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HSSB301: Carrying the coffin, returning to Broad Creed Mountain!


In the city where the ‘人’character was, Yan Zhaoge stood on the rune, his eyes closed.

Within the dark space of the grand formation of white light, Yan Zhaoge’s position included, two golden dots of light were already shining.

There was only the dot of light where the heaven position was that had yet to light up.

Yan Zhaoge waited patiently, but just at this moment, his heart suddenly moved slightly.

Opening his eyes, Yan Zhaoge lowered his head, seeing that the devilish mark on the back of his left hand that had originally already been about to completely disperse had suddenly intensified greatly!

“Eldest apprentice-uncle!” Yan Zhaoge’s heart skipped a beat.

The devilish mark having intensified was not because of the Nine Underworlds, rather being that Shi Tie, having sealed the Nine Underworlds together with him back then, had met with a mishap.

Just at this time, Yan Zhaoge felt the Clear Qi Grand Formation circulate mightily.

Within the consciousness of his mind, within the grand formation of white light, the third dot of light finally lit up!

The heaven position was finally established!

With heaven, earth and position taking up their places, together exerting pressure on the Clear Qi Grand Formation, the Clear Qi Grand Formation shook intensely!

In the air above Broad Creed Mountain as their centre, a great amount of spirit patterns lit up, extending and expanding unceasingly in all directions.

The sky seemed to have turned illusory once more, resembling a painting scroll as it distorted violently.

Forcibly suppressing the worry within his heart, Yan Zhaoge combined his palms before abruptly splitting them apart and slamming out simultaneously, one up, one down.

One palm towards the heavens, and one palm towards the ground.

Controlled by Yan Zhaoge, the spiritual qi flow of the Clear Qi Grand Formation suddenly changed direction.

Still in a great battle with Yan Di in the foreign dimension above Broad Creed Mountain, Xin Dongping immediately detected that something was wrong.

Within his pupils and on his palms-a total of four runes shattered together!

However hard Xin Dongping tried to stop this, the control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation left him at this moment!

Within the city, Yan Zhaoge let out a long roar, putting his palms, one above, one below, back together again.

Under the power of the heaven, human and earth characters, the shaken Clear Qi Grand Formation within the air instantly resumed normalcy.

Yan Zhaoge first sent the power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation over to where the ‘天’ character was, but was unable to succeed.

Drawing the power of the grand formation and wielding it, one either had to be sufficiently proficient in formations or had to have a sufficiently deep cultivation base.

Xu Fei and Ying Longtu did not satisfy both these conditions.

Where the ‘天’ character was, only Shi Tie could bear this responsibility.

But now, he was unable to send the power of the grand formation there…

Yan Zhaoge pressed his lips tightly, “Something really has happened to eldest-apprentice uncle.”

Hearing this, Ah Hu was shocked, “Young Master, you say that Elder Shi…”

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, not speaking.

His combined palms split up once more, one clenching into a fist, the other extending its index finger, tapping on the pupil of his left eye.

Within the pupil of his left eye, innumerable profound, complicated spirit patterns instantly surfaced, together forming a Clear Qi Grand Formation that seemed to have been shrunk countless times in scale.

Yan Zhaoge clenched his fist, punching out, his fist-intent surging.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation within his pupils instantly transformed into light, completely entering the depths of his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes again, silent for a moment before he opened them once more.

As he did so, his left eye erupted with a dazzling white light, three bright golden dots strikingly visible within.

“Rise!” Grabbing Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge strode out.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation within the sky lit up, resembling a great heavenly passage as it led Yan Zhaoge in speeding along on his way, his speed completely not inferior to that of peak Martial Grandmaster experts in the least.

Yan Zhaoge travelled amongst the spirit patterns as though travelling through space, speeding along the horizon as he hurried over in the direction of the lone peak where the ‘天’ character was.

The tall mountain peak that soared into the clouds appeared within his vision.

His gaze falling, Yan Zhaoge discovered that a distance away from it, a vast desert had appeared all of a sudden.

Within the desert, a figure stood tall.

Landing there with Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge saw Xu Fei and Ying Longtu both kneeling before that figure that resembled a statue of bronze.

