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Li Nianfan took a bite of the plum. The sweet and sour liquid flowed down his throat. Although it was just a small bite, it was like drinking a small sip of water, very satisfying.

Furthermore, this sweet and sour taste triggered his tastebuds. It was indeed a very memorable experience.

The texture was good, the taste was unique.

“To be fair, the plums taste…yummy!”


Li Nianfan took another bite.

By the end, only a dragon eye-sized seed was left. The seed was brown with a glowing and smooth surface. It looked good.

“Keeping the seed to plant a few more trees!”

Li Nianfan felt better about parting after eating this.

Following that, he picked more fruits before walking out from the backyard.

By the gate of the four-part architecture, Li Nianfan reminded them, “Daji, if you face any challenges, dont force it, okay Safety first.”

Daji nodded.

Li Nianfan looked at Nanan. “Nanan, where are you planning to go”

Nanan seemed to already have a plan. She said, “Im planning to find Little Fish in the Tianyun Sect. Ill travel to the East.”

Li Nianfan smiled and nodded. “This is a good plan. Dont let Little Fish get bullied.”

Nanan promised, “Dont worry, you can count on me!”

He then ruffled Dragins tiny head. Dragin was going back to the Eastern Sea. He had nothing to warn her about. “Remember, when you eat, you should share the food, okay Since I have a lot here anyway.”

Dragin nodded vigorously.

Li Nianfan waved them off, “Ive nothing else to say. Be careful out there, go on.”

Daji and the rest looked unwilling to part. They bit their lips and waved, “Goodbye, Mr. Li.”

“Goodbye, Brother.”


He watched them walking down the mountain. Li Nianfan was very emotional.

The bigshots around him were those who would go on and save the world!

“Nothing to be sad about. Even in the past realm, parting was a common thing anyway, let alone this demonic cultivational world.”

Li Nianfan shook his head and let go of the thought. “Even the stupid dog ran out. Well, its good that theyre gone, I get my peace.

“Xiao Bai, go and make me a glass of milk tea.”

“Yes, my master.”

On the other end.

Daji and the rest walked to the foot of the mountain and parted ways.

Daji and Fire Phoenix did not stop and went straight to the Heavenly Palace.

Taibai Jinxing instantly greeted them, “Greetings to Immortal Daji, Immortal Fire Phoenix.”

Although he was the leader of the Immortals, he dared not appear arrogant in front of Daji and Fire Phoenix. Anyone knew they had the expert supporting them, only a fool would offend them!

Daji said, “Wed like to meet with the Jade Emperor and Empress.”

Taibai Jinxing said instantly, “Please, wait a moment. Ill inform them right away.”

It did not take long before the Jade Emperor and Empress rushed over. They made a gesture, “Immortal Daji, Immortal Fire Phoenix.”

“Greetings to the Empress.”

Daji nodded and said directly, “I came here wanting to hear about one matter. Do you know what happened to the sky in the ordinary realm”

The Empress said, “You two came here especially for this”

Daji nodded and said, “My master didnt seem pleased about the blood-red sky. He hopes to have it removed soon.”

“The expert asked about this”

The Jade Emperor halted. He then let out a long sigh. “Yeah, the experts in the ordinary realm. This is a big matter. We didnt manage to resolve this in a short while. We even affected the experts mood. This is our mistake!”

“Oh, its a mistake. Its a big mistake!” The Empresss heart jumped. She quickly said, “Its our greatest blessing to have the expert staying in our world! Its our mistake to have affected the experts mood! No way! We must hurry up!”

The Jade Emperor nodded. He said, “Ask Yang Jing to come over, its urgent!”

Fire Phoenix frowned. “Whats the matter”

The Emperor took a deep breath. He said, “Its Styx Laozu. Hes ready to take the Killing Path. In the Bloody Sea, his bloody clones are too powerful. Along with the thousands of Asura Bodies, the three realms have become unstable.”

“After the big catastrophe, our world lacked order. This allowed demons like Styx Laozu to be so wild.” The Empress had a straight face. She squinted her eyes and said, “He saw that the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld have been rebuilt, so he panicked. Hes having an all-in gamble! If he succeeds, nobody knows what our world will become!”

The Jade Emperor said, “Most importantly, if this worlds ruined, itll affect the experts mood. It doesnt matter if we die, but we cannot affect the expert!”

Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

Meanwhile, Yang Jing followed behind Taibai Jinxing. He seemed anxious.

“I already said, we cannot wait! Look, now it affected the expert! The expert helped me to improve. He did that so I could make sure he lives in comfort! Now that this has happened… Im so guilty!” Yang Jing walked as he complained.

The expert helped him a lot. If he could not fix this, he would be so guilty. If it was not for the Jade Emperor talking him out of it, he would have rushed over to kill them all.

“Styx Laozu knows the game, he must have backup plans. We cant simply move without a plan.” The Jade Emperor sighed. He said, “Any news from Mosquito Taoist”

“Yes!” Yang Jing nodded. “Styx Laozu massacred the villages around the Xia Kingdom. The Xia Kingdom is his target, and hell have his Bloody Sea Formation there. He wants to engulf the Human Sovereign!”


