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HSSB952: The Phoenix Prince is angered to death


That roaring, surging river was precisely the second tribulation of the protective restrictions here, water of the Heavy River!

It was the heaviest vein of water beneath the heavens besides the rivers of the galaxy themselves.

After passing through the restrictions and entering the great hall of the Daoist temple, Yan Zhaoge had felt greatly fortunate after having carefully analysed the formation diagram on the yellow cloth.

When he had entered, no one had been presiding over and controlling those protective restrictions.

Therefore, the sandstorm, Heavy River and fire lotuses had merely blocked his way one by one.

He had simply needed to break through all of them one by one before being able to pass.

Even so, it had not been an easy task for him.

Still, if there was someone presiding over these protective restrictions, they would be able to simultaneously unleash two, even three of those great tribulations at once!

Having been instructed by Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu was currently guarding the front hall and presiding over those local restrictions.

Detecting that someone had entered, Ah Hu who was meticulous despite how he looked first kept some things back in reserve as he only activated the first tribulation, that of the divine sand of aged gold.

If these restrictions were depleted all at once, some time would be needed for them to recover.

If their opponents sent in some cannon fodder first, it would surely be a waste if he were to immediately go all-out in unleashing the power of the restrictions.

Still, seeing now that the other side had managed to survive that first tribulation, Ah Hu knew that they were definitely not cannon fodder.

After all, the sandstorm formed of the divine sand of aged gold which was the first tribulation had destructive power that was comparable to that of ninth level Martial Saint experts.

Having been able to survive this, how would their foes be simple

Seeing this, Ah Hu instantly held nothing back as he smiling unleashed the protective restrictions all at once!

Howling sandstorm and surging water of the Heavy River caught Zhuang Chaohui and the others in a pincer attack, rushing frenziedly towards them.

Other than that, numerous golden lotuses of flame also bloomed amidst space, surrounding they of Wutong Slope.

The pitiful dudes of Wutong Slope had just been about to retreat.

Yet, they could not leave even if they wished to now.

Just having been beaten all dizzy by the divine sand of aged gold, the water of the Heavy River and the golden lotuses of miraculous fire simultaneously surged towards them.

With the cultivation base of Zhuang Chaohui and the others, let alone the white qi of nether virtue that left one with a chance at life, even possessing all Five Virtues might not guarantee their safety now!

The fiery lotuses exploded, transforming into a boundless golden sea of flames.

Yet, this did not come into conflict with the water of the Heavy River.

The water and fire were merciless yet distinct as they simultaneously charged towards Zhuang Chaohui and the others.

There was still that sandstorm that they were caught within which was terrifying to the extreme.

Those of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope who cultivated in the true intent of nether virtue could only watch on helplessly at this moment as that white wisp of qi which indicated their chance at life gradually vanished!

This entailed that the chances of them surviving in this situation was nil!

They were doomed to die!

Even Zhuang Chaohui and the middle-aged man who had already ascended the Immortal Bridge were hard pressed to change things when faced with such a situation.

After the frenzied tide had passed, no bones or corpses remained!

The sandstorm gradually faded while some of the water of the Heavy River and fire lotuses of miraculous fire still remained, hovering amidst space.

Some others entered the temple now in the form of a massive golden crow.

It was precisely those martial practitioners of Three Foot Mountain who had previously been backup, also having assisted Zhuang Chaohui’s group in finding their way over here.

With others having died here and depleted the killing power of the protective restrictions, diminishing their fearsomeness, these Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners who had only entered afterwards were still barely able to withstand them.

Still, they felt very bitter indeed, “These protective restrictions have three tribulations in total, but logically speaking, they should be activated one by one.

Two are being simultaneously unleashed”

“Those of Wutong Slope have probably already been completely wiped out”

Even as they pondered, two clumps of flame suddenly surfaced amidst space.

They were not blazing hot or vicious as they instead emanated an air of vitality.

