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In addition, Fengtang Mengpo didnt target him, so the water mist summoned by this move didnt penetrate his body.

Feng Yujin was different.

As soon as the water mist appeared, it swarmed into his body.

In Fengtang Meng Pos impression, as soon as the wet prison appeared, the person who came into contact with it would be instantly controlled.

Then, their mind would be confused, their thoughts unclear, and even their bodies would be drowned, unable to move.

Not to mention seven breaths.

Under the control of the bounded domain, it was possible to be controlled for seventy breaths!

However, Feng Yujin turned a blind eye to all of this, allowing the icy-blue mist to enter his body…

In reality, the mist had already lost all of its light the moment it came into contact with the sealing aura around him.

It decomposed into an ordinary water element and was once again sealed, turning into nothingness and disappearing into space.


After judging all of this in a short period of time, Fengtang Meng Po was stunned.

The intelligence did record that this person had an ability similar to the sealing attribute.

After all, Mo Mo had displayed her power in the heaven geomantic arena, but how could she be as powerful as she was now

Even the wet prison had lost its effect.


Feng Yujin laughed strangely as if he enjoyed this kind of shocked reaction of the enemy returning empty-handed.

He raised his right hand and slapped the ground without any explanation.


With a strange sound, a gray color spread from his palm to the Memory-Diluting Fish Barrier.

In the blink of an eye, this special water-type bounded domain lost its light and turned into an ineffective gray color.

It disintegrated with a loud bang.

Meng Po:

“Now, its my turn.”

Feng Yujins lips curled up, and the sealing aura around him spread to the entire Space-Time Alternate World.

“Fengtian World!”

With a boom, the bounded domain was constructed, and gray filled the world.

Before Fengtang Meng Po could react, she saw a figure appear in front of her as if it was teleporting, and it slapped her in the chest.


A strange sound appeared again.

Fengtang Meng Po was knocked back a few steps, but she felt that other than that, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

The scene of her being sent flying backward and spitting out blood did not appear.

She immediately mobilized her spiritual source, wanting to counterattack.

However, with a thought, her sea of energy was as heavy as the Dead Sea, without any feedback.


Fengtang Meng Pos heart skipped a beat.


It was not suspected, but a real seal attribute!

Moreover, this guys ability was so ridiculous that he could seal all of a higher void with one palm!

Feng Yujin would not give any chance if the enemy was in a daze.

Feng Yujin strode forward and grinned sinisterly at this weak master at the higher void level.

“This feels so good.

Theres no small world that can suppress my power anymore…”

Feng Yujin stretched out his hand and gathered spiritual sources.

Sealing power trapped Fengtang Meng Po, who was trying to run away but was as slow as a baby crawling.

Then, he thrust his palm forward and pierced through Fengtang Meng Pos chest.


Under the mask, Fengtang Meng Po spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was like a mortal who was suffering from heart-wrenching pain.

“Sealing power…”

“How can it really be a seal attribute…”

“Im a higher void, Im a higher void! How can it be so simple to seal me…”

Fengtang Meng Po felt as if her soul had left her body.

She had never fought such a devastating battle before.

Her higher void world, other spiritual techniques, forgetfulness soup, and emotionless water had yet to be taken out…

How could it have such an unreasonable attribute

To directly seal a higher void into a mortal


Feng Yujin was amused by this kind of mumbling.

He reached out his free hand and slapped away the mask of Fengtang Meng Po, revealing a delicate and charming face that had a mature charm but was full of blood and shock.

“Its been a long time since Ive seen such an expression…”

Feng Yujin unceremoniously swung his arm, and the limp Fengtang Meng Po was smashed to the side, unable to get up again.

The battle ended.

Feng Yujin tilted his head and looked at another masked man who was also shocked by how quickly the battle ended.

He slowly raised the index finger of his blood-stained right hand and sneered:

“The first one.”

He shook his index finger again.

“But its definitely not the last one.”

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