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“Fight! Arent you ashamed!” a loud voice scoffed, followed by a shocking Qi of hatred and rage rushing toward them.

Longevous Qingfengs buttock was almost on fire. He was so anxious, he stared at Yun Mo and casted a spell.

Instantly, a wild wind blew.

He waved his hands and the wild wind gathered into a gigantic palm, attacking Yun Mo!

Yun Mos face darkened. His black robes started to glow. It moved with the wind, reflecting light in all directions. They formed a shield, blocking out the wild wind.

He frowned. “Brother Qingfeng, what do you mean”

“Youre asking me what do I mean I havent even asked you that!” Longevous Qingfeng was furious. He frowned and said, “I didnt do anything to you, why do you have to frame me!”

As he spoke, he casted a spell and a red flame appeared. They formed a long, flaming dragon, swaying in the wild wind while trapping Yun Mo inside.

“How dare you!”

The four people by Yun Mos side halted. They turned into lights and surrounded Longevous Qingfeng.

Yun Mo covered himself with a layer of water vapor. He gradually walked out from the flame, glaring at Longevous Qingfeng coldly. “What are you on about When did I frame you”

“You captured this girl. If you arent framing me, what are you doing” Qingfengs face was heavy like water. He gritted his teeth. “This girl has a brother whose existence is a taboo to be spoken of. How dare you touch her”

Yun Mo frowned in disbelief. “A taboo existence Whos that”

“You dont have the right to know! Get out of my sight!”

Beside them, a cold voice rang in the air. Swiftly after, clouds moved violently in the sky and gathered into the shape of a palm like a small hill. The palm appeared above the head of Yun Mo and suddenly slammed down!


Yun Mo had no chance to defend himself. His body fell from the sky and landed on the ground heavily.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. The black robes he wore had become extremely dull.

Gu Xirou, the Holy Emperor, and Yao Mengji appeared by Nanans side. Their hearts were pounding. Luckily, they came in time.

Yun Mo had chills all over. He stared at them in shock. He was dumbfounded.


Who was this little girl Why was there an Immortal looking after her

When Nanan saw the Holy Emperor, she was surprised and delighted. “Uncle Luo!”

She started crying after calling out to him.

“Alright, dont cry, were here to help you.” The Holy Emperor smiled. He then looked at Yun Mo coldly and said, “Sect Master Yun, do we have the right to speak to you now!”

“So…sorry.” Yun Mo trembled all over. He had become extremely humble. He smiled apologetically and politely. “I didnt know this young ladys a friend of yours. There mustve been a misunderstanding.”

Nanan cried out with reddened eyes, “Uncle Luo, the Heavenly Sun Sect killed my master!”

“No, it wasnt me! I didnt do it!” Yun Mos scalp was itching. He was very terrified. He shook his head vigorously as he denied.

The Holy Emperor did not care about him. He said to Nanan, “Nanan, what is it”

Nanan said, “I was attending the Cultivators Convention with my master. On the way here, we found a secret cave so we went in to look for an opportunity. Little did we know that Hou Qingwen and his group would attack us out of the blue. When we fought, my master was killed!”

She halted. Then, she said, her voice trembling, “However, I remember clearly that I killed him. So why isnt he dead yet”

Gu Xirous voice rang in the air, “Sect Master Yun, whatre you waiting for Do you want us to go and invite Hou Qingwen over

“Madam Immortal, please, wait. Ill go and get them right away!” Yun Mo stuttered. He was trembling all over. “However, I should clarify that I had nothing to do with this. I dont know anything. I was tricked into this. Im a victim myself!”

“Sect Master, Ill bring them over!” The other four said and instantly ran away as if they were impatient. They were so terrified that their souls had left their bodies. All they wanted was to get out of this place!

So terrifying!

Only Yun Mo was left. It felt like years passed as he walked on the border between life and death.

Luckily, it did not take long before a light approached them rapidly.

Hou Xinghais face was pale. He had a teenage boy with him.

Yun Mo finally unleashed his rage. He scowled and said, “Hou Xinghai, youre a pig! You gave birth to a pig son! Look at who you offended!”

Just as Hou Xinghai was about to speak, he felt his wrist hurting. Swiftly after, his Qi was all sucked out as his body simply shriveled up.

As he slowly died, he looked at his son in disbelief.

“The taste cultivators in the ordinary realm are indeed not bad.” Hou Qingwen licked his lips. His eyes turned red as his original body gradually grew taller while getting thinner.

In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a scrawny elderly man.

He laughed strangely and looked at Gu Xirou. “Luckily, theres an Immortal here.”


Everyone was dumbfounded at this sudden change. They could feel a dark and scary temperament exuding from this scrawny elderly man. They all looked shocked.

Together with the appearance of this scrawny elderly man, the sky had gradually turned darker as well. In the sky, a dark cloud gradually appeared, hovering above them all.

