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Lu Yun couldnt do anything about the Hadal Battlefront—thatd held true even after he returned from the great wilderness with a peak chaos realm cultivation. His power infinitely close to a creators had been insufficient to affect it.

Neither was Ge Long certain of how strong the prisoners within the Hadal Prisons were. Only the unique power specific to that region could keep them sealed within.

But now that Hongjun had returned to his full power, Lu Yun guessed that he and the others had surmised the situation of today when they were forecasting the future from the Primeval Era. If Lu Yun could think of using the Hadal Prisons to make the world of immortals whole again, there was no reason that Hongjun and the others couldnt.


“Why have the heavens seen fit to bless me with someone like you who never does what is expected” At the peak of Mount Buzhou, Hongjun looked dumbly at his sudden visitor. His heart almost leapt out of his chest when he heard what Lu Yun was planning. “Use the Hadal Battlefront to complete the world of immortals We didnt have a plan like this and didnt think of anything like this either!”

Hongjun and Fuxi shook their heads rapidly.

“The prisons were a battleground that was present before our realm came into being. No one knows whats being held inside and no one knows how they were formed!” Hongjun said solemnly. “Even if our realm was destroyed, those prisons would still remain!”

“This… wasnt part of your plan” Lu Yun frowned slightly.

“You seem to have immortalized us and view us as your gods.” Fuxi shook his head with a wry smile. “The heavenly palace and kingdom of hell are completely outside of our expectations. Though we made many plans in the great wilderness and foresaw that we would cause someone to travel back to our time to become humanitys first great emperor, you have to know that our opponents are the chaos creatures!

“How long have they lived in the chaos Any lowly soldier under their command is older than our entire realm! Theyve destroyed realm upon realm in their chaos, many of them which housed powerhouses far greater than us. And yet, all of those realms died.”

Lu Yun fell silent. Fuxi was right. With how strong the chaos creatures were, even creators were ants in front of them. If it wasnt for the energy of a realm being anathema to them, they would easily destroy every single world in the chaos with a wave of their hand.

“The reality is, weve lost as well,” Hongjun sighed. “We lost the moment the immortal dao was born. The world of immortals was turned into a tomb and the Dao Tree rooted in the immortal dao. A curse appeared on the title ofemperor to prevent further great emperors from being born beneath the great dao. Countless hordes of akasha ghosts fed off the immortal dao as well… When all this appeared, the immortal dao was no longer the immortal dao of our plans.”

Hongjun swept a glance at Lu Yun and smiled. “Did you think that it was part of our plans that youd clean all of these tumors from the immortal dao”

“…wasnt it” Lu Yun asked subconsciously.

“No!” Hongjun and Fuxi answered in unison. “Our plans ended after you arrived in the great wilderness. Everything youve done since returning to the world of immortals is a result of your own thinking!”

“Everything regarding Mount Buzhou, my rebirth, and Fuxis resurrection are your actions alone.” Hongjun shook his head slightly. “If it wasnt for you taking a strand of my soul force and planting it in a Hell Flower, I wouldnt have been able to absorb the power of reincarnation. I would still be drifting along the wheel of reincarnation and have scattered along the progression of history some time ago. I wouldnt be sitting here talking to you.

“The same goes for Fuxi, so you wanting to complete the world of immortals with the Hadal Battlefront is your thinking entirely. You are not walking a predetermined path!”

“We dont have that kind of ability or the capability to think so much. Not only do you overestimate us, but you also think too little of yourself,” Fuxi continued. “Thank goodness I chose you and not…”

He sighed gently and didnt continue. It was apparent that Fuxi had once identified another candidate to send back to the great wilderness, but hed given up on the notion in the end. Lu Yun didnt ask who it was, but he had a feeling that the other candidate was still somewhere in the world of immortals.

“That may be so, but I still need your help to complete the world of immortals and restore the thirty-three layers,” Lu Yun said solemnly. “The twenty-four facets appear to be perfect, but theyre not unassailable. Theres still great flaws present, so all thirty-three layers need to be reinstated! The Hadal Battlefront is the most optimal choice, so Id like to request your help!”

“Fuxi and I cant do it alone, we need Pangu and God as well,” Hongjun mused thoughtfully. “My three disciples need to lend a hand as well. Theyre connate spirits of this realm and embody the three essentials.

“Someone else needs to be part of the effort as well—she is the greatest titan of this realm. We can keep the prisoners under control only with her help.”

“Who” Lu Yun blinked. Was there anyone else who could rival these legendary figures in front of him

Although only Ge Long was still alive out of Hongjuns disciples, the soul force of the other two had been sent into the Hell Flowers. It was only a matter of time before they returned to life.

“Mo Yi.” It was Fuxi who responded. “Mo Yi has a tremendous background on par with Violetgraves. If shes willing to lend a hand, it wont be a difficult task to refine the Hadal Battlefront into the world of immortals and make everything whole again.”

“Mo Yi…” Lu Yun started. Mo Yi was a special existence in the world of immortals.

Shed once severed her own cultivation to remain in Dusk Province, seemingly on the run from something. Shed become a minor city lord, but still abided by the rules of the world, refraining from doing anything that wasnt allowed or beyond the limits of what this world could tolerate.

After the void realm was restored, she was the first to sever her cultivation and start anew. And after experiencing the void realm and becoming a void ascended immortal, she paved the way for the rest of the immortals in the world to do the same.

Qing Buyi, Chen Xiao, Lu Feng, and Mo Yi all possessed similar auras—an indicator that they were likely from similar backgrounds. However, Mo Yi was more restrained than the other three and didnt act in such an unbridled manner.

Still, Lu Yun was very curious about them and where they came from.

“Theres no need to guess about their origins, youll find out when the time is right.” Hongjun smiled when he caught a glimpse of Lu Yuns expression. “Hold your horses for now, its not the best timing to repair the world of immortals. The twenty-four facets of this broken world are the last scheme from the chaos creatures. If you undo it now, theyll likely implement new plans. Well have a hard time responding then.

“The ninetieth year of the Xuanhuang calendar! My two disciples and the Great Emperor of the Eastern Peak will return then. Lets do it in the ninetieth year. Well need some time to prepare as well.”

The light of wisdom shone in Hongjuns eyes. Though their plans laid since the great wilderness had failed, but Lu Yuns appearance and great efforts to stem the raging tide bestowed new hope upon them. 

And thus, Hongju and Fuxi started their plans anew as well.

It was the forty-fifth year of the Xuanhuang calendar. Forty-five years was plenty of time to make their preparations.

“Alright.” Lu Yun nodded, realizing that hed been overly hasty.

Though the nine majors had returned to order and the heavenly court established, that didnt mean all was well in the world. He needed to firmly take up the reins and thoroughly stabilize the world of immortals. The ten lords of the divine nations, for instance, were no placid characters.-

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