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Chapter 066: Beloved Courtier, this is the land that I(Imperial) have conquered for you 2.20



The figure in red immediately appeared in Chuliu Yuns mind.

He fiercely squinted his eyes.

That person must have given Murong Jiu some good advice again.

“Pass down my orders: transfer 500,000 troops and horses, then rush to Xiangcheng.

Then let the garrison at the border advance and attack on both sides.

I want the Fengtian Kingdom to have no way to return.”

Chuliu Yuns eyes were scarlet, as if they were stained with blood.


The General and the messenger quickly retreated.

The Left and Right Prime Ministers looked at each other, faintly sighing.

But after thinking about it, this timing was also very good.

The soldiers had been holding back and they needed to vent.

Perhaps, they would be braver than usual.

“Your Majesty, dont worry.

Youll definitely win.

But before going into war, we still have to figure out how the Fengtian Kingdoms army entered our country.”

The Right Prime Minister pointed out the key points.

If they didnt figure this matter out, what if the opponents reinforcements quietly come over again

Chuliu Yun nodded, “The matter the Prime Minister just mentioned, I will make someone investigate.

Regarding the matter of collecting grains, I will be troubling you two Prime Ministers to be in charge of this.”

The treasury was really out of food, so they could only start from the Princes and the nobles from all over.

Plus, it would take a lot of effort to get something from those people.

“Your Majesty, please rest assured, this Minister shall set forth.”

The two bowed to him and slowly withdrew.

Chuliu Yun looked at the door of the hall, his eyes were deep and gloomy.

“Beloved Courtier is really clever.

Expecting that the defense here is weak and the battle can be won in one fell swoop.

Not sacrificing one soldier.

Great, its really great.”

Murong Jiu hurriedly crossed over the threshold with the battle report and walked towards the person standing under the tree in the yard with an excited expression on his face.

Luo Ling put down the Jade Xiao and glanced over the battle report Murong Jiu handed over.

Luo Ling nodded in satisfaction.

“This time, the Chuliu Kingdom was caught off guard.

They should know the news by now, and they will inevitably start to resist.”

Looking at the man with willful arrogance, Luo Ling said in a neutral tone, “Has Your Majesty made a plan”

Murong Jius aggressive side leaked out as he said in an evil tone, “Beloved Courtier, just wait to watch the show.”

The Chuliu Kingdom didnt make him lose an arm this time.

Sorry to the spies he caught.

Luo Ling didnt say anything.

He placed the Jade Xiao on his lips and continued to play it.

The mellow and ethereal music sounded slowly, surrounding the two of them.

Murong Jiu stood one step away from Luo Ling and steadily looked at him.

Among the Siberian Squills filling the courtyard, under the big tree with lush branches and leaves.

A delicate and beautiful young man, with gentle countenance, blew the Xiao.

The breeze brushed through his black hair and swept over his clothes, making them wave in the air.

The beautiful Siberian Squills seemed to be attracted and began to sway.

The light fragrance of elegance floated by.

Beautiful scenery, a beautiful man, beautiful music, Murong Jiu was somewhat intoxicated.

Intoxicated in this wonderful atmosphere.

He thought,If there really are Immortals in the world, then he, who is in front of me, must be a fallen Immortal.

The warm atmosphere surrounded the two of them, and it would be unbearable to destroy the beauty.

It was just that there were people who didnt appreciate it.

‘Host, host, the melodramatic plot point is going to happen.

Quickly prepare, lets go, one, two, three, go!

The corners of Luo Lings lips, which was blowing the Xiao, became unsteady that he almost went off-key.

Luo Ling silently stopped and sighed inwardly.

Luo Xiang once again felt that she was really unlucky.

When she wanted to get in touch with aristocratic young masters or princes, she couldnt see a single shadow.

All of them were from aristocratic families.

When she didnt intend to do this, she met a group of people while in a daze.

But the main point was… they were all **ing hedonistic sons.

Moreover, these hedonists were not ordinary people.

The Old Marquis Young Master, the Chief Ministers Young Master, The Generals son, and the Imperial Merchant familys Eldest Young Master.


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