Gu Xirous face froze. “Who are you”

“Im a man whos fishing. It seems like my bait isnt too bad this time,” the scrawny elder scoffed, his eyes sparkling with darkness. He said, “However, you dont have to be nervous. I know someone is backing you. I didnt come here to make an enemy. Who knows, we could even become friends.”

Gu Xirous face remained unperturbed, her eyes alert. “If youre friendly, why would you play such a dirty trick”

The scrawny elder said, “A few ants died, making the game clearer while giving us an upper hand. Why not”

Gu Xirou frowned. “What do you want to do”

“I should be the one asking you that. What does the man behind you really want to do” The scrawny elder halted before he continued, “A Human Sovereign was born, the road between the Immortal Land and Immortal Realm was reopened, the Luck has been growing. Do you know that what the person behind you is doing goes against the Law From the breakdown of the road and the surge of demons, its evident that the ordinary realm has been neglected. The Luck of humankind is going downhill. This is the shared vision of many bigshots. The expert behind you suddenly appeared and messed with the setup. This wont end well.”

This was the first time they heard about this secret. Their hearts pounded.

Especially Yao Mengji and the Holy Emperor. They had cold sweat dripping all over them. Thinking back, if it was not for the expert stepping in, how would the ordinary realm fight against the demons It would likely end up in a mess!

They could not help feeling shocked while feeling grateful and delighted. So, the expert had gone against the Law for the sake of all humankind in this ordinary realm!

As the chess pieces of the expert, although they could not do much, they might have been involved in some ways. In other words, they saved the world!

Yao Mengji and the rest felt great about themselves. They were extremely excited.

‘Waa…the experts so kind to us. Not only does he give us opportunities, he even lead us to save the world. So what if its against the Law I wont regret even if I had to die for him!

Gu Xirou scowled. She said, “What the man behind us does is none of your business.”

The scrawny man did not hide the truth. He smiled and said, “My masters curious. Is he planning on something Since there are so many changes happening, if he could share his plan with my master, perhaps my master would be willing to be friends with him.”

Be friends with the expert Did they even have the right!

The crowd could not help laughing inside.

Gu Xirou wanted to do more for the expert. Thus, she tried to ask, “Why is the Luck of humankind going downhill What happened during ancient times Also, whos your master”

“Are you trying to get information from me” the scrawny elder laughed with no voice. “Unfortunately, I dont have the right to know about these things either. My patience is limited, show me some sincerity! Tell me everything you know!”

“Sincerity” Gu Xirous face froze. She flipped her wrists and a Guqin appeared before her. She exuded a layer of Immortal Qi. It was vague and authoritative.


The string was plucked, and instantly, the sound rushed toward the scrawny man.

Instantly, the air was filled with killing intent. The wind was blowing violently as the dark clouds in the sky were affected by the music. They started to fly rapidly, swirling in a mess.

Of course, they could be sincere. However, they would only show their sincerity to the expert!

Gu Xirous face darkened. Her eyes were filled with determination. She pestered, “Hurry up and leave. Let me handle this!”

“Lack of self-awareness! If youre asking for death, allow me! Nobody shall leave!” The scrawny elder had a glint of evil in his eyes. He pointed a finger and a silver bracelet appeared in front of him. The bracelet was glowing and there was a strange pattern carved on it. It looked as if there was silver liquid flowing in it.


The bracelet spun mid-air. A wave of silver liquid rushed out from above, rushing toward them.

The liquid was heavy. It looked like mercury. The sight of it caused ones head to buzz, making them dizzy as if their eyes could be destroyed.

The sight of it intimated everyone by instinct.


The liquid surged, and along with the huge waves, the water had surrounded them all in the blink of an eye!

There was still an unstoppable flow of silver liquid coming out from the bracelet, flowing toward the crowd!

The scrawny elder smirked coldly, “My Xuanyin Immortal Water will start from your blood and flesh and slowly work its way into your soul. It will corrupt you entirely. Youll experience the real sense of pain!”

“Ultimate Spiritual Treasure”

“Late Immortal Realm”

Gu Xirou had a look of despair. Once her instrument touched the Xuanyin Immortal Water, it would be destroyed. The difference was too big! She could not do anything.

Yun Mo and his men were so terrified. They were hiding by the side, trembling. They all fell to their knees, worshipping and begging, “Immortal, please, let us go. Immortal, please, let us go!”

Yun Mo hastily said, “Immortal, Im willing to be your slave. Please, let us go. We dont have anything to do with them. We dont know anything. Were innocent!”

“If you dont know anything, why would I need you You want to be my dog Are you even good enough”

The scrawny elder was not interested. He simply made a gesture and instantly, some of the Xuanyin Immortal Water had turned into small snakes, swimming toward them.

Once they were touched by the liquid, Yun Mo and his men jolted vigorously. They disappeared rapidly out of sight. Even their skeletons had melted away without leaving even a trace behind.-

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