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HSSB878: If you’re capable, come battle.

If you’re not, shut up.


Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane directly struck the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword out of Kang Ping’s hand before he tapped out with a sword towards Kang Ping’s throat.

A treasured light lit up on Kang Ping’s body, a robe at the mid-grade Sacred Artifact level manifesting as numerous sigils which formed a barrier that resembled rippling water, blocking the incoming attack.

While the rippling water seemed weak, its defensive power was not low as it was even mightier when worn by a powerful expert like Kang Ping.

However, as the dark green bamboo cane descended, the rippling water soundlessly shattered.

Not even a single ripple arose as a result.

The robe that Kang Ping wore was directly reduced to flowing light as it completely broke apart.

A mid-grade Sacred Artifact was completely extinguished by that single cane of Yan Zhaoge’s!

Yan Zhaoge asked nonchalantly, “How many other mid-grade Sacred Artifacts do you have”

Kang Ping uttered not a sound as he suddenly spun, his sword dao unleashed to the maximum as his sword-light enveloped Yan Zhaoge.

Where the radiance passed, Yan Zhaoge’s movements seemed to have slowed whereas Kang Ping’s speed abruptly rose.

He transformed into a streak of light, instantly arriving at Yan Zhaoge’s flank whereupon he substituted sword with finger, piercing straight towards Yan Zhaoge’s temple.

While the dark green bamboo cane was absolutely competent in striking Sacred Artifacts and treasures, its power was limited when striking an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint like him, being inferior to that of high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Kang Ping remained resolute as he was not discouraged, immediately calming down and launching a counterattack upon noticing this.

Even without the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword in hand, he was going to forcibly take down Yan Zhaoge with his strength as an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint that far surpassed the norm!

However, Yan Zhaoge substituted sword with bamboo cane, brandishing it with ease as red light flickered.

The sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword that enveloped him was instantly sliced apart.

Yan Zhaoge tapped lightly with his bamboo cane, sword tip against sword tip as the top of the bamboo cane accurately tapped down upon Kang Ping’s fingertip.

Red light flickered as that concept that extinguished space and time erupted, blood instantly splattering from Kang Ping’s middle and index fingers which resembled the blade of a sword!

Illuminated by the bloodied light, the crimson sword-light of the Immortal Trapping Sword grew increasingly brighter as well as piercingly sharp as it shot forward!

Following that, from the fingertip to the palm to the wrist to the arm to the shoulder, Kang Ping’s entire arm was shattered!

The splattering blood hovered amidst space, dispersing at an extremely low rate as space and time seemed to have slowed as if solidified.

Kang Ping emitted a muffled groan, toppling backwards.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Not a bad idea.

Still, you are not my match even fighting bare-handed.”

Now, the distant heavens and earth suddenly shook as boundless blurry radiance which resembled a mighty torrent of water rapidly extended over, instantly arriving.

“So you are Yan Zhaoge”

An ancient voice resounded.

It was none other than Kang Ping’s Grand Master, Shen Lingzi!

For fear that Lin Hanhua and the other Golden Court Mountain martial practitioners might suddenly intervene, he had originally been staying as backup, patrolling the Royal Reed Sea whilst being ready to reinforce the Spirit Inheritance Region or Kang Ping at any time as was necessary.

He believed that even though Yan Zhaoge had refined his acupoints to see Divinity and stepped into the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm as he also possessed the Extreme Yang Seal, he should still not be Kang Ping’s match.

After all, Kang Ping presided loftily over those of the same cultivation level as an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint as he was even qualified to try to surpass levels and battle those even stronger.

Even Shen Lingzi himself would not find it easy to defeat this descendant of his whom he thought most highly of at the same cultivation level.

Yet, never in Shen Lingzi’s wildest dreams would he have imagined Kang Ping actually seemingly about to perish to Yan Zhaoge’s sword like he was now!

Greatly shocked, Shen Lingzi hurriedly rushed over to save him.

He noticed the bamboo cane in Yan Zhaoge’s hand as well as the dim Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword that lay in a corner.

Thoughts rapidly moved through his head as he basically guessed what had happened.

Despite his shock and the urgency of the situation, Shen Lingzi still calmly abstained from using the Light Yin Sword Seal as he just relied on his own cultivation base, executing the Time Flowing Sword.

