will get rid of all the others first.”

Zhu Qian swivelled his head, roaring severely, “Kill everyone in this city.

Do not leave a single one!”

With the other people who had come with him currently engaged in battle with Hong Wen and the others, Zhu Qian prepared to first retreat, himself doing the deed.

However, now, he suddenly realised that he had actually also been sucked in place by that jade green hurricane, unable to extricate himself!

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “That’s why I say that many a times, it is not like however you think matters are, that is the actual truth of the situation.”

The jade green hurricane expanded, already having Zhu Qian completely trapped, only able to proceed forward, not able to retreat.

Zhu Qian’s viciousness had been utterly stimulated as he howled madly, continuing to rush towards Yan Zhaoge.

However, that jade green hurricane resembled chains, also becoming tighter and tighter, obstructing Zhu Qian’s movements.

Zhu Qian was greatly angered, yet was completely helpless against it.

Until he suddenly discovered that the jade green hurricane before him had gradually turned to gold.

Meanwhile, that rune beneath Yan Zhaoge’s feet had also turned from pure white to gold.

Zhu Qian suddenly felt his entire body loosen, the hurricane that imprisoned him suddenly easing, expanding outwards.

While it still cut off his path of retreat, it prevented him from rushing towards Yan Zhaoge no longer.

He roared like a tiger, his Chaotic Elements Uniting Sabre that had accumulated an unquantifiable amount of his despondence hacking viciously towards Yan Zhaoge.

This sabre gave Zhu Qian a greatly relaxed feeling, as though having been stifled for so long, he had finally been released today, never having felt so comfortable as he currently did.

Zhu Qian could be certain that this sabre surpassed all his previous limits, being the strongest sabre that he had ever unleashed!

While he had long heard of Yan Zhaoge’s shocking strength, Zhu Qian did not believe that with his current unprecedented peak, he, at the late Spirit Vessel stage, could lose to someone of the early Spirit Vessel stage.

However, now, a jade light flashed before his eyes.

The Jade Dragon Sword in his right hand, with the Big Dipper Sword, Yan Zhaoge stably locked down Zhu Qian’s sabre.

At the same time, releasing the Flying Thunder Sabre on his left hand, Yan Zhaoge raised it, flicking his wrist!

A terrifying force that seemed able to overturn the very heavens descended towards Zhu Qian!

Heavenly Broad Creed Palm!

Zhu Qian raised his left hand, his entire body’s aura-qi surging to block this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s.

However, not waiting for him to recover, Yan Zhaoge executed the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm with Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, immediately exerting force a second time!

The terrifying force directly crushed Zhu Qian!

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Do you think that the hurricane was blocking the path just now because I felt I could not beat you”


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