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I m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 268 - Oh No! Big Deal!

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Longevous Qingfeng said with a displeased expression, “Just because youre looking for someone, it doesnt mean you can come here unannounced! Get out!”

“Brother Qingfeng seems agitated!” Hou Xinghai frowned. He scoffed coldly, “Although youre reputable, youre just a solo cultivator while I have a Heavenly Sun Sect supporting me! This is a big deal. Even my Sect Master got involved. Are you sure you want to stop me”

“Hou Xinghai!” Longevous Qingfengs face blushed red. If this was in the past, he would not have gotten involved. After all, there was a Mahayala cultivator from the Heavenly Sun Sect. It was a top Sect, so he had to make way for them.

However, his guest was enjoying the show and this man came to ruin things. Did he even want to live on

Longevous Qingfeng said with a low voice, “Todays different, you cant look for anyone today. Hurry up and leave with your disciples. Itd be the best thing for you!”

“Youre threatening me” Hou Xinghai smiled arrogantly. He scoffed, “The best thing for me Im the Big Elder of the Heavenly Sun Sect, a Combination cultivator. Its always me being nice to the others. Why would I need you to be nice to me”

However, as he spoke, he felt a threatening Qi landing on his shoulder. This Qi was skyrocketing and it was heavy like a mountain. It instantly caused him to crash, falling from mid-air.

Swiftly after, Yao Mengjis voice suddenly rang in the air. “What is it Tell me!”

Hou Xinhais heart sank. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He could feel a wave of deadly anger coming from this Qi.

He shivered and his arrogant temperament vanished. Even his back was bent and he was unable to straighten it. He looked up at the flying figure in fear and made a gesture. “May I ask…”

Yao Mengji remained calm. His eyes sparkled as he said coldly, “Im Yao Mengji from the Linxian Palace!”

Hou Xinghais pressure intensified. He smiled apologetically and said, “Oh, its Senior Yao, I didnt know you were here. Sorry to have disturbed you. Please, dont be offended.”

‘Ha-ha, I dont mind you disturbing me, but the experts here. How daring of you!

‘If you disturbed the expert, youre disturbing me! Yao Mengji thought in his mind, his eyes sparkling like they were filled with electric current. He said coldly, “You better give me a reasonable explanation!”

Yao Mengji only asked after seeing the curious look on Li Nianfans face.

Hou Xinghai knew he was in trouble. He no longer spoke arrogantly, “Senior Yao, to be honest with you, I came here looking for a little girl to seek revenge for my Quan Zi!”

Yao Mengji squinted his eyes. “Tell me more!”

Hou Xinghai had a flash of hatred in his eyes. He said with sadness, “Theres a young demon woman. She has cultivated a type of demon-like ability to devour someone elses cultivation. Quan Zi was a good man, he liked helping the poor and weak. He was going to help someone. Little did he know hed be attacked by this demon, resulting in his Golden Core cultivation being destroyed!”

Everyone naturally neglected what he said. They all frowned. “Being able to devour someone elses cultivation How arrogant! This powers almost impossible!”

Hou Xinghai nodded in agreement. “Exactly, this kind of demon-like capability is against the Law! Thats why I came here to capture her!”

Yao Mengji saw that Li Nianfans face remained calm. He made a gesture and warned, “Go on, go on. Go and look for the person, but be careful not to ruin the convention.”

“Okay, Ill go right away,” Hou Xinghai said hastily. He then went away in light.

The crowd looked at his figure running away and they could not help smiling with amusement.

There was an Immortal up there. This man went over with such arrogance He got into trouble for sure!

Hou Xinghai had quickly vanished. His bent back instantly straightened up. He looked arrogant once again.

He glanced at the remaining five people and said, “Who wouldve thought that a Cross Tribulation cultivator would be present at this small Convention. Were unlucky! However, if we dont make a big fuss, we can still find this young demon lady!”

This was a small matter. Li Nianfan did not seem to mind it. However, there were too many unexpected things happening in this Immortal Realm. It was not very safe after all. The best way to deal with things would be to speak with ones power and capability.

“She can devour someone elses cultivation!” Li Nianfan could not help smiling. This reminded him of the absorbing power in his previous realm. As expected, this kind of power was regarded as demonic power in any realm.

Yao Mengji asked, “Mr. Li, would you like to continue watching”

Li Nianfan looked at the sky and shook his head. “Its getting late, lets call it a day.”

He had been watching the fight for quite a while. Even though they were fascinating, watching too much of it made it less impressive.

Longevous Qingfeng said apologetically, “Im so sorry to have let everyone down.”

The group descended from the tower. Longevous Qingfeng followed them and walked them to the hotel.

He politely sent Li Nianfan and Blackie back to their yard.

