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I m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 332 - Heavenly Temple. Daluo

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This felt like Immortalizing from the ordinary realm to the Immortal Land, transgressing to another dimension.

Of course, that was only an example. The truth was that the Heavenly Temple was located way above, higher than the sky. It was the so-called Above the Sky!

When they reappeared, the crowd came before the main gate.

The gate was heavy and ancient. However, it was broken. Almost half of it had turned into broken stones, fallen onto the ground. The other half was still hanging up there. There were two words showing: Southern Sky.

Ziye was instantly very emotional. She seemed nostalgic as she quickly marched forward. She said with a trembling voice, “Southern Sky Gate…”

Linzhu, the Immortal who only cared about the food finally showed some sadness. She looked at the broken gate, a layer of mist appeared in her eyes.

Urchin sighed gently. Back then, he came to the Southern Sky Gate. However, he was not powerful enough back then, he could only look at it from afar. He remembered that back then, there were soldiers guarding the gate with countless stars rotating around it. It was so glorious and eye-catching. One would want to worship the gate by looking at it from afar.

And now, he was standing right in front of it. It was nothing like the past.

The others were not as emotional. However, when they saw the sight behind the gate, they could not help looking shocked.

Looking ahead, there was a grand temple with unlimited thick clouds below. This temple was surrounded by clouds and a golden glow, as if glowing from within the clouds.

As if one was making this up, among this limitless glow, the temple seemed to have something flying above it, all over the place. There were hints of colorful clouds hidden, with strange sights happening from time to time.

Ye Liuyuns eyes turned red. He could not help saying, “Its the Heavenly Temple indeed, so majestic!”

Through the Southern Sky Gate, there was a long bridge connecting one into the temple. The bridge had a golden phoenix, unicorn and bearded dragon engraved on. There was some colorful Qi hovering above the bridge, making up a majestic sight.

Xiao Chengfeng could not help saying, “Brother Urchin, is this your Sect engraved on the bridge”

Urchin stroked his beard and said with a proud smile, “Ha-ha, the dragon, unicorn and phoenix were regarded as the first Divine Beasts. We symbolize peace and authority. Our symbols are not allowed to be engraved on any ordinary place. This Heavenly Gate is important enough to earn the rights to engrave the symbol of dragons, this is to help them higher their standards.”

The long bridge was arched. The middle was the highest point. Standing in the middle point, one could see the sight of the entire Heavenly Temple.

It was not then when they noticed that there was a river below the bridge. A stream of Star River twinkling under the bridge. The river was azure blue in color, different from the ordinary river. It blended in with the sky. The river surrounded the temple, thus one had to enter the temple from one of the four gates.

Daji looked around and said, “There are thirty-three temples in total.”

Ziye nodded, “Exactly, in fact, there are thirty-three temples in addition to the seventy-two pavilions.”

She could not help walking quicker, as if she could not wait to get to the front of the temple.

Walking away from the bridge, there was a white jade giant pillar. A jade unicorn was engraved on it, built upon the clouds, looking powerful.

Walking along the aisle, everything was exquisitely made. Built upon the clouds, one could almost see the realm below as one was walking down the aisle.

The first temple to the left had a glowing board stating: Wu Hao Temple.

Walking forward, it was the front of Yao Chi Temple. The main hall was the Rainbow Seven Pavilion, while the back hall was Tossiya Palace…

The crowd saw that each of the temples were locked up. Even though they were curious, they did not push open the doors.

Ziye looked at the familiar surroundings, she was uneasy, “I want to go to the Seven Pavilion, to see if my six sisters are still there.”

However, just as the crowd was about to walk forward, the originally calm Heavenly Temple had a wild wind blowing. The surrounding clouds changed as well, the temple that stayed calmed for however many years started changing.

“Who are you!”

Along with that, a fierce scoff was heard, followed by two figures marching over.

The two of them had golden armors and helmets on. They had halberds, stepping on the golden clouds, they exuded an air of authority as if they were the guards of the Heavenly Temple.

Ziye frowned, she asked, “Who are you all”

One of them had a stern look on, his voice growled like thunder, “Were the Heavenly Guards! They guard the Heavenly Temple! Speak! Why did you all get in”

Ziye scoffed coldly, “Nonsense! Ive never seen you all before! Youre not the Heavenly Guards!”

“Ha-ha, youre the one that got away” The other slightly chubbier guard scoffed coldly, “Were the new Heavenly Guards of the new era! The Heavenly Temple is permanently sealed, it wont appear anymore! Any trespasser shall be killed!”

