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We were put in a carriage with a cage.


This carriage is more like a prisoner’s carriage, isn’t it It was also more dangerous, but…


Everyone entered the cage without protest.

The cage was so big that there was still room left after the five of us entered.


The most suspicious was the bald man.

The scariest thing about him is that I don’t know what he’s thinking about.

You never know what he might do.


“Don’t try anything stupid.”


The coachman said, glaring at us.


It’s amazing that a person I’ve never even talked to before can look at me like this, such is the power of being a criminal.


“I wish I still had the energy to try something that stupid.” 


Phil chuckled.


A moment later, the carriage suddenly began to drive wildly.

My body lurched to the front of the carriage.


I’ve never ridden in a carriage like this….

After all, there are many different kinds of officials.

A nobleman is always accompanied by a skilled guard.

I didn’t even realize how obvious this was until I actually rode in a prison carriage.


Now I have gained more experience!


But still, when I look at them like this, they look like normal people, don’t they They don’t look like people who have committed crimes.


Sometimes murder is necessary… And yet, is there such a difference between a commoner killing someone and a nobleman killing someone


Or maybe they’ve killed someone they shouldn’t have.

But they don’t seem to have any connection with those people.

It’s dangerous to judge people by their looks.


It’s a bit much to go into someone’s privacy to ask who they killed, right


Yeah, but I can’t help but wonder.

If I were a villainess, I would have asked without hesitation.

But now I’m far from being a villainess.

I’m just a poor, unattractive boy.


It wouldn’t be of any benefit to me if I were to intrude into their personal secrets.

Besides, they’ll think I’m just a kid who’s getting carried away.


The appearance of a young lady could come in handy, I thought to myself as I swayed in the carriage.


“How old are you, Ria”


It was Phil, after all, who broke the silence.


…This won’t hurt if I tell him my real age, right




“Fifteen! You’re so petite for somebody who’s fifteen.”


He hissed in surprise.


I’m a woman, I can’t help it being slender.


“You’re younger than my daughter” 


“…You have a daughter.” 


“Yeah, well.”


His expression turned a little clouded at my words.


…Was this something I shouldn’t have mentioned If he had a daughter, that meant he had a wife, right


I desperately try to think of something to home in to the topic.

There’s definitely something going on here.

Search for the oddity, me!


I ask as many questions as I think he would answer.


“Just your daughter”



She’s a lovely girl.

She’s my treasure, like nothing else.” 


“… You won’t see her again though.” 


“I guess so.” 


He laughed, but his eyes were slightly downcast.


The crime of committing murder knowing that he would never see his treasured daughter again….

And to be exiled from the country for it


Is he a puppet of the government It’s hard to imagine the king deporting these people.


It’s a rich country, but there are also poor villages, and the situation is not getting any better.

The previous wolf incident at the school raised the possibility that the Ravaal Kingdom is looking for someone.

Deportations as a form of punishment also happen frequently.


…Maybe there is something bigger out there going on that I am not aware of.


I shouldn’t have been distracted by the heroine’s antics.

In fact, let me punch the management for making such a difficult setting.

I don’t need this kind of dark world in an otome game!


To be honest, I thought it would be easier to become a villainess, but I guess it’s a long road to thread…


I wonder who is the mastermind behind all of this


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Lol, does Duelkis have an understanding with Ravaal or something How can they just send all their criminals to another country Alicia might be right.

It feels like something big might be brewing.


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