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HSSB841: Knocking out and kidnapping


Yan Zhaoge had witnessed a similar situation in the Eight Extremities World a long time ago.

It had been a man named Ouyang Qi who had looked just like Sikong Qing dressed up as a man.

However, he had indeed been an actual male.

With this precedent, Yan Zhaoge knew that these people who looked similar to Sikong Qing were not just limited to females alone.

There could be males as well.

Looking at the other party, Yan Zhaoge appraised him all over.

This person’s age should be similar to that of Yue Baoqi of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea’s North Sea Sword Pavilion.

That his cultivation base was superior to hers was probably because they hailed from different sects.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on this guy’s clothes.

He wore green clothes with an emblem of an ancient tree of nine branches stitched onto his sleeve.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed at this emblem, that ancient tree of nine branches instantly seemed to become real, green leaves swaying amidst the wind.

That person did not take notice of this because it was not just Yan Zhaoge who was paying attention to that emblem.

Many people were inevitably unable to keep from glancing at this emblem as they passed by, be it intentional or not.

This one emblem entailed a specific status within the region of the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

A personal disciple of the Eastern Exalt’s dao arena, Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale.

Most people dressed in such a manner were able to act however they wanted in the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

The emblem on the sleeve had the essence, qi and spirit of Clear Light Locale disciples integrated within alongside martial true intent personally transmitted by the Eastern Exalt.

Others would be hard pressed to imitate this.

Even if they wrested it over, they would not be able to easily wear it.

It was not just a symbol of their identities as Clear Light Locale disciples.

Their garb also differed according to their specific statuses.

Even though their clothes were not Sacred Artifacts or spirit artifacts, they possessed powerful defensive abilities as well as they were treasures that were hard to come by.

This was a secret art of Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale that everyone within the eastern Vast Heaven Territory recognised.

A personal disciple of the Eastern Exalt having suddenly appeared here, it was no wonder that he was the focus of everyone’s attention.

Yan Zhaoge had never come to the eastern Vast Heaven Territory before.

Still, from his casual chats with Mu Jun, Chen Zhiliang and the rest at Golden Court Mountain of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory previously, he recalled many unique aspects of their culture.

The eastern Vast Heaven Territory was a close neighbour to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

While Yan Zhaoge did not understand the unique traditions of the Clear Light Locale in detail, he too had heard about them before.

Seeing the way that this youth was dressed now, he could basically guess, “A personal disciple of the Eastern Exalt”

The Eastern Exalt was the sovereign of the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, being a figure on the same level as the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen.

As he thought of this bigwig, some scenes involuntarily surfaced in Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

Pillars of green qi suddenly appeared before congregating to form a massive divine tree that connected to the heavens above.

This divine tree seemed to pierce through the very universe as the aura emanating from within was far more majestic than that of ninth level Martial Saints, experts of the late Immortal Bridge stage.

The Western Exalt and the Eastern Exalt had both acted during their journey to the Dim Radiant Mausoleum back then.

It was just that they had been obstructed by the restrictions of the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, thus having lost their bearings as they had ultimately not ventured within.

While he had only showed up for a mere moment, Yan Zhaoge still had some impression of the Eastern Exalt’s abilities.

The profundities of the martial arts that he cultivated in and the abundance of the resources his disciples were entitled to naturally far surpassed that available to the North Sea Sword Pavilion.

It was hence no wonder that this person’s cultivation base was higher than that of Yue Baoqi who possessed a similar level of talent.

Subject to the gazes of many, this youth who looked the same as Sikong Qing paid them little heed as he left the city on his own.

Yan Zhaoge felt somewhat interested at this as he started secretly stalking him.

“Young Master, are we going to knock him out and kidnap him” Ah Hu asked with an excited look on his face.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “It would still be a bit better if we can communicate normally.”

Feng Yunsheng could not help but smile, “What you mean is that if we cannot communicate with him, you intend then to knock him out and kidnap him”

Yan Zhaoge said, “We’ll see.

He is a personal disciple of Clear Light Locale at the end of the day, this also being the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

We still don’t know if he has fellow disciples nearby.

If we really are to make a move, we first have to familiarise ourselves with the local environment and the situation here.”

Xiao Ai felt speechless, “Young Master is Young Master indeed.

Others would try to befriend Clear Light Locale disciples while in the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, but Young Master actually intends to kidnap them.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “The wound of the sky which leads to the Eight Extremities World is in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Forging a good relationship with Golden Court Mountain is necessary in order to solidify our foundations.”

“Now that we already have a base here, there is greater room for us to move about elsewhere.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Moreover, kidnapping is only the worst case scenario.

Who knows, we might hit it off on our first meeting Don’t you people talk like I already intend to abduct him now.”

While he too was a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint, the other party would not be able to easily detect Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone as they stalked him now.

The youth headed north, entering a large mountain range.

This mountain range was where the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory and the eastern Vast Heaven Territory intersected.

Yan Zhaoge followed him for some time longer, gradually slowing down as he could vaguely feel that there was more than just a single expert present up ahead.

While he did not fear them, if he advanced any further, he ran the risk of being discovered by them.

From their auras, these people should be disciples of the Eastern Exalt and descendants of Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale just like this youth whom he was stalking.

This youth who resembled Sikong Qing seemed to have been rushing over here to meet with them.

After congregating, they headed out once again, heading further into this mountain range.

Yan Zhaoge waited for the distance between them to increase before following after them.

They travelled on like this at a relatively slow pace.

Those people were not moving about in a straight line as they seemed to be searching for something.

While Yan Zhaoge felt curious, he was actually more interested in the mystery surrounding that young Martial Saint.

Just as Yan Zhaoge was about to directly show himself and try to establish proper communication with that group of people, he felt their pace clearly slowing down.

A moment later, Yan Zhaoge sensed fluctuations of a hole opening amidst space amongst the distant mountains up ahead.

These disciples of the Eastern Exalt seemed to have opened a dimensional passageway which led to some foreign dimension.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “Is it some secret realm It seems like these Clear Light Locale disciples have come looking for treasures”

He followed after them, preparing to directly show himself before conversing with them a little.

As he approached them, he found that this place was unordinary with the power of dimensions chaotic and haphazard and cold winds howling from the entrance of the dimensional passageway.

Affected by this, the sensory abilities of martial practitioners would drop greatly as they would only be able to rely on their most basic five senses to observe the world around them.

As a result, the Clear Light Locale martial practitioners guarding the entrance did not immediately spot Yan Zhaoge as they instead casually chatted amongst themselves without reservation.

“It has been some years since we found some traces of that Snow Crane.

Now that we have finally managed to discern her movements again with much difficulty, it would really be great if we could trap her here.”

As Yan Zhaoge heard the other party’s words, his pupils abruptly dilated as he stopped in his tracks.


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