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The Wolf Monster sniffed, its fangs poking out from the corner of its mouth. It exclaimed in delight, “Thats it! Its the scent of the nine-tailed fox. Its here!”

The Cow Monster laughed, “Hahaha! Our Lord is smart to have found the exact location of the transformed fox. We found it from its scent and we didnt even have to search the whole mountain.”

“I cant believe this fox was brave enough to transform! Back in the day, we were looking for her everywhere. Weve been so familiar with her scent,” The Wolf Monster said with a glint of hatred in its eyes.

“Yeah, if she didnt transform, we wouldnt even dare to locate her,” the Cow Monster nodded with a hint of fear in its eyes. The nine-tailed fox was way too powerful.

Back then, their Lord had fallen for a six-tailed fox and wanted to marry it. However, the fox escaped after being severely injured. Somehow, the fox reappeared sometime later. Its injuries were not only fully recovered, but its power became stronger. After that, the six-tailed fox cultivated into a nine-tailed fox within a few years. Even their Lord had to stay away from it.

However, she chose to transform!

Of course, they had to capture the fox at her weakest!

The Cow Monster asked, “Since weve found it, shall we report back to our Lord”

“What for Time is ticking. This nine-tailed fox is cautious, and if we miss this chance, she might escape. Also, she only transformed recently. With no powers, it wouldnt take any effort to capture her anyway,” the Wolf Monster smirked.

The Cow Monster was excited. “Youre right! Once we capture the nine-tailed fox, our Lord will reward us heavily.”

The Wolf Monster was smiling secretly. Why would it bring the nine-tailed fox to its Lord What greater reward was there than the nine-tailed fox itself A transformed monsters Dan was very beneficial. Once he swallowed it, even its Lord had to fear him.

With that, they approached the four-part architecture. As they got closer, the sight of the architecture exuded an ancient aura.

“The Spiritual Qi is so strong here and the view is nice. The nine-tailed fox is good at finding her spot!” the Wolf Monster exclaimed as it sized up the architecture. A hint of delight flashed in its eyes. “Well use this as our resting nest!”


Meanwhile, they realized that a scholar was sitting in front of the four-part architecture. The scholar had the temperament of a book nerd, and he was a thoroughly ordinary man. The first impression he gave off was that he was weak and useless.

“Where did this poor scholar come from We can have him as our snack,” the Cow Monster said, licking its lips.

Following the gaze of the scholar, they saw the couplet on the door. Suddenly, they jolted.

“This couplet contains Insights!” the Wolf Monster cried out. “Treasure. This is a precious treasure! This mustve been left behind by some bigshot before becoming an Immortal!”

Following that, they saw the jade pendant beside the couplet, and lust overwhelmed their gazes.

“This must be the residence of a cultivator before he became an Immortal. This place seems so precious and valuable!” The Wolf Monster had buzzing in its ears. Overwhelmed by this discovery, he said, “This will be my territory from now on!”

‘No wonder the nine-tailed fox grew up so quick. It mustve been because of this place! Im rich! Im going to be rich!

The Cow Monster and the Wolf Monster trembled with excitement, their monster cheeks flushing red. The Wolf Monster was getting impatient, so it launched toward the couplet and the jade pendant, about to put these treasures inside its pocket.

“Stop right there!”

Meng Junliang called out, standing up from the stone stool. He frowned at the Wolf Monster. “This is not the place for you to be and you dont have the rights to look at the couplet. Go away.”

The Wolf Monster and Cow Monster seemed perplexed. They looked at the scholar and could not believe what they just heard.

The Cow Monster pointed at its nose and asked, “Are you talking to us”

Meng Junliang nodded. “Thats right. You two.”

The Wolf Monster and CowMonster exchanged a look as they simultaneously touched their heads.

True enough, their heads were still the heads of monsters. How did this ordinary man not faint yet He even talked to them

The Wolf Monster smiled. “A mere ordinary man who exists like an ant. How dare you speak to me Youre asking for death!” Its voice was incredibly deep as it spoke. A stinking gust of wind blew out from its mouth, intending to scare off the scholar.

The scholars clothes made the sound of a thunderclap upon the gust of wind, but his eyes remained transfixed at the Wolf Monster, his face emotionless.

“This scholar is very likely to have been terrified or gone crazy,” the Cow Monster concluded.

The Monster Wolf nodded in agreement. “Never mind. When we kill him later, lets not eat him or he might ruin our brains.”

They completely ignored the scholar and continued walking toward the couplet.

Meng Junliangs face sank a little. He blocked the Wolf Monsters path. “How dare you! Mr. Lis land is not a place where two filthy animals like you can disrespect.”

The Wolf Monster was out of patience by then. Its violent and murderous intent rose to the sky. He growled, “Stupid scholar! I was going to kill you after getting the treasure, yet you keep buzzing like a fly! Die now!”

An evil smirk appeared on the Cow Monsters lips. “Ill show you how cruel I can be!”


Gusts of demonic wind blew toward the scholar. The black-colored wind was sharper than a blade, corroded with poisonous gas ready to cut his body into pieces.

However, Meng Junliang stood on his spot transfixed. Even though his hair was fluttering in the wind and his clothes were flying vigorously, his body remained unmoving like a mountain. When the black wind blew at him, it automatically moved away from him, leaving him untouched!

A strange temperament exuded from him. In that instant, it felt like he was the only thing separating the sky and the ground.

“How Hows this possible” the Wolf Monster and Cow Monster cried out with disbelief, their eyes wide like saucers.

Meng Junliang shook his head. He raised his hand to point at the two of them as he sighed, “Return to your basic form!”


A monstrous Intent descended from the sky, enveloping the two monsters. The air started swirling upward with a massive reverse of the law of gravity!

“No! No…”

“Forgive me! Forgive me!”

The two monsters were unable to move, overwhelmed with shock and fear knowing that they were facing death. The devastating crisis made them tremble from head to toe and their eyes filled with despair.

In the next moment, their bodies started transforming and returning to their basic forms.



There was no extravagant fight, nor any shocking spiritual power. In the blink of an eye, the two Monster Kings returned to their basic forms.

Right then, a cow and a wolf were left listlessly on the ground. Even their evil spirits were no longer present. They had become an ordinary cow and wolf.

Meng Junliang looked at them. He shook his head and sighed. “Its not easy for animals to cultivate into spirits, yet your path was crooked.”

With that, Meng Junliang took one last look at the couplet, raised both of his hands, and bowed sincerely at the four-part architecture. One step at a time, he left the place just like how he came.-

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