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Nanan traveled all the way East. Soon, a tall mountain came into sight on the bare and empty land. It seemed sudden.

On top of this mountain, a golden pagoda was in the air, glowing as it hovered above the mountain.

Meanwhile, a terrifying Qi was exuded from the pagoda. Strong waters opened up and formed a resistance, making it difficult to approach.

This pagoda had a powerful pressure, sealing this entire mountain. An ordinary Immortal would not gain the right to approach this mountain. If one insisted, this powerful force would crush the Immortal into nothing.

The cultivators saw that Nanan was only a young girl and yet she was able to move forward. They were all shocked.

She was too talented!

Some kind people advised her and tried to ask Nanan not to approach. After all, many people already managed to learn what actually happened.

The pagoda was indeed a treasure, and it was left behind after the fight between bigshots. It was an item that had a master.

It was quite significant to have caused such power. Approaching it would not bring one any benefit. Who would know The pagoda might even crush the person!

The cultivators knew when to be cautious.

Not many of them made it to the foot of the mountain. However, those who came eventually left as well. The foot of the mountain was the furthest they could go, they could not venture any further.

Not many people made it to the foot of the mountain anyway.

Nanan was standing by the foot of the mountain. She reached out to touch the golden screen projected by the pagoda. She could feel an invisible wall blocking her out.


Around Nanan, Qi rose abruptly. Her eyes had turned into two black holes. She pushed the screen!

“Swallow it!”

She executed her Power of Devour, engulfing the screen. As her power fought against the screen, the screen shook and ripples started to appear. A strong resistance exploded, trying to send Nanan flying in the air!

The light of the pagoda shone on Nanan. It was a terrifying pressure, similar to an ordinary human facing a massive mountain that was tilted against her. It gave off an unlimited sense of pressure.

“Hmph! Youre trying to repress me with this little pressure This is far from… Brother!” Nanans lips curled up into a smirk. All of her power rushed out from her body. Her eyes were determined with no hint of backing away.

She had lived with Li Nianfan for long enough, so she had felt too much pressure. Li Nianfan was like an unlimited source of chaos. This was merely a tall mountain. It was nowhere close to what she was used to. Not even an ant!

Nanan unleashed her Power of Devour. It covered her entire body. She walked forward. In the next moment, she seemed to have gone past the screen, walking toward the mountain.

Meanwhile, along with a loudvroom, the pagoda started glowing brighter. An even greater pressure fell onto Nanan and she could not help moaning. An unlimited source of Spiritual Qi crushed down on her, trying to weigh her down.

“Child, go home.”

Suddenly, the phantom of a woman appeared in sight. Her face was pale and she was very weak. However, her tone was very gentle with a hint of worry. “This isnt a place for you to enter. My fate has been determined. You dont have to come.”


Nanan jolted. Her tiny figure bounced back and she fell onto the ground with a thud.

“Whos that big sister Theres a sense of familiarity coming from her!” Nanan laid on the ground and looked at the mountain blankly. She cried out with excitement, “She seems to have been sealed here by the pagoda! No way, I must help her!”

The surrounding cultivators saw what just happened. They cried out in astonishment, “This young girls impressive, she attracted the attention of the pagoda.”

“Unfortunately, she still cant enter the mountain.”

“With such talent, you must leave now. Dont get hurt.”

Nanan was unbothered. She wiped off the fresh blood by her mouth and stood up from the ground. She yelled at the tall mountain, “Sister, Ill save you. Wait for me!”

Following that, her eyes squinted and she clenched her fists. She stood up and punched the screen!


In the air, there were ripples caused by this punch.


Raindrops fell from the sky and landed on the cultivators. The area was covered in rain.

Furthermore…the rain was getting heavier.

The raindrops fell on Nanan, drenching her body.

Inside a cave in the mountain, the woman stood up. She seemed to be able to see through all the barriers and her gaze landed on Nanan.

“Child, this is a seal from another world. Its cast by a very powerful figure. Theres no way for you to barge in. My roots have been cut, Ill eventually be refined by this powerful seal. Theres no use for you to barge in anyway. Go, run!”

Her tone was hurried but she sounded very serious.

Of course, she knew how powerful this seal was. Although the master of the pagoda did not come in person and they were so far apart, and even though she had destroyed half the pagoda, it was still…not for an ordinary girl to barge in.