Yao Mengji then frowned. He looked at Longevous Qingfeng and asked, “Brother Qingfeng, what kind of man is Hou Xinghai”

Longevous Qingfeng said, “Hes the Big Elder of the Heavenly Sun Sect in his early-Combination realm. The Sect Master of the Heavenly Sun Sect is a late-Combination cultivator. Its considered as one of the top Sects in this area.”

“Hows his personality”

“Very arrogant,” Logevous Qingfeng said without hesitation. He was still upset about what happened today, so he did not cover it up. “Dont you listen to his one-sided words. His son isnt a good man. He was very arrogant and stole from the others. Its good news that his son is being destroyed.”

The Holy Emperor could not help sighing in awe. “I didnt expect that anyone in the world could possess the Power of Devour. This is shocking!”

Even Gu Xirou nodded. “This is indeed strange. This power is extraordinary. If someone saw it, perhaps it would cause a big fuss.”

Longevous Qingfeng saw through it. He smiled coldly and said, “I doubt the Heavenly Sun Sects merely trying to get revenge.”

After they bid their farewells, they all went away. Despite their curiosity, they were reputable people and could not simply go ahead with curiosity.

The sky was gradually darkening. Li Nianfan stood in the middle of the yard, his heart pounding. It was still early and he could not fall asleep. He was planning to go out for a walk.


He opened the door and walked out to the main yard.

He saw that the Holy Emperor and Dragin were in the middle of the main yard.

Dragin called out with delight, “Brother!”

“Mr. Li,” The Holy Emperor greeted.

Li Nianfan smiled curiously. “Youre all planning to go out”

Dragin nodded her small head. “Hmm, Id like Uncle Luo to accompany me to the night market. Brother do you want to come along”

“I dont mind,” Li Nianfan nodded. He added, “There are lots of people there. Dont run around. Also, dont show your demon features.”

There were too many cultivators there. It was not the best place for demons to hang around.

The three of them left.

After the rehearsal in the morning, the night market was livelier. However, some lights were searching in the air, making the atmosphere of the lively market a little heavy.

Compared to the daytime, the number of people searching had significantly increased. Furthermore, other than the Heavenly Sun Sect, some smaller Sects had also gotten involved in the search.

They did not dare to make a big fuss, but their heavy temperaments and judgemental looks made it hard to relax.

They focused on the young girls passing by. Within ten minutes, there were already ten or so lights staring at Dragin. Three lights even landed directly beside Dragin.

How terrifying!

Dragin frowned. She pouted as if she was wronged. She really wanted to swallow all these people!

The Holy Emperors face had also darkened. His anger was piling up like a volcano, ready to explode anytime.

However, he was very cautious. He was afraid that the expert would blame him.

How ignorant! How ignorant!

They were like a bunch of ants running around below the feet of an elephant. They were not afraid of being killed!

“Holy Emperor,” Li Nianfan suddenly said.

The Holy Emperor jumped. He said instantly, “Yes, Mr. Li. Im here!”

“I need a favor from you.”

“Mr. Li, please, tell me. Theres no need to be so polite with me,” the Holy Emperor said nervously.

Li Nianfan said, “In the letter written to me by Nanan, she said shell be attending this Cultivators Conventions, but I havent seen her. You cultivators are better at searching. Id like you to help me keep an eye on Nanan. I see that its quite chaotic in here. I hope she isnt hurt.”

He saw that everyone was looking at the young girls, interrogating them from time to time. He started to feel uneasy and worried about Nanan.

The Immortal Realm was too terrifying. She was just a young girl. Hopefully, she did not offend anyone.

“Dont worry, Mr. Li, Ill do my best.”

“Thank you.” The Holy Emperor followed Li Nianfan. His heart suddenly pounded heavily as Li Nianfans words rang in his head.

Since he had been following the expert around for quite some time, he knew that the expert did not like to say things explicitly. Therefore, he already had the habit of overthinking.

A small girl, the Power of Devour. He hoped she was not hurt!

These messages messed with his head. Suddenly, the Holy Emperor jumped. He was covered in a cold sweat.

He could not help recalling that night when the demon stole Nanan away. In the end, the paper with Li Nianfans writing instantly dried out the demon, sending its Yuan Ying cultivation into Nanans body!

Was that not the Power of Devour

Was Nanan the girl they were searching for

The Holy Emperors head almost exploded. He gulped with difficulty. He wanted to verify one last time. He asked anxiously, “Mr. Li, as for the Power of Devour, how do you feel about that”

Li Nianfan answered without pressure, “Actually, I dont think theres good or bad power. Its just like a knife. Even though you can kill with it, the danger depends on the person wielding it.”

It seems that the expert did not mind this power. This was an important message!

The hints combined were too apparent!

The Holy Emperors heart pounded heavily. He could not wait to tell this shocking news to the rest!

Oh, no! This was a big deal!-

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