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Blackie walked nonchalantly with the Deified Dog.

Gradually, a burst of strange laughter and the banging of metal was heard from the front.

A powerful demonic Qi was expanding in space. The atmosphere was somewhat strange and heavy.

Blackie remained calm and walked forward.

It did not take long before they came across a group of soldiers up ahead. They were made of all kinds of demons in weird shapes and costumes. They had weapons in hand and fangs showing. They were laughing at Blackie and Deified Dog.

Some small demons were around a pot, banging it to make a noisy sound.

In the pot, the water was already boiling. There were bubbles and smoke.

Rhino Demon laughed. It looked at Blackie and it was already drooling. “Two small Dog Demons are finally here. I dont get to see such a well-fed ordinary dog that often. It must taste good.”

The Rhino Demon naturally neglected the Deified Dog. Dogs with long fur were not tasty. Their meat was nowhere close to the ordinary dog.

Blackie looked at the bowls around them and said calmly, “So lively. I watched a good show and now someones cooking for me. How nice.”

Rhino Demon laughed mockingly, “Ha-ha-ha, not bad at all. Come over, come into the pot, lets all eat dog meat.”

“Ha-ha-ha, what an innocent and stupid dog, were cooking you to eat!”

“I think brewed dog meats nicer!”

“Dog broth is nicer!”

“Cold and raw dog meat isnt that bad either. Oh no, Im so hungry!”

Many small demons started laughing. They hit their bowls even louder. They were getting impatient.

Blackie walked nonchalantly toward the Rhino Demon. He said, “I wonder how I shall be eating the Rhino meat, then”

The noise of the demons halted abruptly. They stared at Blackie with looks of disbelief.

“How daring!”

The Golden Eagle Demon scoffed, “Youre about to be dead, why dont you kneel and beg to have a more pleasant death instead”

Blackie saw the golden eagle and recalled with a nostalgic look, “I remember how my master used to make eagle broth. I miss it dearly, I want to taste it again.”

“Nonsense! So youre a stupid dog, you came here to be killed!”

Rhino Demon looked at Blackie who was now in front of it and its eyes glinted. It did not want to speak anymore. It raised the mace and smacked Blackies head!

Blackie raised his paw. With a loud noise, sharp claws appeared with a chilling glow. With a gentle wave, it collided with the mace. Blackie then retrieved his claws and blew on them with a cool pose.


With a ring, the thick mace was cut into three. It was still in the air when it instantly exploded.

Rhino Demon looked up in the air and down at the short end of the mace that was left in its hand. It was dumbfounded.


All of the demons were staring with their eyes widened, mouths opened. Their jaws were already on the ground.

“This…this…my mace…”

The Rhino Demons mind blanked. It was overwhelmed by feelings of shock and terror.

The mace was an Ultimate Spiritual Treasure! The dog paw was not even a treasure and yet it was able to cut the mace into three!

What kind of power was that

It shivered vigorously. Its scalp was about to break open and it dared not move or even breathe.

A chill rushed into its bones. Its mouth trembled as it stuttered, “I—I—I…”

Blackie said calmly, “Come, lets brainstorm. Feel free to speak your mind, everyone… How shall we cook the rhino meat”

Ordinary realm.

Fallen Immortal Mountain.

A cloud came by and landed by the foot of the mountain.

Other than Daji and Fire Phoenix, there were the Jade Emperor, the Empress, Xiao Chengfeng, Change, and Ao Cheng.

This was a big group. They could not fit in more.

The group followed Daji and hiked up the mountain. They had so many thoughts in mind.

The Jade Emperor and Empress were anxious. They did not know whether the expert was happy about their performance. Although they tried their best, Daji and the rest were severely wounded. They also did not take down Lord Kunpeng. This result was not ideal!

If they were to be graded, they might not even pass!

Ao Cheng supported Xiao Chengfeng. He had a complex look as he said in a small voice, “Brother Xiao, do you think the expert will be able to heal you”

Xiao Chengfeng was severely wounded!

The fight between Immortals was unlike fights between ordinary people. When an Immortal was wounded, even their Primordial Spirit would be wounded!

