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HSSB84: Life is like a stage, fully dependent on one’s acting skills!


Watching the Ah Hu who appeared as though he had bitten his tongue, Yan Zhaoge laughed, shaking his head, “What are you so tensed up about”

“You just need to report the information we currently have on hand as well as my conjecture.

The final plan as well as decision-we can just wait for their notification.”

“If they want to start a big show, we’ll just continue acting the rest of it out.”

“If they want to be conservative, we’ll just immediately hide wherever’s safe.

After all, this isn’t the Fire Domain.

Even if the Sacred Sun Clan’s people want to dig a few metres deep into the ground in order to search us out, it also won’t be that easy.”

Listening to Yan Zhaoge’s words, Ah Hu grimaced as though his teeth hurt a little, “Young Master, we’re really playing a little too big this time.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be something that someone at our level could stick a hand in.”

“If we are even slightly careless, even if the general victory goes to our Broad Creed Mountain, you yourself could also be sacrificed in the process.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Whether or not the effort is worth it, depends on whether or not the potential gains are huge enough.”

Retracting his smile, he said slowly, “No matter how many times he comes, I would also slaughter that Xiao Shen, never ever going soft on him.”

“However, in terms of the clan’s overall power, we are indeed a step behind the Sacred Sun Clan.

If we don’t think of a way to make up for this gap and just go on as usual, we would be lagging behind with every step.”

“After all, the Sacred Sun Clan is also progressing, and will not just stand still waiting for us.

Conversely, they will make use of their lead to try to weaken us as much as possible.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Ah Hu, “It is actually you who shouldn’t take the risk with me, lest you be inadvertently harmed in the process.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “I’ll definitely be following you, Young Master.”

“Anyway, if there were to be no one at all by your side, that would be too abnormal.”

“Our immediately leaving the Spirit Wind Canyon could still be attributed to us being concerned about the situation over at the Eastern Tang; our enemy might not suspect anything.

However, if you move alone, they will immediately know that their plan has already been exposed.

Yan Zhaoge patted his shoulders, “Go and relay the news first; we’ll make further plans then.”

Ah Hu nodded, “Yes, Young Master.”

The group from Broad Creed Mountain moved stealthily, making many twists and turns to avoid the notice of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners.

The Sacred Sun Clan mostly had a clear idea of whatever industries their side possessed in the Eastern Tang.

Now, there was strict monitoring going on everywhere, especially on the road back to Jingyang City.

However, Broad Creed Mountain had after all operated here for many years, also possessing the support of the King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Shicheng.

A few secret industries as well as gathering points were something that the Sacred Sun Clan was not privy to.

As Yan Zhaoge had thought, if they devoted all their efforts to hiding in the Heaven Domain, the Sacred Sun Clan would be hard-pressed to find them within a short period of time.

This was unless the Eastern Tang completely fell under their control, allowing them to completely search through the entire area with the patience of plowing land.

A few days later, Xu Chuan came to find Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master Yan, King Zhao and the others went to Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie’s fief!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Good move.”

“Our concealing ourselves and not returning to Jingyang City could still be understood, but as the head of a kingdom, if Uncle Zhao did not return to his own capital, it would inevitably raise suspicion.”

“However, if he instead made a trip to Zhao Shilie’s fief, going there and back, he would have bought much time cleanly and without leaving any traces behind.”

“Zhao Shilie was injured by Uncle, his connection with the Jingyang Grand Formation completely severed.”

“Without the Jingyang Grand Formation, remaining in Jingyang City would be like waiting for Uncle to come back, close the doors and beat the dog.

His only option would be to retreat to his own fief and wait for an opportunity to arise once more-awaiting that moment when the battle between the East Rising Lord and Elder Qin is finally decided.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “The Sacred Sun Clan must have supported Zhao Shilie with a considerable amount of resources.”

“Uncle raiding his old nest and getting whatever he requires from it, he would then be able to use it to fix whatever was damaged.”

Hearing his words, Xu Chuan nodded, “Having failed to obtain the Jingyang Grand Formation, the role that Zhao Shilie will be able to play in this war has fallen to a very limited one.”

