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HSSB817: So you are Yan Zhaoge


“Might this be Fu Ting”  Feng Yunsheng sent to Yan Zhaoge via sound transmission.

As a female herself, she too had been dazzled by the other party.

Still, like Yan Zhaoge, what she was more concerned about was how her Cold Sun Divine Sabre had buzzed secretly upon first meeting this girl.

This told Feng Yunsheng that the other party’s strength could definitely not be evaluated according to that of usual third level Martial Saints experts.

Yan Zhaoge answered, “It is likely so.

Still, not having seen her and the others make a move, I am unable to determine the source of their martial arts.”

During his period of stay at Golden Court Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had naturally inquired on some information regarding the current peak experts of the World beyond Worlds from Mu Jun, Chen Zhiliang and the others such that he could know his enemy as he knew himself.

In the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, the southern Blazing Heavenly Territory that he had offended was naturally something that he had to get a clear understanding of.

Other than that, Yan Zhaoge was naturally also interested in the lofty Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors as well as new Kunlun Mountain in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Mu Jun, Chen Zhiliang and the others naturally knew limited things about matters of that level, while it would naturally be impolite for him to directly look for the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie to ask about it.

Still, although limited, Yan Zhaoge’s group had basically already gotten a grasp of the situation.

Mu Jun was still an extremely knowledgeable person.

In the current World beyond Worlds, of the elites and Heaven’s favoured of the younger generation, there was a name that Mu Jun had repeatedly mentioned.

‘Grand Red Lotus’, Fu Ting.

With the exception of Yan Zhaoge, Mu Jun knew of no other person who had Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood at a young age who had been faster than Fu Ting.

Although she was female, she had experienced countless battles both big and small and never tasted a single defeat.

She virtually surpassed all others of a similar age as her and even experts of the same cultivation level who were much older than her.

Her great strength had crushed innumerable people who were acclaimed as ultimate geniuses as she was hailed the cream of the crop of the cream of the crop.

When still in the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm, she had already been able to surpass levels and defeat Martial Saint experts.

This was an unparalleled genius who presided over all others of the same generation not simply in a certain land or a certain territory but in the entire World beyond Worlds.

According to Mu Jun, this girl was even an all-rounded genius.

Her shocking martial talent and great prowess on the battlefield aside, she was skilled in formations, alchemy and artifact forging as well.

Word was that this Fu Ting also had some attainments in the rearing of spirit beasts.

Simply put, this was a genius who was able to perform well in whatever she tried to do.

Even atop such a foundation, her appearance was outstandingly top-tier as well.

For those of the same generation as her, such a person was as hateful as Xiao Ming who lived next door to you who always scored twenty more marks than you in your tests.

She had suppressed countless geniuses into seeming utterly lustreless all on her own.

People who were usually acclaimed as heaven-defying geniuses would generally instantly appear perfectly ordinary and innocuous when compared to her.

An easy example of this was the two Seeing Divinity Martial Saints currently standing beside her.

While Yan Zhaoge felt that Fu Ting could stably defeat them, this did not mean he felt them weak.

On the contrary, these two early Seeing Divinity Martial Saints were very powerful.

They were true experts whose martial prowess at the same cultivation level surpassed the likes of Cheng Song and Zhang Chao.

They should be of the same lineage as Fu Ting, cultivating in the same supreme martial arts as they possessed outstanding power, being elites amongst those of the same cultivation level.

In truth, having been able to attain the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm itself already entailed their extraordinariness, signifying that they were supreme geniuses who surpassed countless others of the same generation.

Yet, standing before Fu Ting who was a third level Martial Saint, these two peoples’ auras still paled in comparison.

Ah Hu’s voice was a bit hollow now, “If it’s Fu Ting, doesn’t it mean that…”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Daughter of the Brocade Emperor.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips.

In the World beyond Worlds, the Ten Exalts reigned over the various territories.

