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“Naihe Bridge! Its the Naihe Bridge!” Meng Po looked at the bridge, her lips trembling as her body was involuntarily drawn to it.

Naihe Bridge was a very simple bridge, it was built in the shape of a bridge with no handle by the sides. Since there was no handle by the sides, the person walking on it had to be even more cautious. They dared not to push around, once they fell, they would have to bath in the Acheron again.

Meng Po gradually walked over, she saw that by the front of the Naihe Bridge, the stone board that was originally covered in soil was gradually rising up. On the board, two words were printed in an ancient blood ink: Naihe Bridge!

She squinted her eyes, her body bent as she gradually walked toward the bridge.

Standing on the highest point on the bridge, she could take in the entire view of the Acheron.

One would walk on the Neihe Bridge, gaze over the Acheron, recall ones past before drinking a bowl of Meng Po soup and then depart.

The golden sun was like the warming sun during the winter, the broken Underworld where the glow shone on was able to be brought back to life gradually.

When the Onis saw this sight, they could not help tearing up, they were all wailing painfully.

Black Impermanence stuttered, “Popo, this golden glow is…is Luck.”

“Yeah, its Luck! Luck actually came back to my Underworld!” Meng Po said in awe.

“Popo, I found it. These Merits came from the City God Temple of the Fallen Town. Its, its…” White Impermanence called out with so much excitement in his eyes, “Its the expert inscribing for the City God Temple! The expert is officiating the City God Temple, thus even Heaven verified it!”

“I guessed it, I guessed it!” Meng Po smiled with tears rolling down, she was extremely happy, “At the final moment of my Underworlds corruption, Luck came back. We received genuine help from the expert!”

At the moment that the golden glow was just about to vanish, it illuminated the two stone sculptures on the door of the Underworld.


The stone sculptures started to crack, pieces of crushed stones fell off gradually. The face of a horse and the head of a cow appeared.

It did not take long before their eyes started to move. They looked perplexed.

Black and White Impermanence flew over instantly, they called out with excitement, “Cow Head, Horse Face!”

“Old Black, Old White”

The Cow Horse jolted, their pupils dilated as if they had a wild dream. They rubbed their eyes in unison, “Whats the matter What happened I remember, I remember…that we were forever sealed.”

“Am I dreaming”

The Cow Horse had tears in their eyes, they were surprised. They thought that they would be sealed forever, it would be a lie if they said they were not scared. However, they held onto their fear and faced the fact that they would be sealed!

Now that they came back alive, they were still scared by the thought of being sealed for so long!

White Impermanence hugged on the Cow Horse and said with excitement, “Ha-ha-ha, its good that youre back, as long as youre back.”

“Welcome back, however now that the Underworld is pretty wasted, were all so worried. Now that youre back, you all have lots to do, ha-ha-ha…” Black Impermanence smiled.

The Cow Horse grinned, “Pretty wasted We like it!”

In front of the City God Temple, Li Nianfan retrieved the brush and stood upright.

The winter chill was very cold, a gust of wind blew by, blowing on the hair of the crowd. The paper rested on the table, similarly blown by the wind.

The paper was light but very stable, as if this wind would never dare to blow it away.

LI Nianfan looked it up and down before nodding with satisfaction. He asked, ” Im quite nervous to inscribe for the City God Temple. What do you all think about this”

The Holy Emperor did not hesitate as he blurted out, “Good words, so good! Mr. Li is indeed a genius!”

“Mr. Li is the only person in the world who could write out such words. These words would be able to be passed on for a thousand years!”

“Mr. Li is a genius, the blessing of the people and the entire civilization!”

The crowd understood the seriousness of this matter, they did not bootlick too far out. However, they praised sincerely, and this made Li Nianfan laugh out loud.

“Ha-ha-ha, nevermind about passing this on for a thousand years. I dont have this ability.”

“This realm of Mr. Li is so admirable!”

“Im guilty of myself, Im so guilty!”

The crowd used this chance to bootlick once again.

The Holy Emperor and Zhou Yunwu each cautiously held on one side of the paper. They politely presented it to the crowd.

“Eight hundred miles of lake and mountains made the sight, one hundred thousand fireworks returned here.”

Many people read it out loud, instantly bursting into a loud applause.

What was so impressive about this was that it gave off a realm. Even with no cultural background, one could still feel its power by listening to it.

These words instantly earned the applause of everyone, they were all in awe of Li Nianfans ability!

