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The Skyturning Seal!

The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign!

The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign had completely broken free of his Hadal Bonefire body, and even the flame itself had been returned to the blood demon at Lu Yuns discretion. The demon sovereign had undergone such drastic changes that it was as if hed been reborn. He possessed his own great opportunity now—the Skyturning Seal.

As one of the weapons refined by the three founders of immortal dao, there would be no dispute in hailing the Skyturning Seal as the foremost weapon beneath immortal dao. After refining it, the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign immediately integrated the immortal dao within the treasure into himself and was imbued by the immortal dao to become the first immortal king in history.

Now the Venerated Sacrosanct Immortal King, he shot out of the void and smashed the Skyturning Seal into the ghost ancestor with the force of a thunderbolt.

Lacking a physical body, the ghost ancestor somehow seemed tangible beneath the seal. The violent blow threw the ghost ancestor to the ground. Snarling with fury, the ghost ancestor clambered up and hurtled at the heavenly palace again!

With the heavenly palace sealing off Witherdew Major, it seemed even the ghost ancestor couldnt break out of this suppression. According to legend, the heavenly palace was the ultimate treasure of the first realm to appear in the chaos. Itd once conquered the chaos and even the sacred race had had to bow down to it.

Here it was again, in the realm of the world of immortals. The ghost ancestor wanted to bring word of this development at all costs, or even trade its life for the destruction of the heavenly palace!

The Skyturning Seal smashed into it again and again, but the ghost ancestor doggedly climbed back up no matter how many times it was slammed into the ground. There was only one target in its eyes!

As an immortal king of the heavenly palace, the Venerated Sacrosanct Immortal King outranked even the four heavenly kings. Sol Truefire blazed over him while he directed the Skyturning Seal and the immortal dao shadowed his moves, instilling him with power. He was now peak grand pure realm, on par with the human kings of the Primeval Era.

In the primordial world of immortals, the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign had set himself at odds with the immortal emperor. Out of an appreciation for talent, the immortal emperor purposefully cracked his dao heart so the demon sovereign would die from an inability to form his true spirit.

That way, he evaded the cataclysm a hundred thousand years ago and the experts of the Green Firmament were able to find him to recruit him. However, the demon sovereign fought his way back out of the firmament, becoming the first genius to ever revolt against the faction.

Most importantly now was that hed received the Skyturning Seals approval and become its new owner. Bolstered by the treasure, the demon sovereign made progress with tremendous strides and reached peak grand pure realm in the blink of an eye.

His cultivation continued to race forward after the establishment of the heavenly palace, transforming him from demon sovereign to immortal king, placing him as the first immortal king of the heavenly palace. This put him on par with the ten Yama Kings of hell and superior to the newly submitted heavenly kings. The heavenly kings were the kings of the heavenly palace, but an immortal king was the king of the immortal dao.

Though he was only peak grand pure realm at the moment, he absolutely had the right to face the ghost ancestor with his support from the immortal dao! The ghost ancestors exact cultivation level was unknown, but it possessed the battle strength of a chaos realm master.

Currently, heavenly kings from the Green, Purple, and Crimson Firmaments, Xuanyuan Xiaoyue, the demon god, and Qi Hai were all on the field. Surrounded by experts on all fronts and overshadowed by the heavenly palace, the ghost ancestor couldnt bring its abilities to bear no matter how strong it was.

The Skyturning Seal howled through the air as the Xuanyuan Sword exploded with brilliant rays of sword light. Though this meant the three weapons of primitive dao lost the swords sheen, they were still great treasures of the world.


A black Embittered Ocean Orb descended from the skies and crashed into the ghost ancestors face.

A final wail rang out as its body flew apart into shadowy fragments that filled the sky. When the fragments cleared away, blue skies were restored to Witherdew Major.

Unstoppable in its momentum, the Skyturning Seal smashed through akasha soul after akasha soul, but when cleanup was complete, a ghostly face that seemed to be both crying and laughing appeared in the skies.

The ghost ancestor. Itd become one with the space of Witherdew Major and glared down venomously at every creature from above.

A full one hundred thousand akasha ghosts entered the heavenly palace and were absorbed by the blank book. The book returned them from the state of dead spirits to living beings, and they became the first native lifeforms of the heavenly palace—Qing Yus heavenly army.

They were similar to Lu Yuns Infernum and the native lifeforms of hell. As the heavenly palace and kingdom of hell ran parallel to each other, their layouts were also similar. However, the kingdom of hell was based off of the hell of the Primeval Era, while the heavenly palace was a completely new world.

After the ghost ancestors demise, the major seemed to have eaten it. Its laughing and crying face was embedded in the sky so that it could glare upon all life at all times.

The Dao Academy had poured out almost all of its strength to conquer Witherdew Major, and even the extremely mysterious Dao Sovereign Qing Yu had manifested her heavenly palace. The combined strength of the little fox, Xuanyuan Xiaoyue, Venerated Sacrosanct Immortal King, demon god, Qi Hai and others were already frightening enough, but they were now joined by the heavenly kings of the Green, Purple, and Crimson Firmaments, a newly recruited heavenly army a hundred thousand strong, and fourth heavenly king the origin divine!

Even the newly awoken rulers of the divine nations in the ten lands fell silent now. The scarlet apes of Levitating Island goggled with fear. Xuanyuan Xiaoyue was the daughter of Emperor Xuanyuan, the eldest princess of the human race!


In the forty-fifth year of the Xuanhuang calendar, Dao Sovereign Qing Yu established the heavenly court in Witherdew Major!

Not the courts of the nine majors and ten lands, but a heavenly court of the world of immortals! It would illuminate the realms and become the court of the entire world, just like that of the Primordial Era!

The Immortal Subjugation Seal slowly coalesced from a ray of iridescent splendor, sinking into a magnificent being.

The heavenly emperor!

The first heavenly emperor of the heavenly court had been anointed. Not an immortal emperor, but one of the heavens. Lu Yun and Qing Yu had imitated ancient custom to create this position.

An immortal emperor would only be an emperor beneath the immortal dao, but the heavenly emperor would be the master of heaven and earth. The first to take on the mantle was Qing Yus father, Qing Taxian!

This propelled the Qing Clan into becoming the imperial clan of the world of immortals. They could accept this with ease as the curse on emperors and anything related to them had long been broken.

Though the Qings were the first imperial clan, they didnt dare abuse their newfound power. The lessons of the Dao Academy were still fresh on their minds, and Qing Yu had become even stricter on them after emerging from her seclusion.

After ten years of tempering, Qing Taxian returned from Harshcloud Realm as a Supreme Immortal of Original Order. Ten years of experience and strength and ten years of struggling between life and death had formed such foundations for him that could not be matched.

He broke through to ingress realm after swallowing ten karmic fruits, and his cultivation speed showed no signs of stopping.-

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