Above the Ten Exalts existed the Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors, located at new Kunlun Mountain of the central Jun Heaven Territory, the true core of the World beyond Worlds and the basis of this world.

The Brocade Emperor, also known as the Embroidered Brocade Emperor, was one of the current Five Emperors and an authoritative hegemon of the World beyond Worlds.

The ‘Grand Red Lotus’ Fu Ting was his only daughter.

The Brocade Emperor had given birth to this daughter at quite an old age, therefore doting on her especially greatly.

Meanwhile, Fu Ting had clearly done her father proud in return.

In Mu Jun’s words, before having met Yan Zhaoge, he had never seen a greater genius than Fu Ting.

Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

While they mostly took disciples, not all of them had actual descendants of their own.

As soon as one of them was born, they would immediately be paid attention to by countless people.

Meanwhile, these offspring of great lineages possessed a powerful foundation by birth, cultivating in supreme martial arts and receiving abundant resources.

When provided with good tutelage, basically all of them were able to become metaphorical dragons and phoenixes.

While they might not be all that great in terms of character, in terms of strength, there were many who had expanded on their talents and accomplished much.

The son of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen, the ‘Phoenix Prince’ Zhuang Chaohui, was a classic example of this.

Disregarding his character and that extremely stubborn way of fighting, as a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, he was able to challenge early Immortal Bridge Martial Saints whilst bare-handed.

The difficulty of such was much higher than third level Martial Saints surpassing levels to battle fourth level Martial Saints.

Of all the martial practitioners whom Yan Zhaoge had met in person in the World beyond Worlds before, excluding the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie whom he could not easily see through, Zhuang Chaohui might be the one who had the strongest martial prowess at the same cultivation level.

At the same cultivation level, there was only the Shadow Mountain Sword King Lin Hanhua who might be able to face him in battle.

Of everyone else, Kang Ping could give it a try, although he should still be somewhat inferior.

However, in the World beyond Worlds, virtually everyone agreed that Fu Ting was superior to Zhuang Chaohui at the same cultivation level.

When talking about this, Mu Jun had retracted his smile slightly, saying very earnestly, “If things do not take an unexpected turn, Fu Ting will definitely become another Female Emperor in the future.”

The Female Emperor was another one of the Five Emperors alongside Fu Ting’s father, the Brocade Emperor.

This was basically accepted by the whole of the World beyond Worlds, being a culmination of their expectations towards her.

Even the three Sovereigns had expressly paid attention to Fu Ting before.

Therefore, with such a young female expert having appeared before them, the first person whom Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu thought of was none other than Fu Ting.

And it turned out that the truth was just as they had thought.

“I am Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff’s Fu Ting.

I wonder how I should address you Which world do you hail from” The girl in red clothes and a white dress came over from afar and asked.

Fu Ting’s companions followed her over as well, returning to the vicinity of the pagoda.

Fu Ting focused her gaze on Yan Zhaoge.

Just like her, while Yan Zhaoge was not intentionally broadcasting his aura, he was not concealing it as well.

As a result, it had become very easy for others to view his cultivation base as well as his actual age.

Viewing these two, even Fu Ting and the others of Ingenious Flying Peak felt shocked at the sight.

Without having actually clashed, Yan Zhaoge’s actual strength could not easily be determined.

Still, Fu Ting vaguely had the feeling that this man here was the same type of person as her.

“Is it his actual age Or has it been falsified via some means” Fu Ting thought, “If it is his actual age, it is impossible for me to not know that a figure like this had surfaced in the World beyond Worlds.”

Unless he was not a person of the World beyond Worlds in the first place.

It would be tough indeed for the lower worlds to produce such an unrivalled figure.

Could it be…Prime Clear lineage

This was the first thought that surfaced in Fu Ting’s mind.

Still, she quickly recalled something else after a moment.

Yan Zhaoge now laughed lightly, “I am surnamed Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

I have mainly been active in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory of the World beyond Worlds over this period of time.”

Fu Ting raised her brows slightly, “You are Yan Zhaoge”


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