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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 994: The Fuck is Taiyi

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Silverlight had never dreamed that shed one day become the tool with which to repopulate a race. When the shock and panic wore off, absolute despair rose from the bottom of her heart.

She possessed ambitions of creating a glory age that belonged to only the monster spirits. Her race, so piteous and humble in the time of the great wilderness, would stand at the top of this realm and be lowly no more!

However, Wuzhiqis appearance shattered all of her dreams. Though he was the ancestor of all monkeys and apes, the first of their kind, he wasnt a monster spirit. He was a connate demon god, and the offspring he produced would also be a connate race!


“Run, run!” There was no other thought in Goldenlights heart but to run!

Wuzhiqi was so powerful that Goldenlight couldnt begin to think of defying this forefather. If Wuzhiqi wanted to kill him, itd be easier for the demon god than stepping on a stinkbug.

But that didnt mean Goldenlight was giving up. He flashed across the North Sea like lightning and barreled into Nephrite Major.

“Help, ancestor, help!!” Screaming his anguish, Goldenlights voice reverberated through the land. “Monster spirit ancestor, please help us and save Silverlight!”

He knelt in front of the Dao Academy and repeatedly slammed his head into the earth with every iota of strength in his being. With how firm the academys grounds were, even the strength of a peak grand pure realm immortal couldnt shake the campus. Instead of a hole opening up from the force of his kowtows, his forehead soon dripped with blood instead.

“If you are willing to help us, ancestor, then I will repay you even if I am to be your horse or cow for the rest of my life! I will never oppose the academy ever again!”

Shocked gazes traveled this way from all over Dusk Province, and many immortals gaped at the proceedings in front of the academy.

Goldenlight was the monster spirit ancestor of the North Sea and had invaded Dusk Province more than once. The two sides couldnt abide each other, and that feud had continued even after the construction of the Dao Academy. In fact, itd grown even worse with both Goldenlight and his dao partner Silverlight threatening the academy from the North Sea.

These days, the academy nursed a grudge for the death of Yuan Tong as well.

But here Goldenlight was, begging for help in front of the academy doors with no thought for any of this! Just what had happened in the North Sea that would cause a monster spirit ancestor—a peak grand pure realm immortal—to set aside all considerations of face and solicit help like this

“I know of the affairs in the North Sea. I would have gone even without your visit.” The little foxs voice traveled out of the academy, but she didnt appear herself.

Bloody tears streamed from Goldenlights eyes as he continued to kowtow without stop.

The little fox sighed at the sight. In all honesty, she was quite gratified that their race possessed characters such as them, ones who stalwartly maintained their position and refused to submit.

Truth be told, she was rather flustered by Weizhiqis sudden reappearance at the chaos realm. This demon god had disappeared into the passage of time a long time ago. Currently, the little fox was only empyrean realm and wouldnt be his match even though she possessed the Bell of Chaos.

The emerald club in the big monkeys hands was also a mighty connate treasure. If he had returned in peak condition, only Taiyi would be barely able to subdue him—but still not firmly suppress him.

As the river god of Huai River, there were more tales of Wuzhiqis misdeeds than anything else. There was no evil he wouldnt partake in, and none of the experts in Taiyis court had been able to bring him to heel.

He might not quite be at his peak now, but so was the little fox short of chaos realm. Lu Yun and Qing Yu werent in the world of immortals at the moment either, but neither would the two be his match if they were.

“The blood demon might be able to suppress him, but hes one of Lu Yuns trump cards…” the little fox wavered.

“Go find Lin Yan,” Lu Yuns voice suddenly echoed in the little foxs mind. “Lin Yan is the reincarnation of Taiyi, he should be able to handle Wuzhiyi.”

He wasnt in the world of immortals at the moment, but he kept an eye on matters at home at all times. Hed sensed it the moment Wuzhiqi appeared.

“No!” the little fox declined. “Its the same as sending him to his death if you let Lin Yan go. Taiyi subdued him through sheer violence that year, the demon god never wholeheartedly submitted to the celestial court.”

“Trust me, send Lin Yan!” Qing Yu chimed in. “Wuzhiqi is his fortuitous opportunity. Its not enough that the world has Lin Yan at the moment, we need Taiyi!”

“Taiyi!” The little fox trembled, understanding what they meant.

Hongjun had exited the wheel of reincarnation and returned to his origin only after he died on Earth. That step had been crucial for him to return to his true self.

Taiyi was different from the others. Hed never died and was continuously cycling through this realm through a special method. Hed actually lost himself during one of the endless cycles, and if it wasnt for the existence of hell, Lin Yan would still likely be lost and have no idea who he was.

If he wanted to break free of this repeating cycle and fully become Taiyi again, he would have to experience death, just like Hongjun had.

“Alright, I understand.” The little fox stepped out and set foot on Mount Xuanhuang, following its path to Earth. Lin Yan and the other prodigals, as well as Jing Huaci and Houtu, were currently guarding the ancestor planet.

“Im such an idiot!” She smacked her forehead. “Lin Yan isnt a match for Wuzhiqi, but Houtus on Earth! If she takes the field, shell smack ten of those monkeys dead with one slap!”

Houtu was a great master on par with Leize and the others. Though the big akasha ghost had injured her before her departure, she was still the same as before and served by the two great demon gods Shentu and Yulei.

“But to help Taiyi with his tribulation…” Resignation rose on her face when she thought of Taiyi. She didnt like him at all and, in fact, quite hated him. But for the sake of the greater picture, she had to pay him a visit.


“We meet again, Tushan!” A grating voice sounded in her ear when the little fox first glimpsed the curve of the cerulean planet.

The gray Wuzhiqi had appeared by her side at some point with an emerald-colored club in his hand. When he looked at her, his faintly golden eyes turned almost pure green.

“What a pity you cant carry on my bloodline.” He did nothing to conceal the lust on his face as he gazed upon her.

“Taiyi is on the ancestor planet.” The little fox didnt know whatd happened after the great wilderness, how Wuzhiqi had survived, or whod sealed him away. When she traveled to the future, she hadnt seen any sign of him.

It was as if this water monkey had suddenly disappeared, and then just as suddenly reappeared.

“Taiyi” Wuzhiqi leered. “The ** is Taiyi If it wasnt for Di Jun, I wouldve plucked the feathers off that scraggly bird a long time ago and ripped it to pieces!”-

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