“Mr. Li is still alive. I think the City God should be Mr. Li. Hes the pride of our Fallen Town!”

“Yeah, thats right! Who could be as capable and perfect as Mr. Li! Ive no concern if Mr. Li acts as the City God!”

“I beg Mr. Li to be the City God!”

“Stop!” Luo Shiyu instantly stood out, “Shut up!”

Zhou Yunwu and the Holy Emperor were shocked, too. They scoffed, “Nonsense! Dont be rude!”

How daring of these people! How could they compare the expert to a mere City God These bunch of people were so shockingly ignorant and daring!

Li Nianfan looked awkward. These bunch of people did it out of kindness, but only a dead man could become the City God. If they begged him to become one, were they not begging him to die

Even though he was touched, he was not quite pleased.

He coughed gently, “Cough, cough. Let it go. They dont mean it the bad way.”

Meng Junliang said, “Mr. Li, Ill ask them to put up the paper, it will be placed on the pillar of the City God Temple.”

The Holy Emperor nodded, “Yeah, be careful. It has to be carefully done, Ill ask some cultivators to work on it.”

Li Nianfan smiled, “You all decided, I just happened to be here, I should go now.”

The crowd instantly said, “Well walk you.”

Inside the City God Temple, Black and White Impermanences phantoms gradually appeared. They both looked at the back of Li Nianfan and bowed politely.

Li Nianfan did not leave the Fallen Town, instead he went to the east side to look at the old tree.

After not seeing it for long, the old trees speed of growth had gone beyond Li Nianfans expectation. It grew over the height of one man. Furthermore, the half-dead stems below the tree had been gradually replaced by the new ones.

The branches grew upright, looking different from the ordinary trees. Even though it was now during winter, there were some jade green leaves on top, covered by a thin layer of white snow on the branches.

Li Nianfan was not surprised, he smiled, “Old tree, long time no see. Youve indeed changed, you even grew leaves in the winter.”


The branches shook, the layer of white snow on them flew in the air as if a fairy was splashing down the snow. The snow swirled down from above, making it seem so romantic and beautiful.

Of course, this was not by coincidence.

“Old tree, youre quite naughty.” Li Nianfan smiled as he patted the old tree. If he brought a girl here, it would be a perfect chance to impress her.

After chatting a few words with the old tree, Li Nianfan bid it farewell.

After coming back from the trip, catching up with the old tree was a must-do.

Dragin lowered her head sadly, she pouted and said in a low voice, “Brother, are we going back so soon”

She felt that she had just come out, she did not get to play around. It was simply walking around for one round, how meaningless!

Nanan could not help nodding, she said, “Yeah, the City God Temple is so lively, how fun! Lets go back there!”

“Of course we cant go back to the City God Temple.” Li Nianfan raised both of his hands and each ruffled Nanan and Dragins tiny heads, “I caught their attention back there, if I stayed there, both parties would get awkward. In fact, leaving right away was the best option. This is so that I can maintain my impression.”

Nanan and Dragin half-understood him, he seemed upset.

Li Nianfan had a thought, he instantly said, “Its still early, why dont we make a trip to the Clear Moon Lake We could admire the lake in winter.”

Now that he had a cloud, he could fly quickly. It was much quicker to get there compared to when he had to walk there by foot.

“Sure, great!” Nanan and Dragin nodded instantly.

Dragins eyes looked around, she asked, “Brother, would you like to visit my house”

“Your house” Li Nianfan could not help his eyes from lighting up. He felt that this was not a bad idea, “Wheres your house”

“My house is not far from the Clear Moon Lake. Its at the bottom of the sea.” Nanan promoted quickly, she pleaded, “My house is very beautiful and fun, come, come!”

Li Nianfan was getting more interested, he said, “Bottom of the sea Thats not bad, but Im afraid that the Merit doesnt shield me from the water.”

“Brother, shielding water is simple, Water Shielding Pearl doesnt cost any!” Dragin was very happy, she was extremely excited as she pestered, “Waste no more time, hurry up. Be my guest!”

Li Nianfan looked at Daji and asked, “Daji, what do you say”

“Ill listen to Mr. Li.” Daji hooked her arm around Li Nianfans arm, she leaned onto him, looking like a husband and wife.

“Ha-ha-ha, lets go and admire the world underwater!” Li Nianfan laughed.

A golden cloud appeared below his feet and they raced toward the Clear Moon Lake with speed.

It merely took a few minutes before they arrived at the lake side.