Seeing that figure, Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes, raising his head, unable to speak.

That firm and unbending, strict but just First Seat of Broad Creed Mountain’s Disciplinary Hall.

That Iron Lion King who had no mind for power and authority, bravely standing at the forefront.

That eldest apprentice-uncle of few words, cold on the outside but warm on the inside…

For Broad Creed Mountain, he had battled to the final moment, spilling up till his final drop of blood, before leaving all of them for good.

“Let’s, quickly get back to assist the clan,” Xu Fei stood up, the tough man’s eyes fierce though slightly red, his voice gradually stabilising and ceasing to tremble, “We finally got back control of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, but we still can’t ease down.

We have to completely defeat the enemy.”

Saying thus, Xu Fei’s gaze dimmed somewhat, “Sadly, Master cannot personally witness this.”

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, “He can!”

He swivelled his head to look at Xu Fei, “Where is the Shadow Shrinking Pouch that eldest apprentice-uncle got from senior apprentice-brother Shi Songtao”

Xu Fei’s gaze lit up.

Shi Tie’s belongings had all been kept by him.

He took out the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, opening it.

Three transparent ice coffins were visible within, two containing the bodies of Ying Yuzhen and Shi Jun.

Receiving that empty ice coffin from Xu Fei’s hands, Yan Zhaoge removed its lid.

Carrying Shi Tie’s body that was on the verge of shattering, Xu Fei placed it within the ice coffin.

Yan Zhaoge placed the lid back on, his lips pressed tightly as he looked at Shi Tie’s body within the transparent coffin.

Looking at his young master, Ah Hu felt as though he was facing a volcano that might erupt at any moment.

Yan Zhaoge raised the coffin, bearing it on his own shoulder.

“Let’s return!” Yan Zhaoge said quietly.

He punched forward, the Clear Qi Grand Formation descending with spirit patterns, as though forming a path.

Yan Zhaoge bore the ice coffin, striding ahead.

The other three followed behind him, following him back towards Broad Creed Mountain.

Currently, conflict was still ongoing on Broad Creed Mountain, both sides still in a heated battle.

Everyone could not get their heads around why a change had happened to the Clear Qi Grand Formation once more, being rather doubtful at this.

However, not long after, in the distant sky, radiance shone as a path extended across the horizon, leading all the way back to Broad Creed Mountain!

As everyone gazed over, they saw a person striding ahead, carrying a transparent ice coffin on his shoulder, walking towards Broad Creed Mountain.

The one carrying the coffin was the most outstanding genius of Broad Creed Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge.

Within the ice coffin lay a peaceful person.

The Iron Lion King, Shi Tie.

Countless spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation flickered, a mournful cry seemingly resounding between the heavens and the earth.

At this time, someone on Broad Creed Mountain roared furiously, “Shi Tie! Yan Zhaoge!”

It was Elder Liu, who had planned to draw the power of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation in the Sand Region to induce the descent of the Nine Underworlds in the South Heaven Region previously.

When the Heaven Sealing Gorge had been broken through, he had escaped alongside Elder Wang.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and Shi Tie at this moment, his eyes were exceptionally bloodshot at the meeting of enemies!

“Shi Tie, you’re dead Good!” Looking at the ice coffin, Elder Liu burst into laughter.

Bearing the ice coffin on his right shoulder, Yan Zhaoge raised his head and gazed into the heavens, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, look over us.”

Saying thus, he struck out with his left palm!

A mighty boom resounded as the Clear Qi Grand Formation overhead circulated, its power merging with Yan Zhaoge’s Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, transforming into a massive heaven-covering hand, striking downwards!

Elder Liu sent out a palm to block, “Brat!”

All struggle was meaningless as the drifting spirit talismans shattered, the sea of flames born of the Tu**a Palm extinguished instantly.

Struck by Yan Zhaoge’s Heavenly Broad Creed Palm that utilised the power of the Clear Qi Grand Formation, Elder Liu was directly slammed into the ground!

Not even his bones remained!

Yan Zhaoge turned his gaze to all the invaders of Broad Creed Mountain, his gaze like fire, “All of you, become the base for my eldest apprentice-uncle’s coffin.”


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