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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 983.2: Fuxi and Fuxi

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“What The Dao Academy is recalling the lord-grade fortress ships!” The news quickly spread throughout the world of immortals and lower realms, shocking everyone who heard it.

Since becoming a public enemy after its cleansing, many factions such as the Qingfu Nation and others had banded together and set their sights on the Dao Academy. But now that it announced it was recalling the fortress ships, everyone floundered with panic.

Lord-grade fortress ships were the prized possessions of all major factions. Perhaps experts whod broken through to the divine dharma realm had no need of them, but they were crucial weapons to dao immortals and everyone below that cultivation level. Theyd become insurance and trump cards particularly in the lower realms.

If it wasnt for the five thousand ships in Harshcloud Realm, everything in that realm wouldve been exterminated the moment the dead spirits broke out in their crazed offensive.

The Dao Academy wants to recall the fortress ships

Though theyd all purchased ships from the academy, the factions were equally concerned of any potential countermeasures buried within their ships that made it possible for the academy to reclaim the vessels at any time.

What came next enabled them to breathe with ease again.

“The lord-grade fortress ships are unable to effectively fight the dead spirits. Thus, Headmaster Lu Yun has invented a brand new, constellation class fortress ship. These can sail through space and face the dead spirits head-on. Each lord grade can be traded in for a constellation class ship!”

Many factions immediately visited the Dao Academy to trade in their old ships for the new constellation class. Many improvements could be seen all over the new fortress ships, the most notable of which was that there were no longer any crystal cannons mounted on them. Instead, a brand new treasure was in their place, one that could release combat arts.

Of the combat arts that could be deployed, the sound combat art so effective against dead spirits was one of them. The treasure that could purify malice was also standard issue on the constellation class ships.

Apart from that, the heart of the new ships was an enormous furnace. Immortal crystals could be combusted to provide propulsion for the ship and power for the treasures and formations onboard. Compared to directly burning immortal crystals, it was more efficient and effective to burn them through the furnace.

Since there were no crystal cannons on the new ships, they were also stripped off of the lord grade ones before being traded in. The factions wanted to retain their cannons and make it an equitable trade.

Lu Yun didnt mind that; crystal cannons were about to be made obsolete anyway. In his eyes, they were simply too wasteful. One blast consumed a hundred million immortal crystals! Compared to that, weapons that absorbed the energy of the world and released it straight into the dead spirits were much more useful.

It was only at this moment did he suddenly understand that the ancients had invented the original weapons of war to battle the dead spirits!


Constellation class fortress ships quickly appeared in the lower realms and turned the tide against the dead spirits. Each ship was five kilometers long, four kilometers tall, and two and a half kilometers wide. Installed in the center was a treasure that Lu Yun named “Enigma Tower”, one that could cleanse malicious resentment for fifty kilometers around.

That was to say, any immortal that fought within fifty kilometers of the constellation class ships wouldnt be affected by the vengeful wrath found in the beads left behind by defeated spirits.

This greatly bolstered the world of immortals and three more lower realms were quickly reclaimed, their worlds expunged of dead spirits. Unfortunately, the battle in Harshcloud Realm didnt go that smoothly.

The numbers and caliber of dead spirits here were second to only the world of immortals, which made for far stronger spirits here compared to the other lower worlds. Its dao palaces had also cloaked themselves in the void. Lu Yun and Qing Yu could only vaguely pinpoint where they were, but couldnt locate the palaces no matter what they tried.

Within the cosmos over the world of immortals, the remaining dao palace vanished as well.

Plainly, the chaos creatures had understood Lu Yuns plans and hid the dao palaces as a result. After all, these palaces werent used in warfare, but were a meeting point for chaos creatures in the realms to produce and release dead spirits.

“Theres actually another chaos creature within the universe.” Fuxi approached Lu Yun calmly when the youth fretted over his next steps.

“Mount Buzhou!” Lu Yun jerked in surprise. “Ah, the fake you.”

“Thats right.” Fuxi nodded, “If my guess is right, he should be a chaos creature too. I just dont know what method hes used to avoid the energy of our realm and survive here.

“I visited him when I traveled here from the great wilderness. He grasped my plans and I knew his thoughts, but neither of us foresaw that you would be the one to break our game of chess.”

Fuxi had been grappling with his imposter ever since traveling to the future, but he returned to the great wilderness in the end and followed the progression of history. He entered the chaos to retrieve Heavenfall, ultimately dying there and enabling the chaos creature to enter the great wilderness in his skin.

“But hes gravely injured too now and suppressed by Mount Vastspace and Timelight Tower. It shouldnt be a problem to capture him,” Fuxi mused.

“Then… Ill give it a try!” Lu Yun returned to Mount Xuanhuang with a thought and once again took the path to the space of Earth.

With Fuxi accompanying him this time, the two quickly found their way to the core of that cosmos and the peak of Mount Buzhou.

The sun that was Taiyis corpse had gone out and become a black ball hanging silently in space. Mount Buzhou was a land of death now. All humans and other living beings had retreated to the ancestor planet or its nearby celestial bodies.

There was only “Fuxi” and… a youth dressed in purple on the mountain.

“Youre here.” The fake Fuxi and purple-clad youth sat on the mountains peak. He flashed a smile at the real Fuxi. “I surmised that you wouldnt die, but to think that youve actually come back to life again!”

“I did die.” Fuxi shook his head. “He brought me back to life. After all this time, theres still one thing I dont understand.” He frowned at the man who looked just like him. Or rather, the man who wore his skin. “You should be the one responsible for passing down the heritage of the human sacred land to the ancestor planet. I just want to ask: why Why did you pass on these things instead of destroying them”-

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