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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 980: Supreme Order of Law

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Normally slightly scatterbrained and endearing, the little fox didnt seem to care about anything. But when it came to what they were currently discussing, she evidently possessed quite a set of principles.

Lu Yun sighed softly, “Dont worry, I wont repeat history and make the same mistake. My system of merit and virtue wont proactively reward or punish them. Everything stems from goodwill and retribution, and this is a voluntary subjugation to the system. The trees strength will fade from their bodies if they withdraw from the Dao Academy.”

He lifted his head and looked at the peak of Mount Xuanhuang, where the Dao Flower had completely assimilated into Qing Yus body.

“When Qing Yu wakes, it will be the time to build a new celestial court. This system of merit and virtue wont be needed then.” An unexplainable lightheartedness and joy blossomed in Lu Yuns heart when he thought of his dao partner. Only she could bring him such comfort in the vast world of immortals.

A system of merit and virtue had to be established, or the academy disciples would become increasingly insatiable if current trends continued. What infuriated Lu Yun the most was that they didnt care if their targets accomplished great deeds on the battlefield against the dead spirits. If a treasure caught their eye, they arranged for any sort of charge that would stick and killed the war hero to take their treasure.

The bloody cleansing and subsequent creation of the Dao Academys system of virtue sent waves through the world. Most factions disciples were impacted, sinking the academys reputation for a while. Many of the worlds factions even banded together to boycott the academy and demand an explanation for the eighty thousand dead disciples. This resulted in the withdrawal of even more immortals related to these factions, but most of them were outer disciples. Inner disciples received formal tutelage from the deans of various schools and didnt dare engage in such brazen misconduct.

Lu Yun didnt care about any of this. Hed already returned to hell to examine the two chaos stars. Released from the dao palace, they floated in the skies of the netherworld.

“The power released from this star is what constituted the core essence of the origin divine.” Lu Yun frowned as he looked closely at the chaos star retrieved from the second dao palace.

The core essence he was reading was the elements of earth, air, fire, and water—not a combination native to this realm. What dominated in the world of immortals now was the five elements, wind and thunder, and yin and yang. They came together in varying permutations to form the rest of the local plane.

According to what the blue-haired girl had said in the last dao palace, there existed six dao palaces in total. Refined by six experts of the chaos creatures, they protected the last bloodlines of the chaos creatures and resisted the enormous world that had almost occupied all of the chaos. The core essence of earth, air, fire, and water should be some kind of strength that the chaos creatures had mastered.

Lu Yun successfully identified what powered the second star, but he had no idea what brewed in the first star. Even formula dao was unable to shed light on the matter. There seemed to be two completely opposing forces within the first star. They constantly conflicted with each other, but were also a remarkable harmonious whole.

This type of paradoxical strength should also be under the control of the chaos creatures, and Lu Yun didnt dare brashly refine the star before he fully identified it.

Though formula dao indicated that both stars were suitable to be his cosmic dao fruit, he had to exercise extreme caution. These were chaos creations, and the combat arts and cultivation methods of the chaos creatures were far more advanced than his. Perhaps even formula dao long existed within the chaos.

Since he didnt dare refine the stars just yet, he could only wait for Qing Yu to emerge from close door cultivation and build the celestial court, for Fuxi and Ge Long to return to their peak and then jointly analyze these chaos stars.

If there were six dao palaces, then there should be six chaos stars. Based on what his deductions told him, the other four were all in the same plane as the world of immortals!

Two of them were in Harshcloud Realm, which also happened to be the source of all of the yin spirits in the multiverse. The last two were in the cosmos outside of the world of immortals.

Utter devastation and ruin marked the skies beyond the world of immortals. There was no life or any hope left; its cosmos was even more terrifying than the lower realms.

The World Gates would endure for only sixty more years. Once they broke, not only would the teeming yin spirits waiting outside the gates flood in, but so would the yin spirits in the lower realms attack the world of immortals through the dao palaces. It would truly be a final stand for survival then.

The remaining four dao palaces hovered in the world of immortals and lower realms like two pairs of eyes, surveilling the universe.


Qing Yu sat cross-legged at the peak of Mount Xuanhuang with the Dao Flower completely vanished into her body as her dao fruit. The second it did so, the will of the immortal dao residing in the mountain quietly dispersed, officially leaving Qing Yu at the helm of the immortal dao and its ruler.

The Dao Flower had never been refined by anything before, but now, this most unique and sacred flower in the world was Qing Yus dao fruit. She was as if the heavenly dao running through the universe, overseeing the lives of all.

Of course, her grasp of the immortal dao was similar to Lu Yuns control over hell. She needed to continuously improve and cultivate so she could truly control this unfathomable dao.

She leaned against Lu Yuns shoulder and he stretched out a hand to play with her hair.

“The power contained by the six dao palaces are the six supreme orders of law in the chaos! Inception, Ethos, Burgeon, Creation, Opposition, Nirvana,” she said softly. “The two stars youve already obtained correspond to Ethos and Opposition, but just those two alone arent enough for your dao fruit. We need to collect all six and refine them into the six paths of reincarnation, so that the supreme laws of the chaos submits to the wheel of reincarnation!”

“Reincarnation… isnt that the highest order within the chaos” Lu Yun asked with surprise.

Qing Yu shook her head. “I dont know what reincarnation actually is as I cant deduce it either. As for your book, not only is it the medium for reincarnation, but it also holds an even more ancient will as well. It has a tremendous background and its not an item from this realm.”

“Inception, Ethos, Burgeon, Creation, Opposition, Nirvana… the six orders of the chaos…” Lu Yun mused on the names and pondered the meaning they held. “It seems that wed create a reincarnation system if we connect them all together.”

“Eh” Qing Yu blinked, then nodded. “Perhaps reincarnation is the product of the six orders together. Lets go to Harshcloud Realm and take those two dao palaces!”

She shot to her feet and looked down at the lower realms, to where two dao palaces hovered next to the Harshcloud main world and quietly overlooked the entire realm. But for some reason, the denizens of the realm couldnt see the two giant palaces.

“Be careful of a trap…” Lu Yun rose as well. “Ive already taken two of their palaces, Im sure theyre ready this time!”

The couple suddenly looked at each other and grinned broadly.

“Then lets go take the two in the world of immortals!”-

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