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I m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 353 - You Must Be Burnt

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The Big Lord Demon watched as the Black Kirin left. His mouth moved. He wanted to cry out, but he could not think of the reason. He hesitated.

He looked at Black Kirin leaving arrogantly.

Sigh. What was it Why did he feel that what he had to say was related to Black Kirins life

Li Nianfan and the rest were walking casually as if nothing had changed. Everything was very calm.

Suddenly, the sky that was still clear darkened.

The dark night had fallen as if the sky was weighing down on them. Not only that, many twinkling stars appeared in the sky.

Li Nianfan halted. He looked up at the sky.

The stars were extremely bright. They were brighter than the ordinary stars. Surrounded by the stars, it no longer felt like nighttime. Instead, it felt as if he was standing under the galaxy, blending in with the blinking stars around him.

There were blinking lights that were glowing between the stars, acting as a bridge between the stars that joined the twinkling dots together.

Along with himself, the world around him seemed to have expanded a few times. They seemed to have entered another spacious world.

It was beautiful, but apparently dangerous.

“This…were trapped” Li Nianfan raised his brows. He found it hard to believe.

If they were being robbed, it should not look like this.

On the way, someone had tried to rob them. Some demons had also tried to block them. They had come across many things, but they had not seen such a big scene.

He had been a good citizen and did not leave his house often. He had not done anything to offend anyone. Why would someone trap him

Perhaps they found the wrong person

“Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha…”

In the next moment, a burst of wild laughter was heard coming from the starry night. Following that, the stars in the sky started to connect with one another. It did not take long before a starry image of a gigantic Kirin was formed.

“Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha…”

The laughter did not stop. Nobody knew how long it was trying to hold its laughter. It was so loud, it seemed as if the Kirin was losing control.

Dragin frowned and covered her ears. She almost cried. “What a disgusting laughter.”

The laughter stopped abruptly.

“Its been too long.” Black Kirins voice was hoarse and low. “Its been so many years. Nobody has ever dared to call my laughter disgusting. Youre a dragon indeed, annoying as usual!

“Since you dont like it, Ill have to laugh more. Small ones, join me!”


Instantly, other than the laughter of the Black Kirin, there was laughter coming from everywhere in the sky. They were all demons.

By Li Nianfans shoulder, the Fire Phoenix spread out her wings and her body enlarged. She turned into a flaming phoenix and rushed into the sky. Along with a huge flame, she was ready to engulf the entire starry night.

“Shut up!”

Her red eyes seemed like they were burning. She was surprised. “Kirin Youre still alive”

“Of course, were alive. Are you surprised” Black Kirin scoffed coldly. “The reason we stayed hidden was to wait for the arrival of a new era. Unfortunately, theres an obstacle. I came here today to clear it.”

The Fire Phoenix was sharp enough to understand what the Black Kirin meant. She asked, “So, the Kirins were involved in the previous worldly catastrophe”

“Ha-ha, it seems youve forgotten too many things.” Black Kirin smiled. He was covered by the stars, his body emitting an eye-catching brilliance. He exuded a powerful air.

“Right, during the last catastrophe, the phoenixes were slaughtered. You shouldve all vanished. It seems that youre the only phoenix left, having been reborn with the Real Spirit. You only have some fragments of memories left.”

Black Kirin continued to explain, “In the last catastrophe, we were indeed involved. The Kirins have always been the most powerful beings in the world. After the catastrophe, the Dragons and Phoenixes vanished, ending up badly while the Kirins got back on our feet!”

The Fire Phoenixs brows furrowed. Her wings were spread out showing no traces of flames. The body of Black Kirin was covered in a bright red flame. The flame was fierce and wildly boiling.

“Dont bother. In here, you cant even touch me.” The stars in the sky connected with one another. Instantly, they formed other Kirins that looked exactly the same. They were all over the sky.

The group of Kirins had the same movements. They stood in the air, looking at the crowd.

Their mocking voice resonated in the air, “Youre all lucky to have survived. Today, Ill wipe you all out on behalf of the Lord Demon!”


A flash of light shot out from the sky, forming a lightning pillar between the sky and the ground.

The Fire Phoenixs wings spread out again. The same flame rushed upward and fell from above. It crashed into the lightning pillar. The two did not make any sound as if they were not fighting one another.

However, in the next moment, the stars started to circulate. The pillar was suddenly expanding. Its speed and power were very strong, and it easily disappeared, only to charge at the Fire Phoenix.

The Fire Phoenix stretched out her wings and tried to shield herself from them.

However, swiftly after, another lightning pillar shot toward Fire Phoenix from the sky.

There were many stars there. There was no safe spot at all.

Black Kirin seemed to be enjoying the feeling of winning. The lightning pillar was like a gun, shooting at the Fire Phoenix. Even though the flame of the Fire Phoenix was strong, it could not withstand this sky-full of stars.

Jiese, Dragin, and the rest could only watch. They wanted to help but could not. This level of fighting was beyond them.

Daji stayed by Li Nianfans side without moving as her eyes stared at the starry sky.

Li Nianfan looked up at the sky. This was no longer his first time witnessing a fight. What he cared about was the news he heard.

It seemed that the world became this way due to the catastrophe they mentioned. Furthermore, it seemed that this catastrophes goal was to return the world into nothingness.

Other than the dragons and phoenixes, the victims included countless Immortals and demons. Even the Underworld and Heavenly Temple were damaged by this catastrophe. One could tell how scary it was.

According to the stories he was familiar with along with his innovative thinking, Li Nianfan easily concluded.

Behind each catastrophe was the calculation of the Saints. The Saints calculations were closely related to the world.

