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In the forest, a bunch of small demons watched their king being carried away. They were shaking in terror.

Life was so unpredictable!

Who would have thought that the Boar Demon King—who was still so powerful a moment ago—would be killed and carried away in the next moment

It seemed that a bigshot had his eye on its meat. It would be turned into a dish in no time.

The small demons shivered. The Immortal Realm was too scary.

Early in the morning the next day.

Yao Mengji carried the Boar Demon King to the foot of the Fallen Immortal Mountain. Qin Manyun was by his side.

Qin Manyun asked with concern, “Teacher, are you sure you dont need to rest”

“No need!” Although Yao Mengji looked tired, he waved his hand nonchalantly. “If it wasnt for my weakened essence, I wouldnt even need to fight the Wild Boar King with you all. Visiting the experts an important matter.”

The two of them were about to walk up the hill. However, they halted when they looked in the opposite direction.

Two figures were walking toward them gradually.

Qin Manyun narrowed her eyes and said in a low voice, “Teacher, this mans the scholar who preachesJourney to the West. He claims to be a student of the expert.”

Yao Mengjis face changed color. Instantly, he marched over and said with a friendly tone, “What a coincidence! Im Yao Mengji, the Sect Master of the Linxian Palace. Nice to meet you two.”

When Zhou Yunwu first saw Yao Mengji, he pitied him as he thought Yao Mengji was a lonely old man since he was so skinny that his bones were showing.

However, when he heard that he was the Sect Master of the Linxian Palace, Zhou Yunwu almost jumped.

Were all Sect Masters so weak Perhaps he fought some bigshot demons and all his essence was sucked away. How sad!

When he saw the huge furry wild boar on Yao Mengjis shoulder, Zhou Yunwu understood right away.

This wild boar must have been a female boar!

“Greetings from Zhou Yunwu, the Prince of the Xia Kingdom.” Zhou Yunwu remained calm as he greeted Yao Mengji. He introduced, “This is my military adviser, the future Nation Master of the Xia Kingdom, Meng Junliang.”

“So, youre the Prince of the Xia Kingdom.” Yao Mengji nodded as a friendly gesture.

He did not care much about the kingdom of the ordinary people. So he did not know him.

Qin Manyun said to Meng Junliang, “Greetings to Senior Meng, we meet again.”

Meng Junliang corrected, “Miss Manyun, as Ive said, dont call me Senior.”

“Ill call you Mr. Meng, then.” Qin Manyun smiled. She asked, “Are you here to visit Mr. Li”

“Yes,” Meng Junliang nodded. He did not speak much.

Zhou Yunwu sighed and said, “Theres a plague in the Xia Kingdom. I came here to seek help from Mr. Li.”

“What Theres a plague in your area, too!” Qin Manyun and Yao Mengji frowned at the same time.

So, it reached the Xia Kingdom as well

A plague befalling upon a kingdom was scary! Due to the dense population, it could spread easily. If they did not stop it from spreading, it would end horribly.

“Yeah, since yesterday morning. I sensed something was off, so I rushed here with Junliang right away. I wonder how its doing right now,” Zhou Yunwu said with a worried expression.

Yao Mengji asked curiously, “What brought you here to seek help from Mr. Li”

Zhou Yunwu answered, “I sought help from Mr. Li once. He said to look for him if the plague happens.”

Yao Mengji and Qin Manyun exchanged a look. Instantly, they looked at Zhou Yunwu differently.

Who would have thought that the Prince of the ordinary people would be taken seriously by the expert

Why would the expert make such a chess move Perhaps he was bored and wanted to entertain himself

As for the ability of the expert to cure the plague, they did not doubt it at all.

Yao Mengji smiled and said, “What a coincidence. Lets go together.”

With that, the four of them got closer. They laughed and talked as they went up the mountain. Just as they were about to reach the four-part architecture, Yao Mengjis face changed as he looked toward the forest.

A boar was hiding, looking at him with terror in its eyes.

Instantly, Yao Mengji gave it a friendly smile. He walked over slowly, “So, its my brother boar. I wasnt able to thank you for saving my life the other day.”

The wild boar instantly jumped in fear, its body shivering as it screamed anxiously, “Dont come near me!”

It stared at the wild boar that was draped over Yao Mengjis shoulder. Its terrified eyes were getting wider.

“Oh my god! Its really the Boar Demon King!” The Wild Boar Demon shivered. It turned over and shot into the forest.

‘That old mans too scary. Meeting him isnt a good sign.

‘The last I met him, I almost died from getting struck by lightning.

‘This time around, hes even carrying the Boar Demon King on his shoulder!

It was the Boar Demon King! The strongest boar ever! Its ultimate idol and goal!

Now, its idol was dead and was being carried around on the old mans shoulder. It was an attack to its eyes. To the boar, this was very terrifying!

He killed the best of boars!

‘This old mans definitely the killer of boars! I must stay away from him!

Yao Mengji looked at the back of the Wild Boar Demon. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Whatever, lets continue going up the mountain.”

It did not take long before the four-part architecture appeared in sight.

Qin Manyun walked in front. “May I know if Mr. Lis home”


The door swung open.

Li Nianfan saw the wild boar on his shoulder right away. It was hard to miss it.

Yao Mengji smiled. “Mr. Li, heres some wild meat. Hope youll accept this.”

Li Nianfan smiled. He did not refuse it. “Yo, this wild boars huge. It must be a demon! Mustve taken some effort!”

Qin Manyun smiled. “Just a small boar. It didnt take much effort.”

“Thanks,” Li Nianfan laughed. “You brought your own food. I think youre all waiting for me to cook it, right”

The boar meat was a good ingredient. Obtaining good wild boar meat was rare. He used the previous wild boar as a lab rat. Hence, he did not get to eat it. At that time, he thought it was a shame that he was not able to eat it. Who would have thought that Yao Mengji would bring him another one How thoughtful!

Yao Mengji and Qin Manyun smiled. Of course, they wanted to stay for the meal, but admitting it right away did not seem right. Yet, turning down the offer was too harsh on themselves. They could only smile awkwardly.

However, watching the reaction on Li Nianfans face, they were delighted. As expected, the key was to be able to read the experts mind. It was apparent that the expert was satisfied!

With that, Li Nianfans eyes landed on Zhou Yunwu and Meng Junliang. He called out, “Its you guys!”

Of course, the scholar made quite an impression on him, but why would Zhou Yunwu befriend this scholar

However, it was not too much a surprise for the scholar to have met the Prince.

Meng Junliang and Zhou Yunwu greeted him in unison, “Sorry to bother you, Mr. Li.”

Li Nianfan could not help asking with curiosity, “Scholar, long time no see. Are you still chasing after longevity”-

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