Therefore, the Immortals would not necessarily be able to self-heal. Once they were severely wounded…or rather, if the blow was so powerful that they were wounded, it was not easy to be healed.

The truth was that many of them were wounded in this battle. Even though they were not too severe, they lost at least a hundred years worth of cultivation.

In the case of Xiao Chengfeng, he was lucky to be still alive. However, his roots were broken off and his Immortal shell was destroyed. This was not something that could heal over time. It had ruined all of his cultivation and his Five Decays could even approach earlier. He might not have a lot of time left to live.

After all, he was fighting an opponent that was a realm higher than him. He used his body to crash into a Daluo Golden Immortal. The difference was too big.

Xiao Chengfeng halted. He was no longer boasting. He shook his head bitterly, “My wound…its too difficult to heal.”

Ao Cheng nodded. “Yeah.”

Xiao Chengfeng said, “The experts living as an ordinary man, how could I disturb him from doing so Whether I recover or not, let it be.”

The Jade Emperor said, “General Xiao, my Heavenly Palace does have a way to keep you alive and stabilize your Primordial Spirit. Unfortunately… Im afraid your cultivation can only go this far.”

This was similar to theInvestiture of the Gods. Once he entered the investiture without a complete Primordial Spirit, the cultivation would remain the same.

Xiao Chengfeng forced a nonchalant smile. “Ha-ha-ha, thats not bad. Im tired from holding the sword. I want to retire. Itd be nice to get an admin job in the Heavenly Palace.”

Ao Cheng sighed to himself. He said, “Yeah, you can compile more boastful statements and make them into a book. Isnt that more fun than fighting Im envious.”

He could not help thinking about the Western Sea Dragon King. His hand and tail were broken off. His injury was as severe as Xiao Chengfengs. Meanwhile, he had retired in the dragon palace.

As they spoke, the four-part architecture gradually appeared in sight.

Everyone stopped talking. They composed their thoughts.

Daji went forward to knock on the door. She said gently, “Mr. Li, are you here I came back.”

She sounded excited. Unknowingly, it had been more than a month since she had seen her master. She missed him.

It did not take long before Li Nianfans voice was heard from the inside. He sounded surprised. “Yo, my Dajis home Nanan, hurry up and open the door!”


The door was opened. Nanan stood by the door. She smiled at them and said, “Sister Daji, Sister Fire Phoenix, everyone, please come in.”

Daji and the group gradually walked inside. They saw that Li Nianfan was standing in the yard, holding a brush as if he was drawing.

With just a glance, they were dumbfounded.

Although they had not seen the painting, they seemed to have already heard the sound of waves. A majestic Qi was coming out from Li Nianfan. The crowd felt hard to breathe.

Almost like a hallucination, they thought they saw a massive wave behind Li Nianfan, coming up from the ground and covering up the sky. It formed a curtain. The water element laws were filling up the entire space. At this moment, the crowd almost thought they were some fish swimming in the ocean.

It was merely a painting and yet, they already felt like some fishes. This was…too unrealistic!

What kind of painting was that

The Jade Emperor and Empress finally understood why the little fox could imitate such a powerful Qi. Every move and word from the expert was filled with the powerful Qi, not only when he was playing chess!

When Li Nianfan saw the crowd, he did not hesitate to stop painting even though he was only halfway. He smiled at the crowd and said, “You all formed a group and came to visit”

The Jade Emperor and Empress saw how Li Nianfan was acting as if nothing was happening. They were perplexed.

This was such a majestic work. They thought one would have to self-isolate for a long while to cultivate the right realm and mentality to paint it

After all…this was a powerful painting!

In other words, even if they used up all of their cultivations, they still would not be able to paint at this level. Even a Saint would have to spend quite a lot of effort.

And Li Nianfan…simply let the others disturb him. He even stopped his painting

The Jade Emperor felt his scalp go numb watching Li Nianfan. He felt his worldview being refreshed all over again. He quickly tried to calm down and said, “By coincidence, we came to disturb Lord Saint all at once.”

He spoke as he used the corner of his eyes to glance at the painting. Instantly, his pupils dilated and his body jolted. He had goosebumps all over.

He saw that by the corner of the painting, there was a line of impressive words written,In the northern ocean, theres a fish!-

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