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Fuxi had always been most curious about this. If he hadnt seen for himself that the heritage from the human sacred land of the great wilderness had been passed down, that it had continuously evolved, transformed, and become uncommonly prosperous through the times… he wouldnt have willingly gone to his death in the chaos.

“By the heritage of the ancestor planet, do you mean this” Fake Fuxi pointed at the air, eliciting three tiny dragon croons. A dragon with three heads, three tails and twelve feet flashed through the air.

“A chaos dragon!” Lu Yun exclaimed when he saw the figure. “The Dragonquake Scripture! …I know who you are!”

He stared fixedly at the man in front of him who looked just like Fuxi. “Youre the creator of the Dragonquake Scripture. You attached yourself to Holy Emperor Fuxi back when he found the three fragments in the chaos!”

The fake Fuxi knew everything about the real Fuxi, including his past and future, because hed always been a part of the holy emperor.

“And, you purposefully revealed a chink in your armor to give the game away and lure me into the chaos.” Lu Yun fully grasped the picture at hand after seeing the chaos dragon flash by.

“Thats right, I let my guard slip for a split second so you would search out that tomb.” The fake Fuxi nodded. “But theres one thing you guessed wrong, Im just someone whos obtained three fragments of the Dragonquake Scripture. Everything Ive done is to complete them, so that they would become a real Dragonquake Scripture again.

“The formations of your world of immortals and the so-called heritage on the ancestor planet are all derived from the Dragonquake Scripture. Formations Feng shui Thats all there is to them. I left this inheritance behind so it would grow and evolve in this realm, all for the sake of the Dragonquake Scripture.”

At this, the fake Fuxi looked at Lu Yun with great satisfaction. “You did it, you successfully completed the Dragonquake Scripture, but you didnt operate it to its fullest mysteries either in the past or in the modern age. That was why I purposefully revealed a flaw and lured you into the chaos.”

Lu Yun had made the scripture whole again the moment he fully operated it in the chaos. Itd combined the three secret arts in the imposters body and transformed them into the Dragonquake Scripture.

The fake Fuxi gently opened his arms and summoned the image of the chaos dragon again, wrapping it around him.

Fuxi, Lu Yun, and Qing Yu took a step backward in unison and tensely watched the mans features rearrange themselves.

Fuxis skin on his body melted away, revealing a man with an uncannily sinister appearance. With the exception of three eyes on his face, he looked very much like a human.

“In all honesty, I should thank all of you. If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt so easily obtain the Dragonquake Scripture. Its ranked number one out of the ancient methods in the chaos.” The three-eyed man spoke slowly as he scanned Lu Yuns group, his eyes settling on Lu Yun in the end. “However, you and I share a karmic relationship of life and death. I suffered irreversible injuries when I entered this realm from the chaos and you cured me with arts of life.

“This is a tremendous boon, one that I cannot hope to repay. My inability to will have ill effects in the future, so… I can only kill you to sever this strand of joint karma.”

Benefaction that could not be repaid!

Lu Yun had thought he was saving Fuxi. As the holy emperor of humanity, Fuxi protected the human race so it could flourish and prosper in the great wilderness. Since Lu Yun was human, it seemed only natural that he use his arts to restore Fuxi to good health.

But since the three-eyed man was an imposter, he contributed nothing to humanity after he became Fuxi, apart from passing down the three fragmented scraps of the Dragonquake Scripture. Hed been wholly unmoved even when Wahuang, Huaxu, and Leize died.

If Lu Yun truly wanted to look into the matter, the three-eyed man would die such an ignoble death that he wouldnt even have a burial place.

Intangible karmic relationships of the unknown were the most terrifying. Even great masters among the chaos creatures wouldnt be able to suffer their consequences.

As he spoke, the three-eyed man released an incomprehensible presence. Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and Fuxi felt their connections to the world spontaneously snapped off. Breathing grew difficult, as if they were fish out of water. The presence bearing down on them increased in density as blood seeped out of their pores.

“Ai—” suddenly said the purple clad youth sitting cross-legged next to the three-eyed man. “Let it go, fellow daoist.”

The youth waved a hand as he spoke and dispersed the mans power. Lu Yun and the other two dropped to their knees, heaving for breath.

“Hongjun, do you wish to stop me” The three-eyed man frowned at the purple clad youth.

“Its time that you left this realm. Theres nothing to be gained if you stay here further.” Hongjun shook his head. “He is Violetgraves host and as such, she will plunge you into the abyss if you dare do anything to her.”

“Violetgrave!” The three-eyed mans expression snapped with shock and hesitation gleamed in his eyes. Apparently, this man who was unfathomably strong, mightier than even a creator, was extremely wary of Violetgrave.

“You should leave. Your goal has been attained and it would be wise if your thoughts didnt stray in other directions. Violetgraves first host is also within this realm. It would be even more disastrous than angering Violetgrave if you aroused his wrath.” Hongjun looked like a boy of thirteen years old, but an uncommonly deep look shimmered in the depths of his eyes, as if he had seen much of the fickleness of life.

Hongjun… was the previous Lu Yun. The Lu Yun of the world of immortals. The exceedingly downcast Lu Yun on Earth that had been dealt all the hardest cards in life was his last reincarnation. Now that hed found himself and returned to who he was, he again possessed the strength he once had.

The three-eyed man took a deep breath and looked piercingly at Lu Yun, finally nodding in the end. “I will not move against you since you are Violetgraves host. However, the ties of karma between us must be addressed.”

He suddenly reached into the void and dragged over an enormous dao palace from the other side of the cosmos.

“I cannot repay the debt of karma in one attempt, so let this dao palace be a little bit of compensation.” Without further ado, the three-eyed man left with a twist of his body.

“What… in the blazes just happened” Lu Yun goggled at Hongjun and ignored the dao palace.

“What a nigh invincible existence such as him fears most is karma. It is enough to doom him once karma attaches to him. Even an eternal life such as him would be threatened by it,” Hongjun smiled faintly. “His injuries wouldve recovered after several million years, but you used a death art to resurrect him. The gift of a life… is an immense boon that he will not be able to repay, no matter what he does.”

“Well, its his fault for turning into Holy Emperor Fuxi. I didnt expect him to repay it, either,” Lu Yun responded morosely. He hadnt thought that a good deed would almost spell the downfall of himself and his people.

“Once karma takes shape, it lies with him and not you. It will become an internal demon for him.” Hongjun shook his head.-

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