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HSSB925: Feng Yunsheng’s friend


Gazing over from far away, that red lotus already occupied a vast majority of that region of space as its size could only be imagined.

Yan Zhaoge had heard Fu Ting mention before that this was actually Ingenious Flying Peak’s Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

The Brocade Emperor had refined numerous Unwilting Red Lotuses into a Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, thus having resulted in its current form.

It was worth mentioning that the rare treasure that Fu Ting was skilled in using, the Red Lotus Tribulation, originated from none other than those Unwilting Red Lotuses.

The Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel could be considered one of the symbols of Ingenious Flying Peak.

As the heavenly vessel had ceased to advance and hovered amidst the endless space of the universe, the pure qi of fire suffused the surrounding area, thereby manifesting the form of a red lotus with the divine vessel hidden within.

Streams of plain-coloured cloud qi wreathed the area, showing that there was an Ingenious Flying Peak expert who was well versed in the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body aboard that vessel.

Yan Zhaoge kept that jade talisman which resembled a red lotus whilst also flames, walking towards that colossal red lotus in the distance.

Currently, the upcoming battle between the two Emperors was already close at hand.

Quite a few martial practitioners of the World beyond Worlds had gathered in the vicinity to watch the commotion.

From the looks of it, the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd had no intention of clearing away the crowds from this place.

As Yan Zhaoge walked while observing the area, he was unable to identify the backgrounds of most people if they did not make a move.

Still, Yan Zhaoge now sensed that there was someone staring at him.

Looking over in the direction of that gaze, he saw a young, yellow-clothed girl who was currently in the midst of appraising him with wide eyes.

Despite seeing Yan Zhaoge gazing back over, while the girl looked rather awkward, she did not shift her gaze away as she continued looking at him.

A few people stood beside that yellow-clothed girl.

They seemed to be the seniors of her lineage.

These people all exuded powerful auras and mighty spirits.

They seemed to be no ordinary people.

One of them was a middle-aged man who could not be overlooked despite his ordinary appearance.

At first glance, Yan Zhaoge could virtually already be certain that he was even stronger than Chief Liu of the Jade Mountain Sect whom he had met earlier.

And not just by a little bit too!

That middle-aged man smiled apologetically at Yan Zhaoge before frowning as he glanced back at the yellow-clothed girl beside him, “Do not be rude, Yuluo.”

The yellow-clothed girl shrunk her head back but still did not retract her gaze as she muttered, “It should be that person of Broad Creed Mountain.”

The middle-aged man rebuked her gently, “Even so, you cannot keep staring at him so impolitely.”

“Oh…” The yellow-clothed girl pouted before saying, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, I want to ask him about Big Sister Feng’s matter.”

The middle-aged man said helplessly, “How can you just ask people things out of the blue”

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted as he walked over and smiled, asking, “Is something the matter Excuse me if I am wrong, but we seem never to have met before.”

“Are you the Solar Luminary Young Master Yan Zhaoge of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea’s Broad Creed Mountain” That middle-aged man now solemnly cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge, “We are of the lineage of the northern Profound Heaven Territory’s Cloud Pavilion Mountain’s Profound Remnant Locale.”

Yan Zhaoge blinked.

Northern Profound Heaven Territory’s Cloud Pavilion Mountain’s Profound Remnant Locale.

Yan Zhaoge was not unfamiliar with this name.

It was precisely the lineage of the current Northern Exalt.

“That’s right, I am Yan Zhaoge.

Greetings,” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands and returned a greeting before his gaze fell on that yellow-clothed girl, “I wonder what advice you have for me”

That middle-aged man forced a smile, introducing himself, “I am Zeng, Zeng Mo.

These are my fellow disciples.

He looked at that yellow-clothed girl, “This is my junior apprentice-niece, Guan Yuluo.”

Yan Zhaoge had long since noticed that the Profound Remnant Locale martial practitioners present were all not weak.

