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“Worry-free soup” and “Water of forgetfulness” allowed her to be at ease in intelligence work.

However, compared to this person, she was nothing.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man!

This was the code name of the orange-clothed masked man.

Just like his ability, it was strange and unpredictable.

Silence continued…

With the sound of footsteps, she continued walking forward…

Fengtang Meng Po walked silently for a while before she suddenly felt that her body was a little hot.

She was in a higher void state and her body was clean.

She was not affected by the surrounding environment.

Naturally, when she felt hot, there was something wrong.

She pinched her arm imperceptibly, and her armpit felt slightly cold.

It was apparent that she was sweating.


Fengtang Meng Po was shocked.

She immediately looked down at the robe on her body.

She had clearly not walked on the muddy road, but she had still crossed over from the spatial fragment.

But at some point, the robe on her body was covered with mud and dirt, as if she had walked in the mud after the rain and dried up under the sun.

It was dirty.

“Two symptoms of decay!

“Ive already got two decays, Im not far from death!”

Fengtang Meng Po was so scared that she almost retreated, far away from the “Five Decays of Heaven and Man” beside her.

However, the additional advice that Lord Huang Quan had given her during the mission handover flashed through her mind:

“Remember, his ability is very special.

Those who go on a mission with him usually do not die at the hands of the enemy, but rather die accidentally.

“You cant let him focus all his interest and attention on you, nor let his mind go blank and allow his bad luck to spread wantonly.

“Because the two results will be the same, which will cause you to die inexplicably.”

“Also, when you have the symptoms of five decays, you must not let him find out.

Because his gaze will bring about a crazy increase in your bad luck.”

“These are all his unintentional and natural influences, not his will.

He is actually… a person with a decent character…”

“How do we eliminate the influence” At that time, Fengtang Meng Po only had the thought of rejecting mission, but she knew it was unrealistic.

So she could only look for a backup method.

“Ive tried countless times and only came up with one method.

This method may not be unique.

But after all, there are no more test subjects, so I can only make do with it.” Huang Quan was also very helpless.

“What method”

“Awkward chat.”

Awkward chat… Meng Po couldnt even recall what kind of expression she had when she heard Lord Huang Quan blurt out those two words so suddenly.

However, Lord Huang Quan seemed to treat this as a very serious matter and continued to persuade her earnestly:

“Only when you keep chatting with him and cant talk about the issues that hes very interested in will he not be interested in you, nor will he completely lose his focus.”

“And when he starts talking, the symptoms of five decays seem to slowly disappear… Well, it seems…”

“However, you cant chat to annoy or satisfy him.”

“So, you can only maintain a state of keeping yourself embarrassed, but you cant make him very embarrassed.

So that hell be slightly interested in you when hes bored, and hell answer you back and forth.

“Only then can you survive.”

Meng Po couldnt understand why she had to accept such a maddening mission.

But this was a mission that Lord Huang Quan had given her!

She could only try her best to keep her tone calm and ask with a straight face, “How do you grasp the…measure”

At that time, the scene was very profound, because Lord Huang Quan had pondered for a long time before answering, “Youre in charge of intelligence work, and youre better at chatting with people than me.

You can grasp this measure.”

Meng Po did not give up, nor did she want to die.

She could only grasp at the last straw, she asked, “SeniorFive Decays of Heaven and Man has been with Lord Huang Quan for so long, and Lord Huang Quan is still able to withstand his influence.

You must have some special confrontation techniques to teach me, right”

Huang Quan was silent, and then said, “I usually dont go out on missions with him.”

Damn it! damn it! damn it!

The more she thought about it, the more she was driven mad.

In just a moment of thinking, Fengtang Meng Po felt a faint stench coming from her body, which made her, as an elegant woman with a fragrant body, break down even more.

“SeniorFive Decays of Heaven and Man…”

There was no other way.

Fengtang Meng Po continued, “Did Lord Huang Quan tell you what our second mission is”

“Ha…” Five Decays of Heaven and Man sneered and looked over.

“Of course.

Otherwise, why would we come here”

Dont look at me!

Meng Pos tailbone turned cold when she was stared at with such a miserable look.

She suppressed her anger and tried to calm down.

“But I dont know yet.

SeniorFive Decays of Heaven and Man, can you tell me something”

“Theres nothing to say.

Youre my companion.”

Five Decays of Heaven and Man thought for a moment and said in a hoarse voice, “This time, Lord Huang Quan and the Night Cat are working together to kill the demi-saint.

Our goal is to act as bait and go to Lone Cliff to lure that demi-saint to attack.”


Meng Po felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

My symptoms of decay havent been dispelled yet.

Im about to die.

Can I still act as bait to lure that demi-saint

No wonder the mission content was not revealed to me in the beginning…

What did I do to offend Lord Huang Quan Did he have to target me like this

She only gave somebody a way to contact him.

There was no need to be so petty, right

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