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The Fallen Town was like a peaceful city. Everyone lived in peace without having to live in fear of attacks and war. The Xia Kingdom was different. There was a palace built in the middle of the city with soldiers patrolling every corner. There were even military camps by the corners of the city.

However, it seemed that the Xia Kingdom was not doing so well. Looking from above, one could see many citizens fleeing the Xia Kingdom. The border seemed crowded, almost chaotic.

Li Nianfan and the other five landed on an unnoticeable corner of the Xia Kingdom. With Zhou Yunwu taking the lead, their arrival was smooth.

Walking along the street, one could see many anxious faces. Most people had shut themselves inside their houses, with the occasional wailing heard from time to time.

“Go away!”

In front of them, two guards were walking quickly while carrying a middle-aged man. Everyone looked at him in disdain, trying to avoid him.

Li Nianfan looked over and instantly saw a red mark on the mans neck.

The red mark was big, bloody, and red. Even a glance of it induced fear in the people.

Li Nianfan looked at it and understood right away. That was definitely the plague. Plagues usually spread from animals, since their hygiene was poor. If the people did not disinfect often, it made it easier for viruses to spread around. Therefore, plagues were quite common.

Looking at the symptoms, the plague was likely to have spread through flies. In the Immortal Realm, there were many species. Although Li Nianfan did not know exactly what caused it, as long as he performed the right treatment, most plagues could be fought off by the peoples immune systems.

Li Nianfan had started thinking of treatment methods in his head. As long as he mixed some herbs to maintain the bodys immune system, after some time, the immune system would be able to fight the virus naturally.

In the ancient times of his previous realm, there were many cases of plagues. In this Immortal Realm, there were many herbs that were more effective than those in his past realm. The immunity of the people here must be higher, so it would not be too difficult to cure them.

Zhou Yunwu said, “Sir, this is an idea given by Junliang. The scariest part of the plague is its speed of transmission. Therefore, once we isolate the infected people, the spread can be contained.”

“Coming up with the idea of quarantine is something,” Li Nianfan nodded. Then, he shook his head. “However, this thinking is too simple. You need to know that the infected will spread the virus wherever they go. If we dont disinfect the places theyve been to, the healthy ones are still at risk of being infected. Also, the two soldiers there didnt even wear gloves. Theyll get infected as well.”



Everyone was confused. They had a question mark on their faces.

They could not help exchanging looks with one another. After that, they all let out a sigh of relief and felt much better.

Everyone was just as confused as one another.

It was not that they were stupid. It was just that the expert was using technical terms!

Li Nianfan shook his head. Whatever. He was in a different dimension now. There was no need to explain.

After walking a few more steps, everyone was forced to stop. They saw an elderly man chasing after two soldiers. “Stay there! Let go of my son!”

A man was struggling to get away from the soldiers who were dragging him.

The two soldiers seemed impatient. They pushed the elderly man onto the ground and scoffed, “Well kill those who try to stop us from doing our mission!”

Just as they raised their legs, the elderly man clung to one of their legs and said, “Please, dont go. Dont go!”

Just as the soldier was about to kick the elderly man away, a voice rang in the air…

“Stop it!” Zhou Yunwu scoffed fiercely as he marched toward them and helped the elderly man back on his feet.

The two soldiers were instantly shocked. They greeted hastily, “Your Highness.”

Zhou Yunwu jeered with a serious face, “How dare you do this to our people Have you forgotten the military law!”

A soldier answered, sounding as if he was wronged, “Prince, this mans infected by the plague. Were just trying to isolate him from the rest.”

Zhou Yunwu frowned. “That doesnt mean youre allowed to use brute force!”

“Prince, Prince!” The elderly man called out excitedly. “There are only the three of us left in the family. Once Ah Niu is gone, its just me and a four-year-old grandson. How are we going to survive Ah Niu cannot go!”

Just as Zhou Yunwu was put in a difficult position, Li Nianfan added, “Old man, have you thought of the consequence of keeping your son If he stays, youre not the only one who will get infected. Even your grandson will be infected, too. At that point, you all wont be able to live for long. If he stays, its harming everyone. If he leaves, hell be a hero!”

The elderly mans mouth was wide opened. He was speechless.

The man said, “Dad, let me go.”

The elderly man looked at his son with despair. He said in a hoarse voice, “Everyone knows that once youre taken away, you wont make it back. They will burn the bodies instantly!”

LI Nianfan said, “Old man, dont worry. I can guarantee that your son will be fine and the plague will be cured.”

The elderly man looked at Li Nianfan with anticipation. He grew even more excited as he asked in a trembling voice, “Youre an immortal”

The surrounding crowd looked at Li Nianfan in anticipation. Someone even tiptoed to take a peek at him.

“No.” Li Nianfan shook his head. “Im merely an ordinary man, but I can help!”

The elderly mans excitement instantly disappeared. He called out in despair, “Youre a liar! How can an ordinary man save my son”

The surrounding people shook their heads and sighed. Their faces were full of despair.

Li Nianfan frowned as if something was blocked in his heart. He felt uncomfortable.

Yao Mengji saw the change of look on Li Nianfans face. His heart sank a little. After a moment, he pointed at the infected man and cast a spell.

Instantly, Spiritual Qi flowed into the mans body and the red mark on his neck vanished.

“Immortal! Hes an Immortal!”

Everyone was shocked. They looked excited. They all fell on their knees and worshipped Li Nianfan. “Please, we beg you, Immortal. Please, save us! Immortal, please, save us!”

Meanwhile, a group of ordinary men dressed in black walked over. A man scoffed, “Wrong! Hes not an Immortal!”

His tone was harsh. He looked confident and convincing.

“Hes obviously a disciple of the Lord Demon God! Look at this elderly man. Hes as bony as a skeleton with a lack of Yang essence in him. Would an Immortal look like this He must be the disciple of the Lord Demon God! The Lord Demon God has sent his disciples to save us!” the man said as he knelt on the ground. The men behind him followed and knelt as well. “All hail to the Lord Demon God! We believe in the Lord Demon God. We believe in longevity! Please, bless us, Lord Demon God!”

The surrounding crowd passionately cheered their new slogan, “Bless us, Lord Demon God!”

Yao Mengjis face instantly darkened. His lips twitched. He was fuming!

If it was not for his last trace of rationality, he would have burned all these people to death!

Li Nianfan saw it, too. He could not help shaking his head with a hint of sadness.

How ironic!

These ordinary men would rather believe in Immortals or Demons instead of…believing in another fellow ordinary man!

Since they were born in the Immortal Realm, they had neglected their own value and capabilities.

Perhaps he had only come across two ordinary men who would not give in to the Immortals. One was Zhou Yunwu. The other was Meng Junliang.

Li Nianfan took a deep breath. He said to Zhou Yunwu suddenly, “Prince Zhou, perhaps youre right. Its time for ordinary men to…make some changes!”-

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