Even so, his terrifying strength which was comparable to that of a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint caused the heavens and the earth to seethe.

“Yan Zhaoge, wrecking my generation’s important matter and killing many of this old man’s descendants, you have been arrogant for long enough!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Some days ago, in coming to attack my Broad Creed Mountain’s headquarters, going to and fro however you liked, was it fun”

Facing that terrifying sword-light that enveloped the heavens and covered the earth, Yan Zhaoge chuckled coldly, infinite, all-encompassing brightness suddenly appearing above his head.

A great golden seal slowly rose into the air, its violent, authoritative aura making it seem as though the actual sun had truly descended into the human realm.

Golden sunlight simultaneously surged in both Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, resembling two great suns.

The powerful Extreme Yang Seal erupted with unprecedented radiance, striking towards Shen Lingzi.

With Yan Zhaoge wielding the Extreme Yang Seal at the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm, it was much more powerful in his hands now than when he controlled it via the Northern Ocean Clone!

While he was still unable to exert the full power of this high-grade Sacred Artifact, the power of the Extreme Yang Seal was itself already greater than the great majority of high-grade Sacred Artifacts!

This was a top existence amongst Sacred Artifacts that was sufficient to slay an expert like Shen Lingzi with a single strike at its peak.

Even while its power was not full exerted now, it was still fearsome to the extreme.

The golden sunlight collided with the all-encompassing sword-light, both seeming evenly matched.

Time flowed, seeking for the sun to set.

Golden light illuminated the area as the great sun seemed to hang eternally high within the sky.

Even with his current cultivation base, Yan Zhaoge was unable to wield the Extreme Yang Seal at this level of power for very long.

However, it was already sufficient for him to do other things.

Borrowing the Extreme Yang Seal to temporarily hinder Shen Lingzi, Yan Zhaoge tapped out with his finger, yin and yang intermingling and causality and effect shifting.

A portion of Shen Lingzi’s sword-light directly hacked over towards Kang Ping.

Even though Kang Ping too cultivated in the Time Flowing Sword, the sword-light now was sufficient to pose a lethal threat towards the heavily injured him.

Kang Ping’s expression changed as he hurriedly tried to evade.

However, gravely wounded, he could not outrun that sword-light.

Seeing this, Shen Lingzi frowned.

Finally, he took out the Light Yin Sword Seal, striking at the Extreme Yang Seal.

This high-grade Sacred Artifact of his had a unique ability.

People or things that it left a sealing mark on would be temporarily sealed, their power temporarily restricted.

Even a powerful existence like the Extreme Yang Seal would be sealed for an instant.

Shen Lingzi would only need that one instant.

However, Yan Zhaoge had long since been waiting for this as he raised his dark green bamboo cane, red light appearing.

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge had already arrived before Shen Lingzi, striking towards the Light Yin Sword Seal.

Shen Lingzi’s gaze flickered as he swiftly kept the Light Yin Sword Seal before immediately substituting sword with finger, stabbing towards Yan Zhaoge himself.

He was even faster than Kang Ping was.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s Immortal Trapping Sword was a perfect counter to his Time Flowing Sword.

Although Shen Lingzi was more powerful than him, he was still restricted by this.

After dispelling Shen Lingzi’s sword-light, Yan Zhaoge executed the Yin Yang Finger once more, directing a portion of it towards Kang Ping.

Kang Ping received this sword with great difficulty.

“You dare!” Shen Lingzi was infuriated as he utilised his full power, jolting the Extreme Yang Seal aside.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, “What dare I not”

He suddenly spun and sped towards Kang Ping!

The Immortal Ending Sword was connected to the profundities of time and space and even faster than the Time Flowing Sword.

Yan Zhaoge instantly arrived before Kang Ping!

“Those who kill can always themselves be killed.

This applies to everyone,” He stabbed out with a sword that penetrated straight through Kang Ping’s body, “It is the same for me, for your wife, for you as well.”

Kang Ping struggled, wanting to go all out as he put up his final show of resistance.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he raised his palm.

Shen Lingzi roared in rage, “Yan Zhaoge!”

“If you’re capable, come battle.

If you’re not, shut up,” Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended without the slightest hesitation whatsoever, shattering Kang Ping’s skull as blood fluids splattered everywhere!


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