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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 995: Di Jun

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The ** is Taiyi

The little fox almost burst out laughing when she heard this. She really did dislike, or even hate Taiyi, but it was the first time shed heard someone talk about him like this. As for Di Jun, shed heard of the name before, but never met the person in question.

Di Jun was an extraordinarily human great emperor of the human dao era. His foundations had been so vast that hed almost rivaled Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. Even now, there were those who still worshipped him on the ancestor planet.

The little fox didnt know whatd happened in the human dao era or what kind of grudge existed between Wuzhiqi, Di Jun, and Taiyi. Fuxi had set their destination for the time after Emperors Fall, when the immortal dao already existed.

As he approached the little fox, a hazy flame blossomed from Wuzhiqis body, looking like water on fire. There was nothing but lust in his eyes when he regarded the little fox.

She considered the situation gravely and slowly summoned the Bell of Chaos from her right hand, enveloping her body with it. They were at the intersection of Earth and the world of immortals. She hadnt yet entered Earths cosmos and they were a long ways off from the actual planet.

Lin Yan and the others couldnt sense that she or Wuzhiqi was here; the two were effectively facing off in a no mans land.

As the little fox backed away, space around her turned viscous and tightly held her in place.

“Tushan, I dont want your treasure or anything else from you. I just want your virginity pill.” A long, thin tongue snaked out of Wuzhiqis mouth to flick his nose. The little fox had no idea how he managed to pull that off.

She looked warily at the big monkey, frosty killing intent exuding from her eyes. However, she didnt brashly jump into action. The little fox could clearly sense that the Wuzhiqi in front of her was no longer the one shed known from the great wilderness. Hed converted himself fully to a lifeform beneath the immortal dao.

Even his combat arts and cultivation methods had been baptized by the immortal dao. In Lu Yuns words, the big monkey had kept up with the times and hadnt been rendered obsolete by progress.

It was obvious that Wuzhiqi hadnt just broken out of his seal. Hed dwelled in the world of immortals for an unknown period of time and observed certain events happening. Hed probably even visited the Dao Academy and learned a variety of new combat arts and cultivation methods there, integrating the new knowledge with his own.

The little fox was no match for him now.

“Are you going to strip off your clothes and crawl in front of me, or do you want me to do the deed” The burning water around him flickered with greater intensity until space seemed to noticeably freeze to the naked eye. The little fox couldnt move anymore.

“So it looks like you want me to do it.” Cackling, Wuzhiqi walked up to the little fox and reached out to tug at her robes.


A large buzz sounded at the void of the intersection between the Earth and the world of immortals. A magnificent shadow suddenly appeared behind the little fox as a domineeringly powerful surge of strength crashed over Wuzhiqi.

“Di Jun!!” The big monkey screeched and shot several thousands of kilometers backwards. He held his club horizontally in front of him, looking back in the direction hed come from with dismay and alarm.

The magnificent figure was just a shadow with blurry features, but it towered into the heavens and stood behind the little fox. Confusion and fear glittered in Wuzhiqis pale golden eyes.

In the Primeval Era, in particular a long period of time before Emperors Fall, Wuzhiqi had symbolized invincibility. Hed led the countless remnants of connate races and almost overthrown the era of human rule.

Those days marked the disappearance of the Three Pure Ones, the reincarnation of the Eastern Emperor, and the mystery of Eternal and Arbiters whereabouts. There didnt seem anyone who could stand up to the monkey.

But then, Emperor Di Jun rose to prominence in those dark days and defeated Wuzhiqi numerous times before finally sealing him beneath the eye of the North Sea until present day. It was also because of this that the monkey had avoided untold cataclysms and lived until modern times.

However, Wuzhiqi wasnt grateful in the least. Compared to being sealed in a dark and gloomy eye of the sea where no sunlight reached, hed rather have died. Now that hed broken free of his seal, he only had two wishes. One, to revitalize his race and two, to seek revenge on Di Jun.

He didnt believe that Di Jun had died—he wanted to personally end the human emperor. No! He wanted to seal Di Jun under the North Sea for a billion, ten billion years to slake his burning hatred!

But now that his nemesis had truly appeared and stood behind Tushan, his flames of vengeance were instantly scattered by the terrifying pulses of power from the figure. Wuzhiqi was certain that this figure was Di Jun, but his presence was more than ten times stronger than the great emperor of old. In fact, it was a hundred times greater and far outstripped where the previous emperor had stood!

“How is this possible, how could you have gotten so strong” Though his cultivation level in the Primeval Era was currently out of reach, Wuzhiqis internal force and combat arts had undergone a qualitative change under the effect of the immortal dao. He was so many more times stronger than the demon gods of that bygone age.

However, hed never fathomed that Di Jun would become even stronger!

“How am I so strong” Di Jun looked at the monkey and spoke in a supercilious tone, “No, I havent changed. Ive just returned to my true self.

“Wuzhiqi, you are the river god of Huai River as appointed by the celestial court, so I will not kill you. Will you turn and leave now, or do you want me to throw you into the eye of the sea again and suppress you for another ten billion years”

Itd been only six hundred million years since the founding of the immortal dao, with human dao even further away in history. The ten billion years since Wuzhiqi had been sealed away was an absolutely staggering number when a hundred million years was already an unimaginably long period of time to most beings.

Ten billion years… exceeded the capacity of comprehension.

In Lu Yuns historical records, he addressed the entire age as a general Primeval Era when he referred to their events.

“Dont try to pull the wool over my eyes, Di Jun, your true body isnt here. You wont be able to seal me away with just a projection!” Wuzhiqis gaze sharpened as he noticed the enormous black shadow in front of him was just an image.

“Is that so” Di Jun turned a face that lacked features to the monkey. “Thats right, Im under too many constraints and limitations when Im just a projection. If my master was here, he wouldve ripped you apart already!”

“Master” Wuzhiqi blinked. Di Jun has a master

But in the next moment, his expression changed drastically and he turned tail with his club.

A sapling sparkling with golden light was slowly materializing from the void and melding into Di Juns body—the Karmic Tree.-

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