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HSSB380: Yan Zhaoge cracks the situation


A tragic battle was currently proceeding in the air above East Dragon Island in the distance.

Looking at the chaos occurring there, Yan Zhaoge was unceasingly trying to think up a solution.

Ah Hu said a little frustratedly by the side, “There is already a Flame Devil King equivalent to a human expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm here, and there should definitely be more than one more over at the Outer East Sea.

Otherwise, the Painting Saint and the others would not be so hard pressed in dealing with them.”

“The Painting Saint is an expert of the old generation, and cannot be counted.

Actually, in our Eight Extremities World, there is only the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie in recent years who has appeared as an expert of the second level of the Martial Saint realm.”

“Comparatively speaking, the Flame Devils have recovered their vitality much too quickly.

After those consecutive great battles that year, while many experts of our Eight Extremities World fell, the Flame Devils also suffered tragic losses ah.”

Hearing Ah Hu’s grudging words, Yan Zhaoge casually answered, “It’s very normal.

Their innate gifts are just too great.

Having bodies of the essence of fire since birth, their initial stages of cultivation are therefore very quickly achieved.”

“All along, the Flame Devils have had more experts at the Martial Grandmaster equivalent than us, and not just by a little bit.”

“Although whether it is our human martial practitioners attempting a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm or the Flame Devils attempting a breakthrough into the Flame Devil King realm, the difficulty in doing so is also immense, their quantity is just too great.

At the same level of difficulty, the Flame Devils would naturally produce more Martial Saints than us.”

“This is also under the situation of the internal conflicts between the Flame Devils being rather serious.

Otherwise, it would be even more exaggerated.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “The Flame Devils have a huge flaw by birth, being rash and easily enraged, vicious and war-loving, very easily losing their rationality.

However, the heavens have also compensated them for that.”

Ah Hu said as though his teeth hurt, “If only there was a chance to decimate those Flame Devils at the level of Martial Scholars and Martial Grandmasters in great number.”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “If we can take the initiative to attack, why would we be happy to passively take beatings Sadly, regarding counterattacking into the Flame Devil World, that place is filled with the essence of flames and the qi of destruction, the home ground advantage of the Flame Devils reaching an incomparably shocking level.

All of them being stronger by a level is also a conservative estimate.”

Ah Hu also knew about this situation.

As he thought of it, the pained expression on his face intensified.

Intense power fluctuations suddenly emanated from the distance, as though a violent earthquake was occurring beneath the sea.

Yan Zhaoge gazed into the distance, seeing that a massive tide that surged to the heavens had appeared, forming a terrifying tsunami, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth as it surged over towards him from the direction of East Dragon Island!

The wild, violent tide moved over such a great distance, yet its momentum did not decrease in the slightest as it was terrifying to the extreme.

The East Inner Sea was divided into four regions of sea, including that of Jade Sea City and Long Ocean City.

At this moment, this terrifying tsunami affected the entire region of sea about Jade Sea City, even extending over to Long Ocean City and the other regions of sea.

Yan Zhaoge avoided the tsunami together with Ah Hu and Pan-Pa, his gaze still directed towards East Dragon Island as he muttered to himself, “The Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation is about to break.”

He shook his head, “Jade Sea City’s guardian grand formation after all not being aligned with my Grand Master, they can only fight their individual battles.

If those Flame Devil Kings cannot do anything to Grand Master and switch to attacking the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation instead, Grand Master would also be hard pressed to provide assistance.”

Ah Hu’s face was filled with worry, “What I’m afraid of is them intentionally leaving behind a weakened Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation in other to engage the attention of the old Chief.”

With the Flame Devil Kings keeping their eyes on the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation, if Yuan Zhengfeng wanted to secure it, he would naturally lose the initiative.

One side wanting to destroy and the other wanting to protect-the former would definitely hold the initiative.

If the protecting party was too focused on protecting, he might reveal a flaw in his defences, thereby giving the opposing side a chance.

Yan Zhaoge said, “The Flame Devils will definitely do that.

