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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1000: Even Bigger

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Abnormally loud breathing and irresistible force radiated from the Bridge of Forgetfulness, inducing grave discomfort in Lu Yun and Qing Yu. The bridge now appeared to be a divine dragon above the nine heavens in their eyes. So lofty, so majestic, and they as two ants scrabbling around in the dirt.

How big was the bridge

Lu Yun couldnt tell. It was big… very big… The corpseflies on it were as big as the world of immortals, and the bridge itself was no bigger than their realm.

“I was wrong…” Qing Yu suddenly said. “Its not that its spirit isnt strong enough, but that its body is too strong. No spirit could be strong enough to perfectly propel such a massive body.”

A wave of overwhelming despair pressed down upon the couple. 

It wasnt despair from the prodigious force that their opponent wielded, but of psychological pressure. It didnt come from the Bridge of Forgetfulness either, but from their own hearts. It was the mental tension of an ant gazing upon a divine dragon, something that not even the Book of Life and Death could dispel.

“What in the world!” Lu Yun was the first to snap out of it. He placed a hand on his beloveds back and broke down a karmic fruit from a stash he always carried with him, infusing its strength into her body.

Qing Yu took in a deep breath and turned an expression of shock toward the stone bridge.

“Its… its a being thats infinite times more advanced than us. Not advanced in terms of strength, but the metamorphosis of what it means to be a life form!” Incredulity tinged her voice.

In her eyes, all of the known beings in the universe that could cultivate, including the chaos creatures, were on the same level. Strength and cultivation level might differ from individual to individual, but there was no difference in their fundamental form of existence. They were all the same on that underlying level.

That notion was overturned after seeing the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

It wasnt alive to begin with, but had become a life form in this fourth realm, one that was more sophisticated than all current known forms of life.

Or in Lu Yuns words, the difference between them and the bridge in front of them was the difference between a single cell organism and a human being. The two were on a completely different level.

“Life is constantly evolving and we are not its terminal point. Perhaps… this bridge is.” Lu Yun stared fixedly at the bridge when he recovered his calm.

A single eye slowly opened on the Bridge of Forgetfulness as well, locked in scrutiny of the Tome of Life and Death over Lu Yuns head. No emotions colored the eye, as if the couple was no different from the void that surrounded them.

Only the book over Lu Yuns head drew its attention.

However, just because it didnt care about the two humans didnt mean other things didnt. The gigantic corpseflies suddenly awoke and buzzed off the bridge, pouncing on Lu Yun and Qing Yu.

The corpseflies were now more massive than the world of immortals, which made the couple nothing more than a particle of dust to their eyes. However, they could clearly identify where the humans were and head unerringly in their direction.

Innumerable corpseflies buzzed over at the same time in a dense cloud, but didnt have to jockey for space among each other. They presented an extremely harmonious scene that made perfect sense.

The light curtain created by the Tome of Life and Death began to shake from the combined momentum of the corpseflies.

“Creators!” Lu Yun finally identified the flies strength at this time. They were all creator realm! 

“Were leaving!” He grabbed Qing Yu and furiously combusted the hellfire within his body, wanting to call upon the Boundless Step and depart from the premises.

But the corpseflies were so strong and dreadful that the air currents resulting from their movement were on par with grim chaos storms. They churned Lu Yuns death art to pieces without even meaning to.

Space around them became a vacuum that permitted no combat art or cultivation method to function. The two were confined to this void and could only watch the enormous corpseflies bear down upon them.


Suddenly, brilliant cosmic radiance flared from the empty void as three hundred and sixty-five stars lit up in the air. There seemed to be powerful beings residing in each of the celestial bodies, becoming one with their seat and sharing the same power.


Boundless starlight gathered in a black pennant that retracted with a neat furl, crushing the corpseflies to pieces.

“I told you not to come here. Youre no match for it—er, wait, it hasnt made a move yet.” The little girl thatd disappeared earlier rematerialized with the black pennant over her head. It was incredibly big now, just as massive as the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

“What are you doing here, sticking your nose where it doesnt belong instead of guarding your tomb” A ponderous will traveled from the bridge, brimming with extreme dissatisfaction. Plainly, this wasnt the first time the little girl had come and prevented it from killing someone.

“I cant just sit by and watch you descend into a cultivation deviation now, can I” the little girl responded like she was an elder. “Enough, your current strength is enough to—eh!”

The two of them suddenly fell silent and looked askance at the male human.

Lu Yuns body was growing rapidly in size from that of a regular human being to one even bigger than the bridge. Death Art, Size Manipulation!

He didnt know what the limits of the death art were and how big or small he could become, but he cast all thought of that from his mind and deployed it to its utmost in this mysterious fourth realm that was infinitely big.

The Bridge of Forgetfulness was extremely big, bigger than even their realm. But after the pennant of the cosmos suddenly appeared and crushed the corpseflies, he found that he could suddenly use his death arts again.

There was no point in running away. The bridge was too strong and the little girl might not be able to protect them. Additionally, who knew what else lurked in this realm As he made his countermove, the enormous bridge shrank in his field of view.

“I want to see just how strong a bridge this is!”


Blazing hellfire gushed from his body and turned the local region into a sea of hellfire. The Tome of Life and Death ripped through the void to summon the Karmic Tree to the fourth realm. Glinting with frosty killing intent, Quietus also appeared in Lu Yuns hand and took aim at the Bridge of Forgetfulness.-

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