With that said, the two guards got in action. They held on to their weapons and attacked the group of them.

In their surroundings, the force of Law rushed over, forming a rippling long river circulating. Swiftly after, the air felt twisted, giving one the sense of feeling unreal.

This feeling was strange, triggered by the Law, away from the usual life and death.

Urchins face changed, he said with a hoarse voice, “Two Daluo Golden Immortals!”

So Daluo Golden Immortals still existed in the world. However, they hid in those corners unknown to the public.

Linzhu hurriedly took out her lead, she tossed it in front, “Clear!”

The leaf flew in the air, forming a gigantic leaf shield, trapping the two Heavenly Guards.

The two Heavenly Guards lifted their hands in unison, they attacked with their weapons in hand.


They stabbed through the leaf.

Linzhu scoffed, she quickly made another gesture.

The leaf spread into countless smaller leaves. They surrounded the two guards like countless butterflies flying in the air, trapping them.

“Small things are giving out glow, eh”

A scoff was heard coming from the inside of the leaves. With a loud noise, a flame came out from within, burning down the leaves into ashes.

Linzhus hand waved it off. The leaves went back to her hand, but there were some burnt leaves among them. They were significantly weakened and harmed.


She opened her mouth and spat out blood.

“Take them down!”

The two Heavenly Guards were like the Gods from above, they held on the weapons and launched toward them.

Ye Liuyun gulped, his pupils dilated and growled, “Everyone, take action!”


He had a similar flame circling around him, roaring like a dragon, soaring to the sky.

Xiao Chengfeng plucked out his sword, the Sword Qi rushed to the sky, covering up the daylight.

The wings of the Fire Phoenix stretched out. With the in the center, the Phoenix Fire spread out all over. Instantly, the world had been transformed into an ocean of flame.

While Daji tilted her hand and removed the Xuan Water Bracelet. Layers of Xuanyin Immortal Water rushed out. Instead of forming a river, they formed an endless silky rain like the needles, shooting down at the two Heavenly Guards.

However, the two guards merely lifted their hands. The flaming long dragon turned around, forming layers of swirling flame. Instantly, they spread into the surrounding.

Ye Liuyuns flame was engulfed by their fame, the Phoenix Fire did not last long before being engulfed.

This flame was way too powerful, as if nothing could get away from it. It was able to turn everything into ashes.

Facing such flame, the crowd had to hide away, trying not to touch the flame by being super cautious.

“Samadhi Real Fire!”

Fire Phoenixs face was extremely heavy.

Although the Taiyi Golden Immortal was one realm away from becoming a Daluo Golden Immortal, the difference in power was huge and massive.

One could only get rid of the Five Decays after becoming a Daluo Golden Immortal, to stay beyond the reincarnation and live as long as the world. This was the key of why Daluo Golden Immortal was so much more powerful.

Two Heavenly Guards were glaring down angrily from above, they were very serious, “Dragon, phoenix, nine-tailed and the people of the temple, youre all so evil! Are you not surrendering yet”


Daji scoffed in a low voice, the Xuan Water Bracelet was spinning rapidly, turning into angry waves like a water python. They formed circles after circles around the two guards before freezing into ice.

The crowd did not hesitate, they flew toward the Southern Sky Gate.

Facing the Daluo Golden Immortal, and there were two of them! There was no way they could fight them!

In the Heavenly Temple, there were actually two Daluo Golden Immortals guarding This was way beyond their imagination!


The ice suddenly cracked open. Samadhi Real Fire lashed out, upon touching the Xuanyuan Water, it lost its colors and fell onto the ground.

“Where are you all going!”

The two Heavenly Guards scoffed and flew after them. They were flying so rapidly, they broke the law of speed and chased after them.

Their flame lashed out like a dragon after the crowd!

Fire Phoenix and Daji gritted their teeth and touched on the amulets in front of their chests.

Instantly, a layer of shield appeared. When the Samadhi Fire touched on the shield, a sizzling sound was heard.

The jade amulet vibrated and gradually rose up in the air. They got out of the necklace and hung in the air.

“What a powerful treasure amulet. The power of defence is beyond the Superior Heavenly Spiritual Treasure!”

The two Heavenly Guards were surprised. The flame was becoming more aggressive, it circled around their weapons and attacked the amulets!


The crowd did not stop, they had arrived at the Southern Sky Gate.

The amulets turned dull abruptly, they vibrated in the air but still perfectly slowed down the two Daluo Golden Immortals.

The crowd took a look back in fear. They jumped down from the Southern Sky Gate all at once.-

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