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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 977: Wrath

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“Set myself against the Dao Academy” The ball of rage in Lu Yuns heart faded away and he looked blankly at the disciples in front of him, repeating these words to himself. He could tell from the Karmic Tree that dense ill will was spreading from them to cluster around him.

“Thats right, youre making an enemy out of the Dao Academy!” A Golden Immortal of Grand Unity stepped forward, having recognized this fake Lu Chen. This was the one whod wielded that stunning connate treasure in the stars! “To be enemies with the academy is to be enemies with the world of immortals! This seat doesnt care who you are. You will be handed over to the academy after your arrest!”

Laughing arrogantly, he took the expression on Lu Yuns face as the face of a country bumpkin intimidated by the reputation of the Dao Academy.

“Dont any of you care why Im fighting with him Or why Im pretending to be an academy disciple” Coming back to his senses, Lu Yuns expression grew ominously dark.

“Theres no need to know the reason. Fraudulently claiming to be a Dao Academy disciple is punishable by death! This is a crime of the highest order with no leniency possible!” The immortal advanced on Lu Yun, releasing a ponderous aura to lock the youth in place.

“Thirty years! Its taken only thirty years for the Dao Academy to turn into this…” As Lu Yun looked upon the Golden Immortal of Grand Unity and the rest of the academy disciples around him, it felt like his heart was being ripped apart. In all these years, his academy taught not only combat arts and cultivation methods, but also the measure of humanity!

Hed always advocated that one had to learn morality and integrity first before delving into knowledge and skill. He didnt want his academy to graduate lowlifes who werent worth the dirt they walked on.

But now he understood that everything hed done was in vain. It was far from enough to require these disciples to learn history and be injected with ethics and a code of conduct. If the situation was allowed to continue like this, the academy would become a tumor feeding off the world of immortals sooner or later, preventing its further development.

The Golden Immortal of Grand Unity before him wasnt a Lu Clan member, but an elder in the inner academy. A former expert in the Star Demon Sect, he now stood in front of Lu Yun and listened with some amusement.

“Thirty years Indeed, it took only a scant thirty years for my Dao Academy to become the greatest heavyweight of the world of immortals! We are the leader of the multiverse and the shepherd of the immortal dao! Even the eight celestial lords and rulers of the ten lands would get on their knees before us, to say nothing of a mewling peerless immortal like you!” The immortal lifted his chin cockily.

A shadow appeared over the faces of the other immortals in the vicinity. Tyrannical!

Although the academy constantly disseminated new knowledge and all sorts of supplemental paths, treasures, and more, the first impression any of their disciples gave was that of tyrannical arrogance!

They respected nothing apart from fellow academy disciples, taking whatever they wanted of the worlds resources and treasures. Any hint of refusal was answered with bloodshed. Well, to be fair, not all academy disciples behaved like this. The small portion that did was enough to cause the entire world to wince in fear.



A crisp sound reverberated in the air. It seemed to be… a face slap


Another sound echoed, to everyones utter amazement. The Golden Immortal of Grand Unitys head had exploded from the slap!


The headless corpse toppled over to the ground, leaving a glittering nascent spirit with a star the size of a fist over its head. It looked blearily at Lu Yun—the immortal had never imagined that one slap from a peerless immortal would break his head apart!

“How dare you!!”

“Youll pay for this!” Academy experts thatd yet to reveal themselves abruptly materialized in the air, cutting down upon Lu Yun with countless rays of sword energy.

“Piss off!!” Lu Yun roared and punched outward, breaking through all of the rays with one blow.



A full seven High Immortals of the Great Firmament and three Golden Immortals of Grand Unity fell from the void. They were all experts from the academy and the commanders of the Dustfall mission.

Everyones heart quailed—how did anyone dare beat up the academy dao immortals Did this youth know the meaning of death Headmaster Lu Yun came in at number one in the world for sheer ruthlessness. Anyone who got on his wrong side was scheduled for eternal damnation!

Apart from that, the dean of monster spirit dao was a great emperor, one prior to Emperors Fall. It was due to her presence that the Dao Academy grew ever more brazen and unscrupulous!

But here they were, witnessing someone who dared challenge the Dao Academy.

Granted, the minor peerless immortal had slapped apart the head of a Golden Immortal of Grand Unity with one smack and felled ten dao immortals with one punch. He was no ordinary person either.

No one had thought that Lu Chen, to whom belonged the greatest merit of saving Dustfall Realm, would set himself at odds with the Dao Academy as soon as everything had settled down.


The crowd heard the sharp snap of bone breaking before they could gather their thoughts. Lu Yun had walked up to the Lu immortal and broken his sternum with a firm stomp.

Wailing with anguish, the Lu immortal glared viciously at Lu Yun.

“How many more scum like you exist in the Dao Academy” Lu Yuns voice was as if a demonic voice straight from the depths of hell, cold and unfeeling.

“Hah! Kid, just you wait!” The immortal almost ground his teeth to pieces and glared balefully at Lu Yun, committing the youths likeness to memory. “Ill have you to lead the way if I die, and not just you. Everyone who has anything to do with you will die!

“Haha, HAHAHA! Just you wait for the Dao Academys vengeance!” He roared with laughter in between loud shrieks of pain, presenting an exceedingly eerie and bizarre sight that froze the blood.

“Vengeance from the Dao Academy” Lu Yun murmured as he looked at the other immortals around him. “Are all of you afraid Afraid of the Dao Academys retribution”

“Young man, you should go. The academys might is great and isnt something you can provoke.” A sigh suddenly traveled through the crowd as a somewhat elderly golden immortal spoke up. “Though the Dao Academy is domineering, it has done great good for the world and to life itself! We really dont wish to see anyone make an enemy out of it, so you should leave now.”

“Hah! Sheltering enemies of the academy is one and the same crime!” Another disciple suddenly whirled around and stared fixedly at the golden immortal, firmly committing his appearance to memory. Lu Yun may have the situation under his control now, but that didnt mean the academy disciples wouldnt take further action later on.

The golden immortal paled and shook, not daring to say anything more.

“Great good for the world and life itself That still doesnt give them the right to wantonly do whatever they want! If it wasnt for me being here today, would you clap made-up crimes onto some poor souls head so you could kill them for their treasure!” Lu Yun unseated Quietus and nailed the Lu immortals body with it.

He also slowly returned to his true appearance.

“…Headmaster!” The disciples were shocked senseless by the true identity of this imposter.-

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