Other than the accumulated snow by the side of the lake, the entire Clear Moon Lake did not have any change. The large surface of the lake was calm like usual. It was not frozen, when the wind blew, the surface would form a layer of wrinkle.

Dragin took out an almost transparent blue pearl and casted a spell on it. Instantly, a glow came out from the pearl and made it turn gradually in the air before slowly sinking into the water.

As the pearl went in, the originally calm lake water opened up to each side, forming an empty path in the middle. The area was not small, it was a sphere with the radius of five meters

“Brother, lets go!” Dragin waved at him, she then drove the light and jumped into the water.

Li Nianfan smiled and followed behind her in the clouds.

Upon entering the water, Li Nianfan looked at the undersea world. Suddenly, he recalled the feeling of visiting an aquarium in his previous realm. Of course, this felt way better than that.

The water of the Clear Moon Lake was very clear, especially the water at the bottom of the lake, which was very clear and clean. Other than some occasional waves, it looked like back on the ground. Looking ahead, the entire underwater world was lit up.

This beauty was different from the land. It even touched on Li Nianfans feelings.

As they went deeper, more fishes started to appear. They were in all different colors and sizes, surrounding the crowd with curiosity for one around before escaping rapidly.

They could see the mud and rocks at the bottom. The green seaweeds on the mud, swaying in waves.

Li Nianfan could not help walking to the end of the emptied path, he reached out his hand.

Instantly, a wash of chilling feeling was sent all over his body through his hand. The wave swirled around his hand as if it was alive.

Li Nianfan quickly retrieved back his hand and put it inside his clothes to keep warm. “So cold.”

Meanwhile, something caught his eyes. He looked at the mud and cried out with delight, “hairy crabs”

Daji made a wave accordingly. The hairy crab that curled up in the mud was surrounded by the water. It was then pulled toward the crowd.

It raised up its two big pliers and looked at the crowd uneasily.

“Wow, what a big hairy crab!” Li Nianfans eyes sparkled, he could not help licking his lips, “The hairy crab in this season is the most delicious!”

Dragin frowned, “Is this edible Its too far from the seafood I eat.”

“You dont know. Hairy crabs have nice meat, their taste is very unique! You all will be the first to eat hairy crab in this Immortal Realm!” Li Nianfan said with excitement, he continued, “How could I forget about the hairy crab Now that I remember, Im craving for one!”

“Mr. Li, theres another!” Daji said as she raised her hand and easily captured another one.

“Nicely done!” Li Nianfan smiled, “Dont hurry, lets capture more. If were visiting Dragins house, we cant show up empty handed. If we bring over some hairy crabs, I think Brother Urchin wont say no.”

Meanwhile, at the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Inside the main hall, an elderly with messy hair was standing. The elderly had a pair of dragon horns on his hair, but one of the two was broken. He seemed pale, mad and anxious.

Urchin marched over quickly. When he saw this old man, his face changed, “Brother Uryun, why do you look like this”

“Brother Urchin, the Dragon King of the Southern Sea, Urwu has betrayed the dragon family. I used up my last breath to come here to warn you!”

Uryun grabbed on Urchin and said with a painful voice, he instantly coughed out blood. He took a deep breath and said, “My Dragons of the Northern Sea vanished during the catastrophe. The Dragons of the Southern Sea colluded with the demons, resulting in the entire dragon family to be badly harmed during the catastrophe. Now that Im not doing well, the dragon family relies on you!”

Urchins face sank down, “Urwu betrayed the dragon family!”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Uryun almost had a seizure, he held on Urchin and said with a hoarse voice, “I wont make it, you have to be careful.”

Meanwhile, a big carp wiggled in rapidly.

“Urgent! Urgent!”

“What is it”

“Princess said that the expert is coming, she asked me to rush over to let you prepare.”

Uryun waved it off, “Ask them to leave, leave right away. Didnt you see that us two brothers are catching up This is the last moment of my life, how could anyone disturb Nobody can disturb us!”

“The expert is coming” Urchin jumped up abruptly. His eyes widened as his face was filled with excitement and uneasiness.

“Make the arrangement! We must prepare well!” He started to pace around the main hall. Suddenly, he looked up at the dumbfounded Uryun and said, “Brother Uryun, how unfortunate. A special guest is coming, please accept my apologies for not being able to host you. Why dont you leave first”


Uryun spat out another mouthful of blood, he pointed at Urchin with his trembling finger. He was unable to believe what he heard with his own ears, he was deeply offended.

He sobbed, “Youve changed. Youve all changed!”-

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