Even if they have lost their rationality, their combat instincts will also spur them to choose such a method of battle that is more beneficial to them.”

“However, there is no need to worry for Grand Master on this matter.

Grand Master is old and experienced, and knows how he should deal with it.

Even if he has the intention of protecting Jade Sea City, he will only do so first having made sure that he does not reveal any flaws in himself.”

If Yuan Zhengfeng himself first made a mistake and revealed a flaw, the overall battle situation would entirely be lost.

Yan Zhaoge focused on East Dragon Island, “The key is Jade Sea City’s City Lord Song Wuliang, still yet to emerge from seclusion even now…”

He pondered for a moment before swivelling his head to look at Ah Hu and Pan-Pan, “The two of you first leave this region of sea.

Long Ocean City may similarly become a main battlefield; don’t go there as well.

Go somewhere else.”

Ah Hu’s hairs stood on end, “Young Master, it can’t be that you are intending to return to East Dragon Island”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right.

I am of the mind to return and see how to crack this critical situation of Jade Sea City.”

Ah Hu said rather worriedly, “Young Master, a huge battle involving Martial Saint level experts is happening there now.

How can you approach”

Purplish-green light flashed within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as he turned to gaze in the direction of somewhere even more to the east than Long Ocean City, “I will ask a Martial Saint expert to get me in.”

Ah Hu also looked over.

He saw that amidst the clouds of the horizon, a cool breeze was currently heading westwards, speeding over in the direction of Jade Sea City.

The flowing clouds turned illusory, revealing multiple scenes, thousands upon thousands of variations.

The cloud layer instantly arrived overhead, enveloping the entire surrounding heavens and earth.

“Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord An” Ah Hu realised.

Yan Zhaoge said, “While Pavilion Lord An is injured, she is still a Martial Saint.

She should at least still be able to get me into Jade Sea City.”

He let out a long roar towards the heavens.

The cloud layer overhead did not halt, but a white cloud descended, sweeping him up.

“First leave this region of sea, waiting until the situation has become clear before doing anything further,” Yan Zhaoge let himself be swept along as he simultaneously instructed Ah Hu and Pan-Pan.

Ah Hu and Pan-Pan looked on with worried faces as Yan Zhaoge was swept into the skies along with the clouds, instantly vanishing far into the distance.

Amidst the layer of clouds, a rather tall, ordinary-looking middle-aged woman appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

It was precisely the Pavilion Lord of Turbid Wave Pavilion, the Roiling Cloud Martial Saint An Qinglin.

An Qinglin appeared no different from usual, but she said quietly, “The Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Shen Li, has arrived to assist over at the Outer East Sea.

Being injured, having come here to Jade Sea City this time, I can only do what I can, helping to bear some of the burden for the Heaven Equalling Saint.

In having specially appeared now, do you have some unique plan”

After having accomplished multiple legendary feats, even An Qinglin, a bigwig of the Eight Extremities World, now saw Yan Zhaoge in a different light.

At the very least, she was willing to listen to Yan Zhaoge’s opinion, rather than instinctively feeling that the current situation was not something that Yan Zhaoge, as a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, might be of any use in.

Yan Zhaoge replied, “I am unable to directly partake in the battle against the Flame Devil Kings, but I wish for Pavilion Lord An to send me onto East Dragon Island, to Jade Sea City.

Perhaps there is a plan that might work.”

An Qinglin did not waste time on words, soaring with the clouds as they very quickly arrived in the air above East Dragon Island.

When she was still a distance away from them, the battling parties had already noticed her arrival.

Yuan Zhengfeng was naturally rejuvenated, while the Flame Devils raised their guard.

A Flame Devil King immediately came over, wanting to obstruct An Qinglin.

An Qinglin did not rush to exchange blows with that Flame Devil King as the cloud layer speedily descended, directly arriving just above the sea’s surface.

A white cloud instantly penetrated through the depths of the sea, sending Yan Zhaoge shooting straight towards Jade Sea City.


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