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HSSB956: Breaking the phoenix


Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s question, Zhuang Chaohui was clearly stunned momentarily.

Regaining his wits, his expression turned rather strange.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge for a moment before appearing both angered and amused at once, “I remember now.

That Meng Wan comes from the same lower world at you but another lineage, which was destroyed by your Broad Creed Mountain, right”

“Who is her father, who is her father…ha! Who is her father”

Zhuang Chaohui suddenly laughed loudly, “You wouldn’t want to know this.”

“Still, you will know about it very soon!”

His smile was filled with mockery, “Very soon!”

Zhuang Chaohui stared at Yan Zhaoge, “I really want to see your expression when you learn of this.

Still, it would not be so entertaining if I were to tell you about it now.”

“Oh” Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge was not angered, “Since that is so, die with regrets now then.”

With that, he grabbed towards that clump of flames, closing his fist as he pinched down upon it!

Zhuang Chaohui’s face gradually dissipated amidst the flames.

Still, there was still triumph on his face as he howled, “Yan Zhaoge, I will be waiting for you down below! That day is not far! Soon, very soon!”

“While you had nothing to tell me, I could basically understand that Meng Wan is safe after being taken away by you,” The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips arched lightly upwards, “And actually, that is already enough.”

Zhuang Chaohui yelled severely, “Surnamed Yan, I’d like to see how you die!”

“That isn’t anything for you to be concerned about,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, exerting greater force with his fingers as he thoroughly crushed that clump of flames into nothingness.

The flourishing vitality was quelled at this moment, Zhuang Chaohui’s life force extinguished for good.

Yan Zhaoge retrieved that jade talisman, looking at it, “Killing these martial practitioners with a stronger vitality who cultivate in special techniques are indeed more troublesome.”

Still, the jade talisman did not react whatsoever this time.

Zhuang Chaohui had already used up his nirvanic rebirth, the backup method which his father Zhuang Shen had set on him having been dispelled too.

However powerful Zhuang Chaohui’s vitality was, he would be going to see King Yama now.

Zhuang Chaohui having been slain here, this indicated that the enmity between Yan Zhaoge’s Broad Creed Mountain and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had reached a whole new level.

Yan Zhaoge looked very calm, without joy or sorrow as he kept the Extreme Yang Seal and the jade talisman, turning to look at Ah Hu and Pan-Pan, smiling, “We can leave after searching through this Daoist temple one last time.”

While they had not clashed for long as Yan Zhaoge had taken care of Zhuang Chaohui and the other guy, the power he had drawn on was not low at all.

The battle had affected the entirety of the Daoist temple which appeared on the brink of collapse.

After all, this place had been decrepit for many years, not being as sturdy as it had formerly been.

Many treasures and medicinal pills were still stored within the Daoist temple.

Still, having undergone a great tribulation that year, coupled with the passing of time, most of these goods had already decayed.

Even so, however, there were still quite a few valuable treasures amongst all that remained.

Some of these things were ordinary and innocuous in the eyes of most, being of limited worth.

In the eyes of Yan Zhaoge, however, there were ways they could become miraculous treasures.

After sorting out the things there which caught his eye, Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in leaving the Daoist temple.

After bowing to the statues of the ancestors of the Three Purities again, Yan Zhaoge came before the incense burner table, looking at the spirit patterns drawn of cinnabar on the yellow cloth.

“Oh, they are leaving”

Because those of Wutong Slope had already first received the assault of the simultaneous activation of the three tribulations, the second batch of people from Three Foot Mountain in the back hall had it much easier than them.

While the simultaneous three tribulations were terrifying indeed, unleashing them would decrease the duration for which they could be sustained.

Still, after seeing the nirvanic rebirth of the pair from Wutong Slope which they had inadvertently used to get past the restrictions, a warning bell instead tolled in the heart of those of Three Foot Mountain.

While the other experts of Wutong Slope had all perished, their two Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who had fortunately survived possessed remarkable strength.

There were already two groups of people who had beaten them in entering, both of them also being extremely powerful.

The first batch of Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners that included their Chief had most likely perished.

After a bit of hesitation, the second batch ultimately chose to give up as they tried to leave this cave manor which had caused them to suffer catastrophic losses.

The weakened protective restrictions in this place allowed them to successfully extricate themselves.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, shaking his head as he led Ah Hu and Pan-Pan along in leaving the great hall.

Feeling the local spiritual qi flow, Yan Zhaoge could not help but raise his brows lightly, “Someone opened another door.

It looks like Zhuang Chaohui’s lot entered from a new door.

It is just that…”

It was just that this way, the door that he and the Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners had entered from in the Wilderness Sea had been closed as a result.

It would be difficult to reopen it.

This entailed that Yan Zhaoge or those of Three Foot Mountain would have to enter the path that Zhuang Chaohui’s group had entered from in order to return to the World beyond Worlds.

It did not have to be asked for it to be known that the other end of the passageway most likely led within the domain of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile as he left the Daoist temple, identifying their general direction before heading in the direction of the big lake that those of Wutong Slope had entered from earlier.

Arriving by the lake, they saw a few figures who were also about to enter the lake.

From the way they were dressed and their martial arts, they were Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge appear, their expressions all changed slightly.

They wondered what exactly had transpired within the Daoist temple.

Yan Zhaoge did not stand on ceremony as he directly strode before those of Three Foot Mountain, raising his palm as he struck out with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

“You…” The leading Elder of Three Foot Mountain had just been about to speak when a gust of wind blew over, forcing him to shut his mouth.

While he was an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he was hard pressed to deal with the peerless might of Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal as he was left vomiting blood with a single strike.

Yan Zhaoge continued striking forth with his palm, pressuring downwards as it was like the sky was collapsing.

The entire heavens and earth here distorted along with Yan Zhaoge’s palm, concaving towards the centre of the lake.

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners dared not block this as they hurriedly fled towards the dimensional passageway at the bottom of the lake.

Still, many people were directly clapped dead beneath Yan Zhaoge’s palm!

There were only two people who spat out blood, being gravely wounded as they just barely managed to preserve their lives, hurriedly scrambling off into the dimensional passageway.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was leisurely as he sat on Pan-Pan’s back.

Pan-Pan moved off on all four paws, following them into the dimensional passageway neither hurriedly nor slowly.

Those two Three Foot Mountain Elders were shocked and afraid as they saw this, “This is that Yan Zhaoge Vicious indeed! Chief and the rest have all already been killed by him”

Passing through the dimensional passageway, they arrived on the other side.

There, they found someone blocking their way.

These were people of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory’s Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

After Zhuang Chaohui and the others left for the Daoist temple, there had been fellow disciples watching over the entrance for them over here.

Seeing those two Elders of Three Foot Mountain appear, the expressions of the Wutong Slope martial practitioners who were guarding the area all changed, “Who are you people”

“Away! Away!” The two Three Foot Mountain Elders simultaneously yelled and fled like crazy.

Still, they were gravely wounded and had difficulty moving.

Blocked by the martial practitioners of Wutong Slope, the two’s eyes turned bloodshot, “Move aside if you do not want to die!”

The Wutong Slope martial practitioners flew into a rage upon hearing this, “What gall!”

Blazing fire transformed into an all-encompassing rain of blades, hacking towards the two.

The two Three Foot Mountain wanted to cry but lacked the tears for such.

Behind them, that terrifying aura could indistinctly be felt as it got closer and closer to them!


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