This girl was not even a Golden Immortal, how could she break through this screen

“Sister, I said Ill save you, so I will! This thing…wont stop me!” Nanans tiny face was more serious than ever. Her eyes were shining as the Power of Devour gathered around her. She devoured all of the Spiritual Qi that was trying to crush her.

At this moment, she seemed to have turned into a black hole. The surrounding rain, sunshine, and wild wind seemed to have been affected. They were rushing toward the black hole!

“Break it!”

Nanans eyes were red as she growled loudly with her hands raised. She made a gesture of breaking something, as if she wanted to tear this screen apart.

A black light exuded from her, followed by a powerful Qi rushing up to the sky. It formed into a black swirling hole mid-air. She opened her mouth and seemed to be ready to suck in this pressure!


On top of the mountain, the pagoda started shaking. The eye-stabbing light was like a hammer, vigorously shining onto Nanan.

At this moment, the mountain was shaking. Even the ground was shaking.

The ground below Nanans feet started to crack, and the cracks were spreading out quickly!

One could only imagine how much pressure Nanan was withstanding.

Even though she was a good girl in front of Li Nianfan and she was always obedient and well-controlled, her true self was strong and stubborn.

“I decided that other than Brother, nobody can stop me!”

She spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. Her long hair flew in the air as an arrogant Qi rushed out from her. She looked like a tiny devil.

She would not back down even if she had to die! She took a determined step and walked forward!

She was going forward by all means!

Inside the cave, the woman stared with her eyes widened. She was more anxious than shocked. “Child, run, youll be suppressed if you continue!”

Nanan did not care. She looked up and locked eyes at the glowing pagoda that was at the peak of the mountain. She showed no fear.

As if feeling Nanans challenging gaze, the pagoda suddenly let out a beep. Swiftly after, an eye-stabbing light glared over its surroundings. Everything it touched turned into a golden color.

The golden light gathered into a gigantic palm that blocked the sunlight. It had the power to destroy the world. As if the sky was collapsing, it fell on Nanan!

At this moment, the world vanished. This palm became everything. Nobody could even look this force in the eyes.

However, Nanan did not even blink. She was calm like water.

She had an arrogant phrase ringing in her ears that she learned from watching television.

“Since Ive chosen this Path, I shall become invincible. Those who disturb me shall be killed, those who mess with me shall be killed, and those who stop me shall be killed!

“Since Ive chosen this Path, Im invincible!”


From within her body, the Power of Devour exploded. It turned into a black dragon, growling at the gigantic palm!

Her Qi was suddenly many times more powerful than before. Her Qi was rippling, and everyone around her was affected. They were all shocked.

“She…had a breakthrough”



With Nanan growling, the screen made a sound, and just like a mirror, it cracked!

In the sky, the gigantic palm that was falling suddenly vanished into nothing. It was blown away by the wind.

Nanan took a step and her foot landed on the mountain!

She managed to step onto the mountain!

Nanan reached the middle of the mountain. She looked at the pagoda with a smile on her lips. She stuck out her tongue and made a childish face. “Thats all you got Youre nothing close to the pressure I experienced from the television! Youre nothing!”

“This child cultivates the… Invincible Path!” In the cave, the woman could not help gasping. She was extremely shocked. “Who is it Who nurtured such a stunning disciple!”

On the other side, far away in the endless Chaos.

An elderly man opened his eyes. He could see through the endless Chaos as he located his pagoda. He could not help making a mocking remark, “Hmm, interesting!”

At the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

The Jade Emperor and the rest came over in clouds. They gradually landed with Qiongxi draped over their shoulders.

Looking at the dead Qiongqi, the Empress could not help frowning. “What a useless thing. We asked it to stay alive until we got here but it failed to do so!”

The Jade Emperor felt its body and let out a sigh of relief. “Luckily the bodys still warm. Its still considered fresh. This shall do.”

Yang Jing was guilty. He sighed and said, “Its all my fault for not keeping the experts food fresh!”

On the way, this group of Immortals were encouraging Qiongqi, trying to keep it alive and conscious. If it was still fresh when it got here, it would be so fresh! The expert would be so pleased.

Unfortunately, it did not make it.

What a poor Qiongqi. It thought it managed to survive from Styx Laozu. Unfortunately, this bunch of Immortals told it to live on in order to stay fresh. They even discussed ways to cook it!

‘This is so difficult!

‘I want to die, nobody can stop me!

“Alright, waste no time. Since its still fresh, send it to the expert!”-

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