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Near the Ninth Dragon Range.

Mo Mo was unwavering as she walked in the direction of Lone Cliff.

It seemed like she was walking alone.

But in reality, she was enduring the endless noise in her head.

“Young lady, why are you so stubborn”

“There are many ways to solve problems.

You dont have to go into danger alone.

You can travel around the Yunlun Mountain Range and help Xu Xiaoshou solve the potential dangers.

Isnt that enough”

“What kind of place is Lone Cliff Ive told you before.

Its the center of the vortex, the eye of the storm.”

“With your current realm, going there is courting death!”

Mo Mo turned a deaf ear and her footsteps became even faster.

After entering the Yunlun Mountain Range, she separated from the people from First Pavilion in the Sky.

After receiving Xu Xiaoshous message for the first time in the points rankings, she had long wanted to meet up with everyone.

However, every time she wanted to take action, the voice in her mind would come out to stop her.

Three to five times later, a strange treasure descended from the sky in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

She did not get anything good, but she got a strange sound recording bead.

There were no opportunities in it, only a sentence from the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon:

“Feng Yujin, please cooperate.”

Mo Mo did not understand what action was being taken at that time.

He just asked indifferently, not seeking an answer.

However, the voice in her mind was bored and answered casually.

As a result, she received answers such as “Holy Emperors scheme”, “the bad guy Bazhunan”, “Xu Xiaoshou is an important part of the plan”, “We dont need to pay attention to them” and so on.

However, how could Mo Mo turn a blind eye to these

The last few times when she wanted to return to the First Pavilion in the Sky, Feng Yujin stopped her.

She thought that this person was used to being free and undisciplined, so she let him go and let him have more free time.

Who would have thought that there was such a complicated reason

She thought of the scene of fighting with Xu Xiaoshou in Tiansang Spirit Palaces Windcloud Competition…

She thought of how Feng Yujin of the Tianxuan Gate controlled her to attack Mu Zixi and Xu Xiaoshou, but the latter did not care about it…

She thought of how they traveled together to Dongtianwang City, and how Xu Xiaoshous optimistic personality was in complete contrast to hers…

A person who was optimistic and had a positive goal would be extremely helpful to a person who was lost and had no goal.


Mo Mos thoughts drifted as her hand unconsciously touched the white bracelet on her wrist.

This was refined by Xu Xiaoshou using the sealing stone.

His goal was to better seal the ghost beast, Feng Yujin.

Of course, its true function had already been rendered ineffective, but the friendship was still there.

“Were all friends!”

Mo Mo could still vaguely recall Xu Xiaoshous words at that time.


How Lucky was she

She was a ghost beast host body, and even not a human.

In the end, there was still someone who was willing to be her friend after knowing the truth.

Even if she didnt talk about anything, just the word “friend” was enough for her to go into danger alone and help Xu Xiaoshou, right

That was a scheme set up by the Holy Emperor.

She was only at the Grandmaster Realm…


Just as she was thinking, Feng Yujins helpless voice sounded in her mind again:

“What is friendship Friendship is something that you can enjoy together for the sake of fortune, but can be disposed of when encountering troubles.

“If you are really in danger, it would be good enough if they dont stab you behind.

Dont be too naive.”.

“Listen to my advice.

Lets continue to explore the Yunlun Mountain Range.”.

“What beautiful scenery and mountains here! I still want to take a few more looks.

Why must you go back to Xu Xiaoshous side Its too dangerous!”

Mo Mo remained unmoved.

Her footsteps were still light as she calmly said, “Youre becoming very noisy now.”

Im very noisy…

Feng Yujin was stunned for a full three breaths of time.

He had actually discovered this problem with himself.

But the bigger problem was that the host that he had chosen was too quiet!

This girl was really aloof from worldly affairs.

She was the representative of a Buddhist monk who did not have any desires.

If no one took the initiative to speak to her, she would be able to keep her mouth shut for the rest of her life.

Feng Yujin also did not want to become like this.

It would be too degrading.

However, it was probably because they had been in the same body for too long that they were connected mentally.

The two of them were either on the same frequency or complementary.

Unfortunately, Feng Yujin felt that he had become the role that needed to complement others.

“Stop right there!” He suddenly took out the dignity of Holy Emperor Fengtian and shouted sternly, wanting to stop Mo Mo from going to the Lone Cliff.

Mo Mos footsteps were still the same as before.

She only pressed the sound recording bead lightly, and the voice of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon could be heard from inside.

“Feng Yujin, please cooperate.”


Feng Yujin suddenly flew into a rage after a moment of silence.

However, just like how he always flew into a rage due to his incompetence, the most he could do was to seize control of Mo Mos body and do something that would distort her will.

After all, it was difficult to find the seal attribute, and he could not kill Mo Mo.

And if he acted out of line, it would only bring their relationship to a freezing point.

When everything was over, Mo Mo would still act according to her thoughts.

However, he needed to turn around and coax this princess to make up for his impulsive behavior in his rage.


Feng Yujin let out a long sigh.

A dignified Holy Emperor fell into this kind of situation.

Fortunately, no outsiders knew…

After repeating this cycle, he no longer liked this kind of meaningless anger.

“Little girl, listen to my advice.

On Abyss Island, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon actually cant control me.

Didnt you hear it He even needed to sayplease in the recording.”

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