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The resources in Aier mechanical ruins were so rich.

If he could come back in the future, all the resources in the mechanical ruins would be his!

Although the highest-grade item in the Aier mechanical ruins was only Tier 3, which was the battle general-grade, it was still a rare item.

But this was the entire Aier mechanical ruins!

A 10,000-meter-tall building alone cost two to three billion Grade 2 Spirit crystals.

What about the buildings in the central area

What about the mechanical throne in the middle

With so many resources, Lu Yuans wealth could be compared to a Battle King or even a combat Emperor.

The surprise was so great that Lu Yuan was a little dumbfounded.

So this is what the Aier core fragment is used for Absorb the core and control the entire Aier mechanical ruins.

If that was the case, it was all thanks to Lu Yuans ability to absorb the evolution cube from Aier core fragment.

Lu Yuan did not believe that so many people had not studied the Aier core fragment before.

There were probably many people who studied this thing, but no one had ever been able to absorb multiple pieces of Aier core fragments.

Lu Yuan, on the other hand, could rely on the evolution cube to absorb it.

What the hell was this evolution cube

Lu Yuan took a deep breath and suppressed his doubts in his heart.

He also calmed his excited mood.

For the time being, this matter of his definitely couldnt be spread.

This wealth was simply too great.

If he were to say that he could enter and leave the remains of Aier mechanical ruins y at will, perhaps even battle emperors or battle gods would have their eyes on him.

Lu Yuan didnt think too much about it and acted as if nothing had happened.

After the invisible threads connected with the throne, the shaking of the central floating city stopped.

Amy and King Ye were already looking around with bewilderment in their eyes.

After making sure that the central floating city was no longer shaking, Amy asked with a confused expression, ”

“What happened just now”

Yeye shook her head.

Lu Yuan also smiled.

perhaps there are some changes.

Lets continue to explore other tall buildings.


Hearing Lu Yuans words, Amy and Yeyes eyes flickered, and they nodded.

There was less than a day left.

Lu Yuan and the other two rode the Black Bear No.

1 and explored the entire periphery of the central floating city.

It would take a few hours to fly around the outer area of the floating city, even if the Black Bear No.

1 accelerated.

However, with their strength, the mechanical guards in front of the 10000-meter-tall building were no match for them at all.

They quickly explored all the 10000-meter-tall buildings.

After exploring the 10000-meter-tall building, Lu Yuan and the other two carefully explored the central area.

He discovered that even the patrolling mechanical guards were Tier 3 leaders.

With their current strength, even the patrolling guards would be troublesome to deal with, let alone the guards in front of the building.

Helplessly, the three of them could only retreat and settle for the next best thing.

They began to explore the 8000-meter-tall, 5000-meter-tall, and 3000-meter-tall buildings.

What puzzled Lu Yuan was that when they flew past in the Black Bear No.

1, all the genetic warriors would run away at once, not daring to meet them.

Then, Lu Yuan thought about it.

The news of Bai Lin and Barton being killed must have spread.

After all, they didnt kill all the powerhouses of the two kings alliance.

A portion of the overlords obviously didnt come.

They must have realized that Barton and Bai Lin had left the ruins, and that was how they guessed it.

Lu Yuan was not surprised.

On the contrary, he felt that it was more peaceful this way.


At the same time, on the White Frost planet, which was tens of thousands of light years away from the Daqi planet.

This was a white planet with most of its area covered in ice and frost.

The planet had howling winds and snow all year round, and the temperature was extremely low.

On an Ice Mountain that was thousands of meters high on the White frost planet, there was an Ice Palace.

In one of the rooms in the hall, white light flickered, and Bai Lin appeared.

There was a trace of cold killing intent on his face, and his expression was extremely ugly.


The ice-cold Bai Lin let out an angry roar as the power of white frost surged through his body.

The furniture in the room was instantly destroyed, and a thick layer of ice covered the entire room.

The door was opened when they heard the noise.

Two beautiful girls in snow-white dresses walked in.

As soon as they saw Bai Lin, the two young womens eyes went wide.

“Young master”

The two of them looked at each other in confusion.


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