Instantly, a layer of frost appeared around Daji. She said coldly, “With that said, my masters Fallen Town will be included How daring!”

The Jade Emperor and the rest jolted. They shivered and stuttered, “This cannot be delayed any longer. Call out for them, were taking action now!”

That was the experts Fallen Immortal Mountain! Styx Laozu had a problem with his head! What an idiot! How dare he! How daring!

The ignorant ones had no fear! This could not be more true!

Of course, they did not think Styx Laozu could harm the expert, but this would make the expert displeased. That would be bad! They would rather die!

This was equivalent to ones boss coming to ones house as a guest only to have ones dog barking at the boss the whole time. It was not a pleasant feeling.

Yang Jing was impatient. He flew up and went ahead. “Styx Laozu has already started, waste no time. We rush over now, now!”

The Jade Emperor and the rest flew up into the air, too.

“Lets go, lets go!”

Meanwhile, at the Eastern Sea.

A bunch of Sea Race gathered to have a meeting.

The Southern Sea Dragon King walked over with his chest puffed up. He was exuding a powerful temperament with his Quasi-Saint Qi all around. It caused the sea to ripple in waves.

Ao Chengs face straightened as he said, “Ao Li, what do you mean You want to be a rebel”

“Hmph! Of course not! Ill let the Nine-Tailed Fox be the Demon King!” Ao Li scoffed. He then continued, “However, a Demon Kings a Demon King, and a Dragon Kings a Dragon King. We must pick someone from the dragons to be the spokesperson. For that, Im the one!”

Ao Yun frowned and said, “Ao Li, dont you forget youre a prisoner. We didnt want to lose a powerful dragon so we spared your life. Have you forgotten your lesson”

Ao Li was not happy. “If it wasnt for the Demon King, do you think you all could win over me Im a Quasi-Saint! Im powerful! The one with the qualifications to lead the Dragon Race!”

“Ao Li, this meeting isnt for me to become a Dragon King. I want my daughter Dragin to become a Dragon King. The entire Dragon Race will only prosper under her lead!” Ao Cheng glared at Ao Li as he spoke.

“Your daughter Ha-ha-ha…”

Ao Li could not help laughing as he said, “How big of a dragon is your daughter You want her to become a Demon King Isnt that a big joke I wont agree!”

Ao Cheng scoffed coldly, “Ao Li, my daughter followed the expert around, her futures beyond our grasp! Well only get better under her lead! Can you think with your head”

“Ha, get better”

Ao Cheng waved. “Ao Feng, bring out your orange!”

Ao Fengs face twisted. Unwillingly, he handed an orange to Ao Li.

“Thats it” Ao Li shook the orange in hand. “Im a Quasi-Saint, Im different from them! Dont you try to bribe me with this!”

As he spoke, he kept the orange in his chest.

Ao Feng stared at the orange going out of sight. His face was twisting even more.

Ao Cheng and Ao Yun did not look well. The Kirins had a Lord, but the Dragons did not have a leader. This was difficult.


Meanwhile, a small dragon happily floated over.

She stopped before the Dragon Palace and turned into Dragin. She had two big bags over her shoulder. They were bulging with many things in there.

“Father! Im home!” Dragin called out for Ao Cheng sweetly. She looked at the crowd curiously and asked, “Eh, why are so many people gathered in here”

She spoke as she placed the bags on the ground.

The bags seemed to be glowing. The crowd saw it. Following that, a rush of Spiritual Qi erupted like a volcano. Instantly, the Dragon Palace was filled with Spiritual Qi.

This Spiritual Qi was so dense, even the seawater around the palace was forced away. They formed an empty land.

The Spiritual Qi was too high-end, they did not mix well with the seawater!


Everyone stared with their eyes widened. How they wished they could just stick their eyeballs on the bags. They could only feel that they were surrounded by Spiritual Qi. They were running out of air. The Spiritual Qi was too dense and too thick!

Compared to the shock on their faces, Dragin seemed nonchalant. She said, “Its good that everyones here. Lets hand out these.”

She spoke as she cast a spell to distribute the fruits to everyone.

The crowd was dumbfounded. They stared at the fruit flying to them as if they were dreaming. They actually thought they were dreaming.

They could tell right away that these fruits were way beyond the Spiritual Roots Immortal Fruits! They had exceeded their entire worldview!

This world could breed such powerful Spiritual Fruits What kind of treasures were these

They had never seen such precious Spiritual Fruits all their lives. They dared not even think about it.

And yet…most importantly, Dragin was willing to share such a level of Spiritual Fruits with everyone This…this…

How generous of her! They were too embarrassed to take it in.

Ao Li stared blankly at the orange flying his way. He said with a hoarse voice, “Im not from the Eastern Sea, but youre willing to give this to me”

The reason he fought for the throne was because of his fear of being neglected by them.

Dragin said innocently, “Why not Were all dragons. Brother asked me to learn to share.”

Ao Li felt as if he was struck by thunder. He stared at the orange in front of him as his tears instantly blurred his vision.-

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