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Standing in the light was a tall figure with wings on his back.

His presence was like that of a holy angel.

“Who are you” Night Guardian asked.

As soon as he said this, he realized that he had grown a lot compared to the earlier scene.

At the very least, he was now able to communicate with an unknown existence.

“My name is Starry Night,” the tall bewinged Angel said with a smile.

“Starry Night Why are you here Where is this place Im now…” Night Guardian had a splitting headache.

He suddenly asked as if he had just woken up, “Im not in the Deep Sea”

Starry Night clearly did not have the ability to respond to questions.

After smiling for the length of three breaths, which gave Night Guardian enough time to think and calm down, he continued to say,

“Hello, nameless little guy.

When you saw me, I was already dead.”

“Theres no need to try to talk to me.

This is just a remnant of my thoughts.

I want to tell you something about this poor lucky guy.

Thats all.”

Night Guardian was silent.

Starry Night still maintained his smile and continued:

“When you saw me, you must have seen another scene in advance.

Thats what I really wanted to show you.”

“Of course, the greater probability is that you wont be able to see the scene that I want to show you until you die.”

“Your belief is too firm!”

Starry Night paused, and there was a hint of amusement in his smile:

“But have you ever thought that your firm belief itself is questionable”

“Yes, I think you wont have any doubts… because the brainwashing power of the Holy Divine Palace is really too strong.

Other people wont even have a chance.

Im a little stronger, but the only thing I can do is to leave this remnant.”

“But… forget it!”

Starry Night shook his head and said as he smiled bitterly,

“This strand of my spiritual thought is to enable you to hear me when you see me, so I wont spout any more nonsense.”

“I think if your firm belief still stands, you wont be able to see me at all.

And if you really have doubts about your belief, there must be an external force attacking you.”

“Forgive me for still talking nonsense, but this is the utterance of a dying man, you should be able to understand.”

Night Guardian remained silent.

Starry Nights vision was still unfocused.

He continued to mutter to himself:

“Lets get down to business!”

“Remember those people you saw in the scene just now.

I dont know who they are or what their exact identities are, because Im just an outsider.”

“But you might know.

Well, if you dont know either… you can investigate.”

“If youre tired, you dont have to investigate.

I dont know much about your personality, but I think youre quite capable of being the chosen one theyre talking about.”

“Forgive me, Ive said a lot of nonsense…”

At this point, Night Guardian saw tears suddenly falling from Starry Nights eyes and he spoke even more rapidly,

“”I dont have much time left.

They might find my whereabouts soon.””

“Im really sorry.

I really wanted to leave you with some important information, but after saying so much, I realized that other than guarding the first scene you saw after you woke up, I do not have anything else that I could give you.”

“My memories, my abilities, including where I came from and why Im here… Ive almost forgotten everything!”

“Everything about me has been dispersed by that person!”

“And who is that person…”

Starry Nights voice suddenly paused, and there was a thoughtful look in his eyes.

After that, the Holy Winged Angel suddenly squatted down helplessly, hugged his knees and started crying loudly:

“Wahoo, Wahoo…”

“Who is he! Who on earth is he”

“Im sorry, Im so embarrassed.

I wanted to leave behind a dignified image for you, but I…”

He covered his face helplessly with his trembling hands and in a tear-stricken voice said:

“Im sorry, please spare me.

I shouldnt have left such a backup plan.

Im guilty, please kill me!”

“No! Little Guy, remember, it was this person.

It was he who dispersed my body, spiritual physique, and soul, and threw me into this damned place.

You must remember…”


The shrill cry that sounded like a ghosts wail interrupted Starry Nights own words.

It also startled Night Guardian considerably.

Then, Night Guardian saw with his own eyes that Starry Nights eyes were wide open and bleeding copiously.

He was on the verge of death.

When his grief reached its peak, Starry Nights mouth and nose were completely blocked by foreign objects.

His face turned ashen and his lips a deathly shade of white.

Finally, this scene was fixed on his horrified and sorrowful face.

Everything seemed to be coming to an end…


Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood essence.

Starry Night seemed to have recovered his breath and he cried out in panic, “Remember, they call me… Ghost Beast!”

His final words faded away.


Starry Nights image fell apart.

The surrounding chaotic world also suddenly shattered.

“Dong Dong!”

“Dong Dong!”

The sound of his heart beating rapidly rang out as he regained consciousness.

It was as if Night Guardian could hear the faint sound of water flowing under the deep sea.

At the same time, there seemed to be someone shouting in his ears

“Night Guardian!”

“Wake up, Night Guardian!”

It was not an illusion…

“Someone is really calling me…”

“I… am not dead yet! ! !”

Night Guardian held his breath.

It came from the desire that had been stimulated in the first scene.

It also came from the last enlightened words of Starry Night in the second scene.

It also came from Xu Xiaoshous words… Ghost Beast Luke!

“I want to live!”

The deathly silent sea of energy reserve could not help this thought of his to materialize.

However, a power that did not belong to him suddenly erupted from his soul.

It was as if after drowning, a helping hand suddenly reached out to him from the shore.


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