Each of the two clumps of fire had a silhouette that glowed with a five-coloured light quivering within, seeming like the egg of some sort of fowl or some bird species that had spread its wings.

The flames were illusory, gradually condensing and taking form without any aura leaking such that the remnant river water and fire lotuses did not immediately target them.

Seeing this, those of Three Foot Mountain realised, “This is nirvanic rebirth of the Phoenix True Form Scripture.

Two Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of Wutong Slope just fell here.”

The cries of phoenixes resounded from within the two clump of flames.

Finally, two fiery phoenixes that shone with a five-coloured glow were reborn within the flames, next flying out.

Illuminated by the silhouettes of fire phoenixes were none other than Zhuang Chaohui and his senior apprentice-uncle.

Their faces were both ugly to the extreme.

With the exception of the two of them who were Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, the other disciples of Wutong Slope had all perished to the restrictions of this Daoist temple!

Even the two of them had very nearly perished.

If not for the miraculous nirvanic rebirth of their Phoenix True Form Scripture, even they would have died for good beneath that fearsome tide.

While the two of them had been reborn now, all their treasures, their high-grade Sacred Artifacts included, had dissipated into the wind.

“Golden Crow…Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture, the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Three Foot Mountain” The two grit their teeth, understanding now that it was likely those of Three Foot Mountain who had given them that half-broken whisk whilst clearly harbouring bad intentions.

Still, now was not the time for them to settle the score with Three Foot Mountain.

The local restrictions were not the strength of an actual person at the end of the day as they lacked consciousness and intelligence.

The remaining water of the Heavy River and golden lotuses of miraculous fire were currently instead playing host to those of Three Foot Mountain.

Having experienced nirvanic rebirth, the two of them were no longer targeted by these restrictions.

Still, the river water and fire lotuses had blocked their path of retreat.

Thing beings how they were, they could only clench their teeth and venture on.

The scenes before them changed as they finally entered the front hall of the Daoist temple.

Seeing the statues of the ancestors of the Three Purities, they felt incomparably bitter.

Surveying the area, there was no one else in the front hall, merely a cloth diagram lying in a corner.

Zhuang Chaohui scanned the area, his face turning so dark it was like water might drip down from it, “Someone was just here, controlling those restrictions!”

“If that person ends up in my hands, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!”

Beside him, the Wutong Slope Elder also had a cold look on his face, “We pursue!”

Seeing that they had managed to surpass the protective restrictions, the other party had immediately escaped.

This meant that they themselves were weak, only being able to rely on utilising the local restrictions to block their path.

While it was unclear how they had managed to surpass the three tribulations and arrive earlier, this definitely showed that they lacked the confidence to face them directly, at least.

Since that was so, the pair from Wutong Slope had no time to waste here.

With things already being like this, they could only venture forward at full speed.

Otherwise, their fellow descendants of Wutong Slope would have died for nothing.

Hurrying to the back hall in a wild haste, as the two unconsciously turned to look at the statue that was being worshipped, they were immediately rendered dazed like wooden chickens.

“Lord of Numinous Treasure! This place is of the Prime Clear direct lineage!” Zhuang Chaohui was left thunderstruck.

If this place belonged to the Prime Clear direct lineage, why had they spent all that effort trudging in here then

Even if they obtained supreme martial arts here, they would not be able to use it in front of anyone back in the World beyond Worlds.

It was true that even using it as a reference could be greatly beneficial.

It could even be kept as a killer trump card for their enemies.

Yet, the problem was that this was not something that they desperately or definitely needed.

There was no need for so many lives of their Wutong Slope to have been sacrificed here for this!

To those of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope, this Prime Clear direct lineage just entailed nothing, being like flavourless food that could simply be discarded without thinking.

The two of Wutong Slope exchanged looks, their morale instantly plummeting to an all-time low.

They felt completely stifled within, so stifled they could just hardly bear it!


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