The one who led them, Zeng Mo, was an expert of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

While Yan Zhaoge had never seen him before, right after he reported his name, Yan Zhaoge recalled that he had once heard Mu Jun, Chen Zhiliang and the others of Golden Court Mountain mentioning it before.

Northern Heaven Qilin, Zeng Mo.

Disciple of the Northern Exalt’s lineage at Profound Remnant Locale.

He was one of the foremost figures throughout the entire northern Profound Heaven Territory, acclaimed as a peak expert of the middle generation of the World beyond Worlds alongside Lin Hanhua of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory in the past.

While he looked ordinary on the outside, he was an actual hegemon of a region.

While both were mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, Liu Xiangtong would virtually stand no chance of obtaining victory against him at all.

Zeng Mo aside, the other Profound Remnant Locale martial practitioners there were all unordinary as well as even the weakest was already a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

The sole exception was that yellow-clothed girl who was not even a Martial Saint, still being a mere Martial Grandmaster.

Such a Martial Grandmaster was incomparably conspicuous as she stood amongst a group of Seeing Divinity Martial Saints.

While so long as their safety was ensured, anyone would be able to spectate this peak clash between Emperors, there would surely be some basic requirements.

Martial practitioners whose cultivation bases were too low would not even be able to view their movements, let alone the profundities contained within.

Zeng Mo and the others had adjusted the distance well such that they would not be too close to the battlefield.

Thus, they were able to ensure Guan Yuluo’s safety.

Still, there was no value in Guan Yuluo viewing this battle at all as she would not get anything out of it whatsoever.

“Still, if she is surnamed Guan…” Seeing that Zeng Mo’s attitude towards Guan Yulou was still rather doting though severe, Yan Zhaoge gradually came to understand things.

The Northern Exalt was surnamed Guan too.

As Yan Zhaoge arrived before her now, Guan Yuluo grew solemn as well as she properly greeted, “Hello, Young Master Yan.

Please do not take offense if I was impolite just now.”

“It’s okay,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Is something the matter”

Guan Yuluo said, “It’s like this.

I wonder if you have any news on Big Sister Feng, Feng Yunsheng, Young Master Yan”

Yan Zhaoge asked curiously, “You are acquainted with Yunsheng”

Hearing how Yan Zhaoge addressed Feng Yunsheng, the hearts of Zeng Mo and the others jolted slightly.

“When I was travelling alone outside some time ago and met with some problems, it was all thanks to Big Sister Feng that I was saved from the crisis,” Guan Yuluo said, “Still, I lost touch with Big Sister Feng again afterwards.

I went to your sect to look for her, but she had not returned.

I wonder if you have seen her recently, Young Master Yan”

Yan Zhaoge looked rather interestedly at Guan Yuluo.

Soon after entering secluded cultivation, Feng Yunsheng had successfully broken through that final bottleneck, thereby Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood to become the third person of their generation after Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei to attain the Martial Saint realm.

Yan Zhaoge was aware of this because the Northern Ocean Clone had remained at the Mountain.

After Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood, Feng Yunsheng had ultimately still departed from Broad Creed Mountain, treading onto the path that she wanted to walk.

Still, calculating the time, she should merely have left the Mountain not long ago.

It was unexpected that she had encountered such a matter so soon after leaving.

To protect herself and her sect, Feng Yunsheng would generally not reveal her identity lightly when travelling the outside world.

Yan Zhaoge trusted that Feng Yunsheng could properly grasp how to deal with affairs and what to say to people.

After all, Feng Yunsheng was not some fledgling as she possessed rich experience in navigating the outside world.

The yellow-clothed girl before him, however, knew of Feng Yunsheng’s name and origins.

This went to show that she had left a very good impression on Feng Yunsheng.

“This Yan was not in the World beyond Worlds prior to this.

I’ve just returned from extradimensional space, having yet to see Yunsheng,” Yan Zhaoge answered honestly, “Where did you encounter each other last time”


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