The dragons and phoenixes were in trouble and the witches had been defeated. Nuwa created human beings as the main characters of the world. TheJourney to the West promoted Buddhism, while theInvestiture of the Gods established the Heavenly Temple but weakened the disciples of the Saints.

This catastrophes destructiveness was extremely scary. It was a big wipe-out that degenerated the entire world.

Li Nianfan had a thought. Exactly, it degenerated!

According to what the Kirin said, many beings vanished except the Kirin family. They were powerful like the King!

If so, the main goal of the catastrophe was to degenerate the world. With that, the stronger ones could survive, and the powerful survivors would easily take charge of the world!

How ambitious! However, nobody knew who was behind all of these.

Meanwhile, Dajis eyes focused slightly.

With a spell, the Xuanyin Immortal Water of the Xuan Water Bracelet gathered into a water dragon. The water dragon gradually condensed and formed into an iced dragon, exuding an extreme chill. With a flick of its tail, it rose to the sky toward one of the stars.


Instantly, a lighting pillar lashed out from the surrounding stars, stabbing the ice dragon from all directions.

Black Kirins voice was heard, “This is a formation formed using the Lord Emperors River Map Chart. How dare you think of breaking it down What a joke!”

Li Nianfans heart sank. He said, “River Map Chart Could this be the legendary ultimate formation of the Zhou Heavenly Stars”

The River Map Chart was a record of all the mountains, rivers, and land of the world. It also contained the Zhou Heavenly Stars Formation. The power of the stars could be used by the people. Thus, the more people there were, the more they could borrow the power of the stars and become more powerful.

“Wow!” Black Kirin seemed to have just noticed the ant below its feet. It looked at Li Nianfan in shock. “Ordinary man Whod have thought that an ordinary man would know about the Zhou Heavenly Stars Formation An ordinary man!”

Li Nianfan was trying to get more information out. “The Zhou Heavenly Stars Formation is the ultimate treasure of the Lord Emperor Jun. Were you referring to the Lord Emperor Jun”

“You even knew about Emperor Jun” Black Kirin was shocked. It stared at Li Nianfan with disbelief from left to right, up to down. Finally, he came up with the conclusion that he was a mysterious ordinary man.

However mysterious he was, he was still an ordinary man.

Black Kirin did not care. “Ha-ha, Emperor Juns dead. Now, the Lord Emperors the leader of all Kirins! Right, why am I speaking to you” Black Kirin realized and said with anger. “Ants dont have the right to speak to someone like me. Argh! Formation! Go!”


Among the starry sky, all the stars suddenly became even brighter. Their dazzling brilliance formed a gigantic screen lashing downward. Each ray of light was solid like a pillar, connecting the sky with the ground. The entire world had turned into an ocean of light.

Meanwhile, the temperature started to rise during the day.

Black Kirin laughed wildly. “Ha-ha-ha, watch me melt you all! Are you hot now”

“Brother Kirin!”

Meanwhile, a panicked voice came from behind. It was the Big Lord Demon rushing over rapidly.

Black Kirin halted. “What is it”

“That very important matter, I finally recalled…”

Black Kirin was impatient. “Thats it Wait until I kill them first!”

“Please, stop! Listen to me, that ordinary mans a Deluxe Merit Saint!”

Black Kirins head buzzed. “That ordinary mans a what”

“Deluxe Merit Saint!”

“What Saint”

“Deluxe Merit Saint!”

“Whos the Deluxe Merit Saint”


He was answered by a thick pillar and blue and black lightning.

This lightning was too terrifying. The moment the strike landed, the entire world almost halted. Looking from afar, that was not lightning at all. It seemed like a crack in the sky.

It was too terrifying. It contained a shocking destructiveness that was spreading out. The flowers and grass within the radius instantly died out all at once.

Zhou Heavenly Stars Formation was like a piece of paper. It instantly cracked up. Black Kirin did not even manage to make a sound before falling from the air. The other demons were instantly vaporized without even a fur left behind.

Big Lord Demon was still rushing in this direction. Meanwhile, he abruptly turned around, all his hair standing up. Without a doubt, he turned and ran away at a way quicker speed.

Too terrifying, too cruel!

Although he had become scrawny, compared to how Black Kirin ended up, he was too lucky.

With that, he ran ten thousand miles away in one breath to calm down slightly.

Meanwhile, by his chest, a black stone gradually floated in the air. It had black smoke circulating around it, condensing into a black skeleton.

Big Lord Demon quickly greeted, “Greetings to Lord Demon.”

The black skeleton asked, “Hows it going”

Big Lord Demon stuttered, “There are some challenges. Black Kirins probably dead.”

“What” The black skeleton was so shocked that its jaw dropped to the floor.

“It hasnt even been that long but Black Kirins already dead”

Big Lord Demon bit his tongue. “He offended a Deluxe Merit Saint…”

“So stupid! Why cant he be more careful” The black skeleton shook its head. “Whatever, I didnt think hes that smart anyway. The Kirins are in fact unreliable!”

After a moment, the skeleton said in a low voice, “Luckily we have a backup plan. Now that the Lord Demon Gods getting involved, the setups complete. You only have to do as I tell you.”

The formation vanished, the brightness resumed.

Li Nianfan and the rest looked over. Not far away from them, a dark green Kirin was laying on the ground. It was not moving as green smoke was coming out of its body.

Walking closer, they saw that by the corner of its eyes, there were some stubborn tears. It seemed so sad.

‘How can he forget such an important matter about the Deluxe Merit Saint I dont believe him!

‘Hes framing me intentionally!

‘Im not giving in! I died an unjustified death!

Li Nianfan merely sighed. “I do feel a little hot, but youre probably burnt.”-

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