“The Sacred Sun Clan’s peak experts having their fair share of problems to deal with, they most likely don’t have the time to care about him.

Zhao Shilie can only hole up and peacefully await the moment where everything has been settled before emerging once again.”

“If the East Rising Lord and the other experts of the Sacred Sun Clan obtain victory, Jingyang City would still find it hard to defend itself.

Zhao Shilie could naturally then rise back up behind the East Rising Lord and the others.”

“If the East Rising Lord’s side is defeated, Zhao Shilie will decisively retreat into the Fire Domain, requesting the protection of the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Xu Chuan looked at Yan Zhaoge somewhat hesitantly, “However, if as Young Master Yan predicted, the Sacred Sun Clan has experts other than what we had predicted earlier lying hidden in wait, also having some sort of scheme, over at Zhao Shilie’s fief…”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “They already don’t see anything in Zhao Shilie’s bunch.”

“Moreover…” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “Moreover, I having killed Xiao Shen, their primary target should now be me.”

Saying thus, he turned to look at Xu Chuan, “I have troubled Elder Xu and my fellow Broad Creed Mountain disciples in accompanying me in taking this risk.”

Xu Chuan smiled, “Young Master Yan is being too serious; I believe that Young Master Yan will definitely prosper despite facing danger.”

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him, “Why do you say that”

Xu Chuan sent over a sound transmission, “While the Sacred Sun Clan has experts present, Young Master Yan should also have something that you are leaning on, isn’t it”

“Young Master Yan killing Xiao Shen should only have been an accident; perhaps the original target you were aiming for wasn’t the Sacred Sun Clan.

I suspect that it’s…”

Xu Chuan’s finger traced out a ‘Yan’ character in the air[1].

Yan Zhaoge slowly shook his head, “This matter concerns some confidential information; even I myself am not too sure on the exact details of the situation.”

“However, you had best not be too optimistic.

Travelling together with me, the situation that you lot will face might very possibly be worse than the worst case scenario you have pictured.”

Hearing his words, Xu Chuan was slightly taken aback.

However, he didn’t go further to question Yan Zhaoge, instead answering with a stern expression on his face, “As one of the clan’s Acting Elders in the Eastern Tang, with outside enemies having invaded, I am duty-bound to stand on the frontlines.

Even if I die as a result, it would be because it was in my fate to face this tribulation.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “While it is said that way, sometimes, when temporarily giving up would be a wise choice, the sin of not having battled should not be pursued.”

“As for me, I was born in Broad Creed Mountain, my father being one of the most important Elders of the clan.

I share the clan’s honour and glory and have enjoyed the clan’s resources as well as granted privileges, with the clan protecting me from the wind and the rain.”

“Thus, when I am required to stand out to do something for the clan, I definitely won’t shrink back.”

“Dying pointlessly in doing something with no value at all is something that I definitely won’t do.

However, taking risks-I’m fine with that.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Xu Chuan, “However, the lot of you have no need to accompany me in doing so.”

Xu Chuan answered solemnly, “Young Master Yan can rest easy.

I know the rules.

What shouldn’t be asked, I won’t question.”

“As for the others, whether or not they are willing, I will also not force them.

At the same time, I will also make the appropriate preparations, guaranteeing that no suspicions will be raised.”

“As long as I don’t end up being a burden instead, I myself, am willing to take this risk alongside Young Master Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You definitely won’t be a burden, Elder Xu.

As a Xiantian Martial Scholar, your cultivation base is even stronger than mine.”

“However, the crux of the matter this time doesn’t lie with the level of our cultivation bases,” Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the distance, saying in a light tone, “The crux of the matter this time lies with keeping an accurate grasp on information, as well as the concealing of our true goal.”

“Life is like a stage, fully dependent on one’s acting skills ah!”

The last two sentences were said softly and in an obscured manner.

Xu Chuan was unable to hear it clearly, as he could only look towards Yan Zhaoge with a blur expression on his face.



[1] Yan Xu’s ‘Yan’


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